Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I'm not 100% sure Dennis Hopper understands what's going on, but hey, Victoria can explain. I figure if you win some award from a government for acting and they put the medal thingy around your neck, you should get the top spot.
Despite the fact that I'm pretty sure neither Agyness Deyn or Albert Hammond Jr have ever listened to a cat Stevens record, I still like the photo a lot. Sunday afternoon in New York in the fall strolling the streets hand in hand. Give it a few years and he will spend all day Sunday watching football (either American or UK) and sitting in his chair with the only exercise being a trip to the bathroom he had especially installed in the entertainment room.
I don't remember if I have ever had AnnaLynne McCord in the photos. I know I have never had her sister Angel. Guess their parents had some kind of A theme they were trying to work through.
Not the way you usually see Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Kind of cool like this though.
Evan Rachel Wood Manson Zombie and her brother. Wonder what he thinks of the whole thing. He looks like as long as you give him $20 and let him backstage he would be cool with anything.

Yes, yes, it is Daniel Craig time and will be for the next month or so.
I will even give you a second one as well as his co-star Olga Kurylenko.
Don't often see Chris Masterson out by himself. When he goes out it is usually with his brother.
Have we got to the point now where we need photographers tracking down the Brangelina plane? You know why they do this right? In case it blows up. It is the only reason they are taking pictures as it lands.
Jeffrey Donavon is a good looking guy. I can say that. I am comfortable with who I am.

Heart - Los Angeles
Franz Ferdinand & TI - Brooklyn
Eve and Ludacris really look good here together.
El Tri - Mexico City
Allegedly Katie Holmes got really ticked at this photographer because he was too close and because he took a photo from a side which she does not enjoy. It really looks like she and Tom just trade out hairpieces each day doesn't it?

I really do want to see Jodie Sweetin's television show.
Jane Seymour looks completely different from last month when she was in the photos. Same dress, different person.
Yes, I like Jamie Lynn Sigler, but not as much as I used to for reasons I can't go into here, but also the fact that she wore this dress is not that great either.
Yes, it's Jimmy Kimmel and the whole spread of Jimmy in GQ should be very funny.
The name of the day goes to Q'orianka Kilcher. Yeah, that must have been fun to learn how to spell in kindergarten.

Jesus, Mickey. You win an award and this is what happens. Did you know that Mickey was supposed to play the Tom Cruise role in Rain Man? Yep.
I believe this Hemingway is Mariel, but I can never keep track.
Mitzi Gaynor looks amazing.
In case you wanted some surfers, I can help you with that. Kelly Slater and Rob Machado.
You all should be grateful that I didn't post the closeup of Sophie Monk. I don't know if she and some botox or collagen got into a fight, but it is not pretty.

Look at the distance between Steffi Graf and Mariah Carey.
Nick Cannon is going to get sent back to the kids table if he keeps that up.
The lovely Rachel Weisz.
Rose McGowan and the wall that is keeping her from falling.

First time appearance for Zack Ward.

Weezer - Seattle
And the random French dude of the day is Vincent Cassel.
Scott Thompson. You can never have too much of Scott Thompson in your life. Unless of course he lived next door to you. Oh sure for the first few months it would be all laughs, but then I think you would want Scott to spend more time at his place.
Sugar Ray - San Francisco


Anonymous said...

Anybody know who makes that dress Jodi Sweetin is wearing? I.Must.Have.

Also, that's the best I've ever seen Mr. Boyd look.

lutefisk said...

Steffi looks like she is afraid to get too close to Mariah's chest.

Anonymous said...

I wish Luda and Eve were fucking. Damn that'd look nice.

Kat said...

The easiest way to keep the Hemingways straight is to remember that Margaux Hemingway has been dead for twelve years.

Am I the only one truly offended by all the terrible plastic surgery/enhancements on the page today? I'm amazed at the lips on McGowan, not to mention Mickey Rourke, Sophie Monk and what I can only assume to be a thinly veiled reference to Jane Seymour's physical changes. Leave your faces alone, freaks! You really don't look better, truly.

And why are we supposed to think Agyness Dean is pretty? If I saw her walking down the street, I'd be thinking she needs a better outfit, a brush and a competent colourist.

Rachel Weiss looks awful in that pic too. Why does she look malnourished there?

Love Vincent Cassel, though. His inclusion was pleasing.

Unknown said...

is it just me or has sophie monk gained a lot of weight? i'm not saying shes fat its just a lot of weight fast, she was a toothpick a month ago

SkittleKitty said...

Kat--re: the Hemingways
My sentiments exactly.

