Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Starting us off is Beau Bridges. I think it is his first time and the photos and he makes the top.
Bai Ling makes the photos today just because she is actually wearing clothes. Still hate those band-aids though.
Wow. That is some serious fug. It is kind of like Christina has become the perception we had. She is really getting bizarre.
Colin Farrell looks pretty damn good. It has been a long time since he has been in the photos.
Never really see Diablo Cody like this. Very demure.
And very grey. Goodness. Fergie kind of looks like Kirstie Alley.

Emma Thompson and the scarf that is not really a scarf. I never understood that. Just throw a piece of fabric over the shoulders and call it stylish. I like Emma, not the cheesecloth from her kitchen.
Never put a real person next to an airbrushed photo.
Yeah, yeah, but I can't hate all Scientologists. I like Erika Christensen.
I really like Donal Logue. He is one of my favorite actors and I wished he worked more. I am probably the only person on the planet who loved Grounded For Life.
Remember when the American Music Awards meant something? Now the nominations are hosted by Jesse McCartney and Julianne Hough.

That is an interesting look from Jude Law. I call it trapeze artist
Jason Biggs and his wife who is now being referred to by the wire services as guest. Nice.
Have to admit that Jessica Alba looks incredible.
Greek royalty. Wow. Starting their own kingdom.
Probably about as close as they get to tongues in real life as well.

On the set of Lipstick Jungle.
A still photo from the Sarah Palin porn.
Kenny Chesney - New York
John Mayer is off to the airport to collect some money.

Nelly Furtado is one of my favorite Canadians. Not the favorite though.

And Mark Wahlberg is one of my least favorite, what is he? American? Yeah, so they made fun of you on SNL. Grow a pair. Get over it.
I bet Mila Kunis wouldn't mind if they made fun of her. Not that they would.
Apparently they ran out of cement for the hand prints and so are using chewed blueberry bubblegum.
Madonna just because anytime she is not on the streets or on stage she looks really good.
Rosario Dawson doing her part to get people to vote.

First time to have a Teutul on here.
Not the first time for Padma, but it may be the last. She looks like she is falling apart.
Goodness that is a lovely fake smile from Paula. Love her though.
Sydney Opera House saw the Pussycat Dolls perform there last night. There is something wrong with that.
When you are a star, Fed-Ex knows where you are. Don't even need to be home.

And Serena knocks Common over in the first round of full contact surfing.
Stevie Wonder - Perth
Shia LaBeouf, just because I like to keep updated on his hand.
Wow. Seal must have stolen that from a mannequin of a losing contestant on Runway.


palealebrew10 said...

Padma looks terrifying. :(

Unknown said...

Donal is on the NBC show Life this season, he's been great.

farmgirl said...

I also am a Donal lover.

I saw that Chopper guy at the Steve Miller Band concert this summer. I don't watch the show, but the blonde he was with was rough. Also - he is only about 5'9" - comes across taller.

Unknown said...

didnt it come out that mark walhnerg's comments were taken out of context and he really enjoed the skit...

shelly_bean said...

I heart Donal too!! when I was unemployed Grounded for Life was my best friend...gotta love daytime tv

Jesus, Jude Law looks a bit rougher than usual

even if those remarks from Mark Wahlberg were taken out of context, he still seems like a douche.

lutefisk said...

Mila Kunis is beautiful. I couldn't get over her eyes in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
Fergie needs a chin strap .

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I loved Grounded for Life. Reminds me of most people I know.

Colin F is looking smokin'. So is Mark W. Shia looks great even wearing a fugly shirt. Burn that sucker.

Rosario Dawson always looks so cute. Natural beauty. Madonna looks like shit these days. That outfit is shiteous.

WTF is up with Fergie? Are those gray roots or just a weird camera angle/light? Whatever it is...shit pic.

Jude Law looks pornish. Must be the stash. More hair on his chest than on his noggin.

Green Wave Gal said...

I loved Grounded for Life-thought I was the only one.

Mila is really pretty.

Was Padma a blind? I have a little crush on Tom Colicchio. :)

Jude Law looks like a 70's porn star (and I never saw any 70's porn).

Unknown said...

what he really said was he wouldnt do the show cuz he felt he wasnt funny and knew nothing about anyone imitated of him would be as funny as tina fey doing her impression of sarah palin...the comment was extremely distorted...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
califblondy said...

