Friday, October 17, 2008

Must Have Seen Katie's Performance

I wish I could have taken credit for the rumors that apparently swept the internet that Tom Cruise had died in New Zealand yesterday after falling from some cliffs. Probably more like jumped after he saw Katie on Broadway. Look, I read all the reviews and the first thing I have to say is that is the guy from the NY Times just trying to show the world he is smarter than the rest of us? I feel like we are his children and he is patting us on our heads and sending us away after boring us with an hour dissertation on why each soprano is different. If you have not read the NY Times review of the play you should. Then you should say to yourself, if I ever become this ass, someone kick me.

Even though he called Katie a robot I'm not going to even count it against her. The one I am going with is USA Today and they said basically that maybe she could do a good job in a different play, but not this play and not this director. She just doesn't know how to change gears. Lets face it. Something happened to Katie Holmes. I was going to say the usual about how she was so good in Pieces Of April, but maybe that is all she can do. That one character is all she has in her. With the exception of that has she ever been the world's best actress? Nope. So, why do we expect so much out of her. I say lets realize she is going to suck and maybe now and again she will surprise us. E! said she didn't embarrass herself but E! isn't going to say anything too bad because they are hoping to get an interview with her or Tom or Xenu. At this point they don't really care. Hell, if Xenu was a skank they would give her a reality show right along with the rest.


MISCH said...

She really has become this sexless shadow of her former self....scary

canadachick said...

don't be bashing the Xenu ....bad things will happen !!! Quick Enty lock your basement door and tell Mom if anyone asks you're not home.

Unknown said...

I may be in the minority, but I didn't really like her in Pieces of April. The driving force was that the character had lived her adolesence with a chip on her shoulder and had grown out of it and I had no sense of that person from her performance.

PotPourri said...

Her and Tom are both Androgenous, no matter how hard they try. They are totally sexless, you are right shazzzzzz.

lutefisk said...

She was probably hoping for a long run on Broadway so she didn't have to return to the Xenu compound.

Molly said...

you got it enty, she can't change gears cuz she's a one gear pony.

hunter said...

my friend went and saw her last night at opening night

sat two seats from Tom Cruise

he said she was awful and wooden and

he's dating a Broadway headliner, so he should know

too bad.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

She used to be appealing because she was this milk-fed, wide-eyed, Midwestern, feel good-television Princess. And I LIKED her in Wonder Boys and Pieces of April and I LOVED The Ice Storm. She was skilled at playing the slightly naive and tomboyish ingenue. Period.

Which is why her transition to this Beverly Hills Stepford Robobride and "Fashion" Icon is all the more absurd. I cannot take this ho seriously. I believe every single word people say about contracts and whatnot, and I also think that bringing a child into that mess is just gross.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Oh, and one more thing:

"Ms. Holmes delivers most of her lines with meaningful asperity, italicizing every word."

*rolls eyes.*

Yeah, Enty, you were right. That reviewer is a total cocksmoke.

Ayesha said...

What ernestine said. Her appeal was of the girl-next-door variety. "The Ice Storm" is one of my favorite movies, and I thought she was adorable and sexy in it. Watching her try to vamp is just downright uncomfortable. It's embarassing!

Francoise said...

With all due respect, he's no more pompous or self-righteous than any other theater critic.

If you're into that scene, he's actually pretty tame in terms of assness.


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