(A little oopsy, ENT?)

I also agree with Kat on the awful plastic surgery on display.

Molly said...

"Look at the distance between Steffi Graf and Mariah Carey."

well, yea...wouldn't you be afraid of hitting those silicone bags?

Liza said...

Are those two surfer guys a hint towards the old blind with Vixen and Surfer Boy?

AprilinParis said...

Lols at what Kat said.

Your random French dudes are kinda cool, Enty.

And Mariah looks really pretty in these photos.

Emobacca said...

Did we guess Jamie Lynn Sigler for any recent blinds?

Brenda22 said...

Yes, emobacca...the popular guess was the she was pregnant with Mario Lopez's baby.

@john paul...I thought so too. She looks normal now (and thin) but she was really tiny when she was dating the Madden brother

Unknown said...

So does anybody else love Zack Ward because he was the bully in A Christmas Story? I always thought he was wicked cute (though he's a bit freaky looking in that pic)

Wil said...

Damn Kat .. ya beat me to it. Poor Margaux .. what a mess that poor child was.

Steffi looks like she is afraid of getting cooties from Mariah .. don't blame her for a second. I mean .. using only "fresh towels" from off the shelf at BB&B .. please! Cooties ahoy!! Or at the best .. dust mites! Yick!

Daniel looks like he is in serious pain and needs some Vicadoodles and a good long nap .. Poor thing. : / said...

Albert Hammond Jr has probably listened to some Cat Stevens. Agyness Deyn, not so much.

Green Wave Gal said...

Thank you KAT! I have been thinking that about Aggy since she first became known!

As far as Steffi goes, Mariah's ego was in the way.

Sinjin said...

Yay for the choice in random French dudes. Like Vincent Cassel and Olivier Martinez.

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

@kat: actually, my first thought when I saw Jodi's dress was "off the rack at Linens and Things", but I am not known for my fashion sense and if you like it, you are probably a much better judge than I of such things.

Golly, I hope that photo of Heart was taken during sound check; otherwise they're in a world of heart when it comes to ticket sales.

Is there something in the Jimmy Kimmel photo that is funny? Cause I'm just not seeing it.

Scott Thompson can live next door to me any time. Heck, he can live with me. He couldn't possibly be any worse than my ex!

Unknown said...

Mariah's face does look nice in these pics, but ... I think she's gaining weight and buying her Spanx and dresses a few sizes too small. I think Steffi's afraid of being caught in the potential crossfire.


Nosey Parker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nosey Parker said...

Nick Cannon is going to get sent back to the kids table if he keeps that up... =]

Emobacca said:
Did we guess Jamie Lynn Sigler for any recent blinds?

Good idea. She might be the answer to one of the blinds. I wonder why ET doesn't like her as much as he used to?

shakey said...

Daniel does look in pain.

Mariah looks like she's saying through clenched teeth, "Nick. Nick! She'stouchingme, she'stouchingme!"
Nick (through teeth): Be cool baby, be cool.
Steffi and André (through teeth): What a bitch!

Rachel Weisz looks like she's on something.

Didn't realize Zack was the bully in A Christmas Story. Loved him in Titus.

Binky Melnik said...

Daniel Craig looks *seriously* constipated in that first photo.

It's not fair that Vincent Cassel keeps getting better looking while Monica Bellucci continues to get more plastic. (Well, I guess it *is* fair; she COULD stop getting surgery, injecttions, and peels and look human again.)

califblondy said...

Laughing @ Shakey.

Sophie, hand over the shoes and nobody gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

Scott Thompson lost a lot of appeal for me when he bitched out at a gay pride rally a few years ago.

Zack Ward is the rare attractive male redhead, though he looks a little too stoned in that pic for me.

I love Rachel Weisz, but not so much in that picture.

Daniel Craig looks fake or ill in that first picture.

selenakyle said...

Zack Ward looks like Scott Farkis from A Christmas Story! The bully with green teeth!

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Rachel Weisz looks big time greasy.

I do believe that is the best photo of Mickey Rourke I have seen in years. Which is not saying much.

Sugar Ray Mark - lost his job on Access Hollywood to Mario Lopez, right?

c17 said...

Yay! Zach Ward! I loved him on "Titus"!

Unknown said...

Love Love Love Jeffrey Donovan! And Scott Thompson, of course.

Ms Cool said...

Dang - Daniel Craig looks hot even when he doesn't feel so hot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

i am a princess, yes i am said...

oh enty i LOVE Franz Ferdinand!!!!

thank u


DetroitRocker said...