A million years ago Donal's Father worked at the local college. Great accent.

I think Madonna looks bad.

What's up with Padma? If she keeps looking like crap, could we please have Chef Tom instead? He's the real hottie of Top Chef and I'm not talking kitchen fire heat. Has anybody ever seen his wife? My Mom and I were just talking last night about Tom being so sexy and wondering about his wife. Ya, we talk about the important stuff in life.

No matter how Christina looks, she gets slammed.

Paul Sr. is a sexy old guy too. Much more so than Pauley Jr., but Mikey is the hottest!

Anonymous said...

"no matter how Christina looks, she gets slammed"? maybe because she hasn't stopped rotating through her closet's tranny costumes. when she dresses appropriately, then I'll give her a compliment, not before

bubs said...

I was wondering if Padma was a blind too. Hmmm

VelvetStaccato said...

Wow...who knew there were so many of us "Grounded for Life" fans. I could so identify with that family's dynamics even though, technically, I was from what some might refer to as "the hood"! The ensemble worked so well together; the extremely talented daughter, the guy who played his shady, muddle-mouthed brother - the show was just uniquely funny and I miss that kind of comedy.

I guess the picture answers my question about whether or not Nelly Furtado had her baby. She looks great - as usual!

Brenda22 said...

I CANNOT believe Julianne Hough is only 19. She looks like she's about 35 in that picture. Lay off the self-tanner, sweetie.

Unknown said...

wow. fergie looks REALLY bad.

madonna looks like she is trying to look like LOHAN. seriously.

and holy crap, i didn't even recognize padma. wtf?

trashtalker said...

Donal is totally tearing it up on Life. He's hi-freakin-larious. A great addition to the show.

Shee-it, Ent, that Jude Law caption is perfect!

That Mark W. skit was so weird, and yet so funny. "Say hi to ya mutha for me."

c17 said...

Christ, you people are thick. Jude Law is playing Watson in the new Sherlock Holmes film starring Robert Downey Jr. Research much?

And I know Rosario was at the RNC, but haven't had the time to research why. Hopefully, for research for a film and not because of personal politics. Still beautiful, regardless.

c17 said...

Sorry - from my post, I'm sure you can tell what I've been doing for waaaaay too long. :\

Clair said...

I love Grounded For Life! You are not alone sir, just stuck online with us nutsos.

shakey said...

Jude Law looks like a cartoon character of himself. He'd make a good Hallowe'en mask.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Fergie is going to have a serious case of old lady neck when she gets older.

brendalove@gmail.com said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brendalove@gmail.com said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jasmine said...

jude is a fine mutha balding or no., which brings me to mark whalberg. i swear when the snl guy asked the animal if he knew that he produced entourage i almost died. he is still fine tho, for a douche.
ummmm, we all have heard about padma and her drinky drink love affair. that bitch enhales alcohol like enty does chicken and biscuit crackers(which btw i wouldnt touch with a 10 foot pole, they are gross people, you need to get over the obsession)....
oh, and fergie IS old guys. she was young wayyyy back in the 80's with her shitty singing group. by the time black eyed peas scraped her off the sidewalk that bitch was looking at the wrong end of the youth stick. by now she has to be, what, 40 or 60 or something.....ewwwwwwww. age is a cruel bitch sometimes.

MAC said...

Funny, the most important thing in the Random Photos was that Enty thought he was the only one who loved Grounded for Life! I fricken' love that show! Glad to see all the others here that do too--guess that's why we all love the site, same distorted sense of humors.

Unknown said...

Jude Law could be Gollum's stand-in.

boobsu said...

Love Grounded For Life as well.... they play reruns on ABC Family and I watch them whenever it is on!!!

merrick said...

donal is one funny guy .. and grounded for life rocked .. it was so relevant and they put the fun in dysfunction

The Corsair said...

That may be the fiorst bad picture of Padma I've ever seen.

ElsieFire said...

That picture of Colin Farrell made my loins explode. That is all. Going back to the picture, could be a long day :>

MnGddess said...

Thanks to all the Donal fans watching Life. Sadly, NBC never advertises the show so it will be a miracle if they keep it on the air. He is great on the show, though. Hell, the whole show is great. (Fri nights 10PM NBC)

Teresa said...

I *loved* Grounded for Life! Donal Logue is my TV boyfriend. If you can ever hook a reader up with a chance to meet this guy, please pick me. I will be forever in your debt.


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