Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Say They Were Pete's Drugs

Mick Whitnall was arrested for allegedly possessing some crack at a cafe and then for allegedly having a whole bunch more back at his place. For those of you who don't know Mick, he is in Babyshambles which of course is the group in which Pete Doherty also calls home.

Apparently Mick got picked up at some place kind of like a Starbucks. I don't know what kind of laws they have in the UK, or if people just normally look the other way, but you really don't see too many people pulling out a crack pipe at Starbucks. Sure, a joint maybe out on the patio, but generally your needles, pipes, and other drug accoutrements are left behind.

If you think you are going to need crack that bad when you just go for coffee, maybe you should have thought ahead and just made some at home. You know, have someone pick you some up at the store so you could sit at home all day and smoke crack. I sure as hell know that if I was Mick I would just say it was Pete's. I know, I know, it is probably a lie and you shouldn't turn on your friends like that, but Pete has much more experience with this kind of thing, and who is to say that Pete might not think they were his anyway.

Crack is so 80's anyway. Mick should be focusing on something new and exciting. Even meth is kind of old. Well, since the cops confiscated all of his, I guess he will be stopping by Amy Winehouse's house after he gets out of jail. To me she is kind of like some kind of magic woman. I still can't figure out how she manages to get her hands on so much drugs. You would think the cops would be watching everyone who goes in there and following them. It is kind of like she is growing it in her basement or something. Wish I could grow something in my basement that is fun. The only thing that grows is mold. Let me tell you it doesn't smoke up very well.


Unknown said...

accoutrements, what a nice word. ;)

Julie said...

i haven't heard about PD in awhile...did he die? lol

shakey said...

Oh! When I heard the name I thought Mick Whitnall? The guy from Simply Red??? Couldn't picture him doing that. It's Mick Hucknall, isn't it?

Judi said...

Yes, shakey. You thought of Hucknall. So did I and thought, 'D*mn! He looks horrible." Whitnall's a moron. He should have been arrested just for that.

Tania said...

I don't get how Amy gets her drugs without being caught, either. Same goes for any other famous druggies. Everyone knows they are doing them, so they must be buying them somewhere and have them all over their homes.
So why (apart from Docherty) aren't they arrested a lot? OK, there's the occasional arrest, but then they get let go. It makes it look as if famous people can break the law with impunity. That doesn't exactly send a great message to the general public.


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