Daniel Craig has those Vicodin eyes. Dennis Hopper should do a commerical, on this is what drugs do to your mind and body. He looks like he is trying to tell Victoria that his depends diaper is full and needs to be changed.

Sophie Monk has some major chipmunk cheeks going on.

It looks like that sufer dude Rob Machado forgot to pull that sea urchin off his head.

Micky has been taking to many Mickys in his drinks. He may need to have more surgery to have those eyes of his open wider. Good thing the sign on the wall behind him says New York, because I really don't think Micky knows where the f==k he is.

Amber said...

There was this great show (maybe only in Canada?) that Scott Thompson hosted. He would plan weddings for gay couples (pick out suits, dinner, hall etc.). It was very sweet, and all kinds of funny.

Jerry said...

I met Jeffrey Donovan briefly while he was shooting Burn Notice last year.

Me: I like your show.
Him: Thank you {with a huge, genuine smile}

Alice D Millionaire said...

Mickey Rourke's hair actually looks better than it has in a while.

Love Jeffrey Donovan. Not your typical good looking guy so maybe that is why. The ryan reynolds of the world don't do much for me.

Is Rose still engaged to that director? She looks like she took too many muscle relaxers.

Mariel looks incredible.

lyz said...

Why is Heart in an empty stadium??

Mickey Rourke needs a manicure. His hands and fingernails are gross.

What's up with Jane Seymour??? She's shrinking. Hmmmmm.

Rose McGowan won't need booze. She took care of her buzz before she got out of the car.

DetroitRocker said...

I googled Olga Kurylenko, and those pictures on the net look like she could be Catherine Zeta Jones's daughter.

DetroitRocker said...

I googled Olga Kurylenko, and those pictures on the net look like she could be Catherine Zeta Jones's daughter.

Linnea said...

Oh gosh! I can only second the Rachel Weisz comment, I love her but in this picture, not so much. What happened there?

MnGddess said...

First, I wanna thank Enty for his birthday email. Happy B-Day to all the Librans on the blog!

OK - here goes...

Daniel Craig looks like he's been medicated. That arm must hurt like a bitch... but he's still hot. I will pay money to go see the Bond movie.

Photos of Brangelina's plane are a leetle much, if you ask me.

JEFFREY DONOVAN!!! Love Burn Notice and Touching Evil..

I am hoping that's a photo of Heart doing a sound check. I would kill to have Nancy Wilson (or is it Ann?)'s voice. She's got PIPES.

Cool photo of Franz Ferd. and T.I.

Equally cool photo of E-V-E and LUDA! ...

Katie holmes looks AWFUL. And that hairdo makes her look like a boy. If I were her I would take that baby and get the hell out. It ain't Tom's anyway....

ENTY! You don't drop a (small) bomb about Jamie Lynn Sigler and not give us details! What did she do? That's just torture for us and you know it!

Chick with a the Q name has got a chin like an anvil!

I'd get a nosebleed wearing Sophie Monk's shoes.

Maria to Nick: Who are these two again?

Rachel Weitz looks a little shiny, and Rose McGowan looks was-ted...

Scott Thompson would either be the most fun neighbor or the neigbor from hell. It could go either way.

Sugar Ray? Tell that dick to go home.

(phew!) Ok, I'm done.

Teresa said...

I like that photo of Katie. You'll have to forgive me, but she looks Dylan-esque. A little hispter Dylan, but since he was probably the hipster of his time it's all good.

mooshki said...

"Yes, yes, it is Daniel Craig time and will be for the next month or so."


Ludacris is so freakin' awesome!

Is Katie wearing a black bra under a white shirt? Is her Sci dresser trying to make her look bad so that people will be on Tommy's side when he dumps her?

So JLS was the answer to that blind. Sorry, Enty, it sucks when someone you admire sinks so low.

Did you know Sophie Monk spent a weekend in Vegas with Nigel Lythgoe? I saw the pics and WTF-ed.

Renea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renea said...

How come you chose a crappy, far-away pic of Jane Seymour when there were AMAZING ones like this ( from the same shoot? Wow, is she still hot or what????

And I swear there's no plastic involved with this luscious face...saw her in person a few months back and gah she looks even better up close! Heehee, and this pic here (the close-up) isn't even Photoshopped...

And throwing in my two cents, what the heck happened to the wilted Rose...did someone forget her Red Bull?

Rose dear, remember you need those little wings when ya hit that hard stuff!!

slappywhyte said...

i HAD to steal that nick cannon pic where he looks like gary coleman ... its not doctored? classic!

and who knew franz ferdinand and TI played together -- cool!


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