Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Photos Part One

For some reason today I just felt like putting Kristin Scott Thomas on the top. A great actress who I think is really unappreciated. Not today. Today she gets the top spot.

The random photo of the day has from L to R, Angie Harmon, Michele Hicks, Rose McGowan (yep, it's her) and Perry Reeves
This is the photo of Angelina Jolie you get when you don't have press credentials.
This is the one you get when you do.
Facial hair meets chest hair on Adam Levine.
Look, if Danielle Lloyd wants to start her own modeling agency, who am I to say that is wrong. I will say that I find it odd that she chose them all to be posed on a bed in a hotel room in lingerie. What kind of agency is this?

How much money do you need David?
Apparently there is a new show called Crusoe. I'm brilliant like that.
It's a Backstreet Boy
It's an N'Sync'er
Could have put Gwen and Gavin up, but I don't think Steve Jobs has ever been in the photos before so I took the other side of the table.

Is it me or do Grant Butler and Eric Mabius spend a great deal of time together?
Eminem looks completely different than the last time I saw a photo of him.
As you know, I am not a fan of Elizabeth Hurley, but she is doing some good work here so she gets in the photos.
Duffy - Los Angeles

Two of my favorites, Jane Krakowski and Andrew McCarthy.

How about this? Howard Jones
Kim Wilde
and Boy George on tour together. Can't wait.
It has been awhile since both of the Duffs were out at an event together.
Umm. Is this dangerous?

Lionel Richie and Akon.
Leona Lewis - New York
Katharine McPhee must have had a check come in because she upgraded the ring.
When is the last time you saw Jeffrey Siebella?

It is almost like Nick Cannon wants to be jumping up and down in the back saying, "look at me."

More action than Nick has probably got all month.
Mika is not as big this year as last. And I believe that is the same tie he always wears.
Mario Cantone just happened to find the two Olympians who won medals for fencing. Could make a joke about men and swords, but that would be too much.
Ummm. Yeah.
I got it. All of you love Simon Baker. Here he is.

Ryan Phillipe, but I didn't see the girlfriend in any photos I saw.
Randy Jackson - Los Angeles
"Look up here, not at my breasts."
Pussycat Dolls - Melbourne
Apparently the Smurfs are still huge in Germany.

Is that a Gargamel, or are you just happy to see me?
Toni Braxton two days in a row just because this is better photo.
That is one way to cover up a wonky eye.
Love Sheryl Crow. Hate the Kirstie Alley line of clothes.


Winston Ono said...

man, did i used to love me some kim wilde

Green Wave Gal said...

So I think there may be some blind reveals here as well. Eric Mabius for the married guy seeing another man blind (I think a lot of people guessed Eric Close for this one)?

That Backstreet Boy looks scary...JC looks cute though (Though I don't think I'm his type). :)

stiffkittens said...

Rose McGowan's going to give me nightmares...

CDAN Mod said...

hooray for toni braxton. getting some hwood attention plus the vegas shows. get that money boo.

Unknown said...

LL Cool J should flex in photos

mooshki said...

I love that Becks is promoting fish sticks as "health" food.

I can't wait for the new Eminem album. Poor guy must be under a lot of pressure to make it brilliant, though.

Oh man, would I like to hang out with Jane and Andrew.

Howard Jones! I love him!!! Now I have to go watch "Better Off Dead" for the 5000th time, although you can't hear the song very well in that scene. Where are they touring? Last I heard Boy George wasn't allowed in the US?

The Duff sisters - reveal?! Finally?!

Okay, anyone has the right to kill themselves on a scooter/motorcycle - that's the main way people get new organs - but while pregnant?! NOT OKAY.

I hope wherever Project Runway ends up next they have a less boring season. Although thank god it was Tim Gunn in the finale instead of J.Loser.

I think Nick Cannon is actually thinking "please god, let me get some sleep - I've been up for 24 hours unpacking fresh towels."

It is utter blasphemy for her to rip off Grace Jones. You will never have 1% of her fierceness, bitch.

