Friday, October 17, 2008

It's That Time Again

Every six months or so, some feature writer with a longing for the earlier years of their life convinces an editor to let them do a piece on The Goonies and what the cast has been up to over the past twenty years. Because of my fondness for the film, I invariably go ahead and post the story. Well, Variety is the latest to have a go at the film, and the cast has some things to say differently this time around. Instead of just the what happened to angle, Variety uses director Richard Donner as the base, and all the cast reflects on the film and their interactions with Donner as well as their own experiences. If you are a fan of the film, you should read the article. The news to come out of the article is that no sequel right now, but they are working on the musical for Broadway.


Julie said...

i wasn't allowed to watch the goonies as a kid. and i really don't think i've missed anything.

my husband has tried to make me watch it, but its not my thing.
I wasn't allowed to watch Dirty Dancing either. Or when harry met sally, but I've now seen that. Its cute.
Irony = I was allowed to watch pretty much any horror movie made (as long as it didn't mess with Catholic Doctrine, ie Exorcist, Poltergeist, Amityville) and my first movie in the theater was Nightmare on Elm St (the first one)
And my friends mom ended up taking us to the actual Amityville house.

Good times. What else have I "missed out" on?

Gillybean said...

Ha! Chunk as an entertainment lawyer. Love this tidbit...

"Jeff Cohen, who immortalized the "Truffle Shuffle," has long since shed his baby fat, graduating to a career as an entertainment lawyer at Cohen & Gardner."

Gillybean said...

Oh, and I still quote this movie almost 20 years later.

That's what I said, booby twaps!

lutefisk said...

You have to love those entertainment lawyers!

kimmypie1 said...

A hint perhaps as to Ent's identity?

How cool would that be if Ent were Chunk?

Anonymous said...

Loved this movie as a kid. Love it still as a cougar :-)

And chunk turned out pretty darned hot!

Mim said...

kimmypie1, that speculation has been doing the rounds on this site for a goodly while now. Long time readers such as myself have their own opinions on the matter, but why spoil our favourite entertainment lawyer slash blogger's fun? Keep the mystery alive I say, life is much more fun that way!

kimmypie1 said...

mim, not trying to spoil anyone's fun. he obvioulsy put the article on here for a reason (if it were him).

selenakyle said...

One of my favorite movies of all time.

Miss X said...

As much as I would love for Ent to be Chunk, I doubt it.

Mim, where can I go to read about speculation on Ent's identity?

The Goonies was one of the greatest movies ever!!!

Local Tourist said...

yeah I thought the same thing when I read Chunk was an entertainment lawyer. Hey Enty, if you are Chunk then I will be wife number 6,7, or 8...I can't keep up with what number you are on.


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