LOL, does that mean Mr. Baker is not the answer to the blind? :)

Pussycat Dolls? Really, Ent? Oh, I forgot, once you see boobies your brain turns off.

Eva Green is so f-ing gorgeous!!!

Tonisloverboy said...

Toni is finished in Vegas. She is competing on Dancing with the Stars, vote for her please. Also her new single comes out next month.

lutefisk said...

But did Posh cook those fish sticks?

mooshki said...

Ha, good question, Adrian! If we can't imagine her touching food, can you picture her touching fried food? Hell would freeze over.

liveunderarock said...

You obviously have no idea what Victoria wants for Christmas.


bmini said...

well, she would rub fried food on her legs. Just to get oiled up so that they look better in photographs.

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

If I hear a name, I can immediately picture the face, but when I see a face, I usually can't think of the name! So:

1. Who is on the scooter, making me shudder for the little unborn babe?

2. Who is wearing the hooded white satin "Ummm.Yeah." dress?

3. Who are the people in the "wonky eye" photo?

Thank you for your assistance!

mooshki said...

#1 Liev Schrieber & Naomi Watts
#2 Melanie B
#3 Eva Green & Sam Riley I think?

West End Girl said...

I love Toni Braxton but she needs to quit with the surgery already.

What's the Duff BI? I love Hayley just for Napoleon D.

Any Jay-Z action is a-ok by me. Seriously, after seeing him work his charisma live, I can see what Beyonce finds attractive about him.

Ack what's the American Idol BI again? Is that what the McPhee reference is to?

Good lord, why would Naomi Watts do that? Oy.

Danielle Lloyd launched a lingerie line this week, I'm guessing that is what the scantily clad bimbos is about.

Andrew McCarthy and JC would be a video I'd happily pay for ;)

mooshki said...

Duff BI:

This female singer and her not quite as famous sister haven't spoken to each other in almost a month. Seems they have been feuding about their careers and the celebrity boyfriend of one of them. Their parents have tried to patch up the feud, and have resorted to trying to get both sisters at the same events by trickery, but they aren't having any of it. At this point the sisters can't stand each other.

mooshki said...

Oh, and WEG, I hate Hayley just for 7th Heaven.

West End Girl said...

Ah gracias! I thought that was the Simpsons at the time.

7th Heaven? Is that the tv series that Biel was in? Can't be arsed to look it up but if it is, I hate it for that alone. Not that I've ever seen it.

Green Wave Gal said...

Mooshki-that Nick Cannon folding towels comment CRACKED me up! :) Thanks for that!

Maja With a J said...

I have to say, Mika is one of the most beautiful men I have ever laid eyes on. Yes, I have heard persisting (although never denied OR confirmed) rumours that he is gay, but that almost makes him even more beautiful. And yes, I know this may sound odd coming from a girl who has had a massive crush on Slash for about 19 years. I guess I like different flavours.

Also, the Pussycat Dolls are the skankiest, nastiest women to ever have been on MTV, and that's saying a lot. I've never met them, obviously, but every time I see a picture of them I imagine they smell a bit like cat pee and shrimp that's been left on the counter overnight.

lutefisk said...

Mooshki--yesterday we discussed how Posh prepared a fish dinner--fish sticks I would believe, that is kind of hard to screw up!

hotchacha said...

Wow, Howard Jones is turning into John Lithgow! said...

They really need Gwyneth to promote the fish sticks. I would totally buy that product.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"every time I see a picture of them I imagine they smell a bit like cat pee and shrimp that's been left on the counter overnight."

Harriet, I was thinking something along those very same lines! :-) Seriously, though. How gutterslutty ARE they? I don't find the lead one attractive at all, either. She's orange. She looks like a Bratz doll (okay, they all do), or like a stretched out version of Kardashian.

Um, random as shit German Smurf pics, Enty! Who the hell was your source? I'll take them, though. I'd gladly watch The Smurfs over the garbage being vomited all over television today.

Kristen Scott Thomas is utterly perfect, but I rue the day she decided to stop making gorgeous and brilliant arthouse flicks and made the switch to money-making romantic comedies -- with the exception of her role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, because I will always love that movie. I just LOVED her SO much in The English Patient and Angels and Insects! Where in the hell has this lady BEEN, anyway? I know she was in that Boleyn Girl movie, but I'd like to scrape that film from memory.

At any rate, she's gorgeous. She and Cate Blanchett need to play sisters in something intense and dramatic really soon.

trashtalker said...

Adam Levine looks kinda like William Peterson with all that facial hair bidness going on.

It's Grant Bowler, not Butler. Getty Images spelled it wrong. (Note: Photographers are notoriously bad spellers.) And I thought he was hot on "Lost," BTW.

Boy George just looks sad.

Weren't the Duff sisters just holding hands on a runway for a benefit? But the last time they were photographed before that (according to Getty) was April.

I absolutely refuse to watch "The Mentalist" because they completely stole the premise from "Psych." Bastards.

Ent, when are you going to give us the Duchovny blinds?

Col said...

Hey Enty,

Grant BOWLER. B-O-W-L-E-R.

Col said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The Mentalist isn't an EXACT steal from Psych. It's definitely more CSI. And it has Simon Baker who is just a tad cuter than James Roday.

There are more people I don't recognize in this random photos than ever before. Am I that out of touch?

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Enty, what is the dealio with daily pics of Mariah and Nick? Huh? Whats up with THAT?

Great to see a pic of Jeffrey Siebella. Project Runway was NOT boring the season he won.

I luff me some M&M. He looks sad though.

Angelina looks healthy, so take that all you peeps who guessed she was hooked on H again!

Jasmine said...

RYAN P. IS GOD! i know lainey said he knocked up some poor star fucker chick and made her get an abortion but whatev, i have always wanted to jump his bones!
eminem, am excited about the new c.d. and dont understand why he looks different?
duff sisters is totally the answer to the b.item.
yeah, and mel b., i dont like the spice girls and i dont like you and your satiny elvira looking cape.

__-__=__ said...

Eminem isn't the HIV singer, right?

mooshki said...

Ernestine, don't worry, buzz is Kristin is virtually guaranteed a Best Actress nom for "I've Loved You So Long." She's also on Broadway with Peter Sarsgaard and Chiwetel Ejofar in "The Seagull." Both of those almost make up for the fact that she's also in a rom com with Jessica Biel.

HotPantz, about Mariah and Nick, it's like the picture Enty posted where the paps were shooting Brangelina's plane - you keep a close eye on them so you'll see it when the big crash happens. :)

__-__=__, not saying he's not, but the singer in the blind was female.

Random happening: when I got home last night I put on my mp3 player to walk my dog. It's set on shuffle, and the first song that came up was "Like to Get to Know You Well" - the Howard Jones song from "Better Off Dead" that I was talking about earlier. FREAKY!!! Okay, so I only have about a hundred songs on it, but still there was only a 1% chance that that would come up first.

Speaking of '80s films and Psych, how freakin' awesome was the John Hughes ep this season?!

MnGddess said...

Here I go, a day late and a dollar short...

THe Rose Mc Gowan photo - looks like one of my kids' boring high school teachers..

Say what you want about Angelina, but she is adorable. And I admire her adopting all those kids - more than most of us would do if we had the means - and taking care of them. She seems like a active, caring mom. And she'll probably get nominated for an Oscar.

MnGddess said...

Lord I have problems. Continuing...

What's the problem with soccerboy Dave trying to make more money? You know Posh is spending it all on freaky shoes and overpriced handbags..

I wouldn't mind a new N'Sync album.

Love the photo of Gwen (birthday girl) with Steve Jobs.

Eminem is one of the most brilliant poets of our time. But he looks so sad. Is he relly HIV positive?

I want Liz Hurley's dress.

Jane Krakowski! We share a birthday and Polish heritage.

Love the shoes, Boy George.

Hillary Duff (birthday girl) looks good. Sista has to get some chin work pronto.

Naomi Watts (birthday girl) is fine. Pregnant women can do anything, even ride on the back of a Moped.

Jeffrey Sebelia - ewwwww

Mrs. Mariah Carey looks sooo happy..


Scary Spice wearing a scary dress with her scary boobs hanging out..

Rhianna looks like she could kick some ASS..

Call me trashy (...), but I love the Pussycat Dolls.

Smurfs are just wrong, I'm sorry.

Toni Braxton (birthday girl) looks fantastic. And she DOESN'T look like she's had any surgery to me.

Ok, I'm done.

Jungle007 said...

Am I the only one here who thinks Rose McGowan looks dead sexy? That look is super cute on her... I must say, I prefer THAT to the scary fishnet dress of her Manson days...

Angeline is so gorgeous and REAL. My respect for her grows everytime i've seen her recently.

Adam Levine is a puke. He's a pretty great singer, but i think if i met him i'd just puke on him just to let him know what i think of his personality.

This Danielle Lloyd Modelling agency... hum.... why are they all wearing the same generic lingerie (minus the centre one, who i'm guessing is ms. lloyd)... And why do they all look like the sort of "models" who do hum-jobs for an extra $50??? The only models i know who have boob jobs are the kind of "models" who pose for Playboy and Hustler...

Naomi Watts just made my shit list.

For all the performers who get banned from performing in certain countries/ states, etc... why aren't the PCD getting shut down outta town? Hookers, i say. Hookers.

In the Eminem pic.. this is the first i've heard of an HIV rumor... I was going to say he looks kinda drugged out at first, but after reading everyone's comments i gotta say that's heartbreaking if true. And looking at it again i'd believe it by the heart-crushing look on his face AND the sympathy that's almost visually emitting from LL and 50's expressions/body language...
So very sad. Honestly.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I always thought the HIV positive singer was a chick and it was always pinned on Brit. Who knows...I'm sure there are more than one positive singer out there. Sad but true.

Ryan Phillippe=smoking hot. He is a good actor too. I don't think he gets the credit because he is so damn fine looking. I'd bang him in a heartbeat.

Toni Braxton is gorgeous. She looks great on DWTS. Good for her.Love that dress.

JC looks good. Normally he has horrible fashion sense. Nice to see him in something tolerable. Doubt we will see a 'Nsync reunion anytime soon. Once an album of JT's is a flop, then you will see a reunion soon after.

AJ looks respectable for a change in that suit. It looks a little big though.

That is Rose McGowan? She's looked better.

Duffy is so cute. Lovely dress.

Did that lead singer from the PCD's get her boobs done? They look huge! Maybe it's the angle but jeez.

shakey said...

That Danielle Lloyd photo - is that Chloe Kardashian on the left?

I too thought of Gwyneth.

You know, every time I see Duffy do that hand movement to her song, I think of Waterloo by Abba.

I too thought of John Lithgow. Actually thought it was him at first. With a very bad chemical peel.

That is one badass mole on Naomi's leg. Hopefully there are no potholes where they are.

Was Nick Cannon listed as "guest" in that photo? The kid in the one below that - doesn't he look like Bruce Willis' girlfriend in Pulp Fiction? I wonder if he wants blueberry pancakes and a round tummy.

Never liked Mika. Sings at the pitch only dogs can hear.

Notice how Jay-Z's right fist is clenched.

Lola said...

How Fabulous Kim Wilde still looks
i remember she used to look so Gorgeous in 90's i saw few clips from 1992-96 she was like Angelina Jolie of 80's/90's
But still you can tell she put on some pounds but looks hot, i loved her last album 2007 "Never say never" Great record i highly recommend

slappywhyte said...

1. Rose Mcgowan wtf

2. M&M looks like he aint seen the sunshine in 3 (300) dam days -- prob on oxy & pills, befitting his background

3. not to be a jerk, but Hillary Duff's arms are getting thicker and thicker ... and she's so young ... poor girl

4. wtf was naomi watts thinking ...

5. take away the crazy head connector thing, and Mel B looks hot as hell

6. Gargamel, more like Gargasmell!


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