Thursday, October 16, 2008

But Will They Name It Seven?

Ahh, the name Seven brings back great memories doesn't it? You had Married With Children and Seinfeld both do the honors of naming a kid Seven. I personally love the name Seven. I even think that if I get married again, since it would be #7 that it would be really lucky for me as well. Well, Angelina Jolie told the Today Show this morning that she and Brad Pitt are going to adopt #7 after the twins turn six months old. Wow. There was no hesitation, no hemming and hawing or anything. No need for gossip blogs to speculate about whether Brangelina is going to add to the brood, she just comes out and says yes. It is amazing to me that they just keep adding and adding and to me at least seems like they spend an equal amount of time with each child. At some point you would think they would forget about someone or leave someone behind. As much as they go from one country to the next and one plane to the next, I can't imagine how many toys and knives and stuff get left behind, but so far at least they have managed to remember to bring all the kids. With all of the activities they do, and with the amount of kids and schools these children attend, they win my award for the most organized mom and dad ever. Below is the video from this morning.


mooshki said...

When I was 7 and my brother was 4 my parents left him behind at a gas station while we were driving cross country. I, of course, didn't say a word to them but sadly they noticed he was gone after only a few miles.

califblondy said...

If that would have been my family, I would have gotten spanked for not telling that my brother wasn't there.

That's funny, Mooshki. I never wanted my little brother either until we grew up.

Maja With a J said...

Give me an S!
Give me an M!
Guve me a U!
Give me a G!

MontanaMarriott said...

Even with a little bit of makeup that bitch looks FABULOOUS!


Anonymous said...


Jesse D said...

Every time I hear her speak, I think she's just more beautiful than the previous time. And not necessary just physically. Ugh. I love her and I hate her.

stiffkittens said...

I respect these two a lot for what they have done, but is it really a good idea to integrate a new child into a family of 6 when they have 2 very young twins? Dont those two children need a little more than 6 months of attention?

They seem to have way too much on their hands already, and spreading their selves even thinner will not be in the best interests of any of their children. Especially when they both still work/travel (except for the 3 months off she had for the twins).
I find it odd that they have set a date for it - like they are picking out a sofa. I dont like adoption when its a 'pick the cutest one out of the catalogue' thing. To me it should be a if it happens, it happens kind of deal - you find them like a piece of the puzzle.

When you can only manage with the amount of children you have by turning the eldest ones into 'little mommys/daddys' then personally i think its time to take a breather from the whole adoption thing. JMO
Other than this, they are wonderful.

Dead Angel said...

I think what they are doing is wonderful, they have the time and resources to make a difference, not just to the adopted childs' life but to thousands and thousands of women and children who desperately need food and education.

There are plenty of large families who don't have the resources the Pitt Jolies have and they do just fine.

Kait said...

She said she would adopt again but not when - just that you have to wait until after the babies are six months old. She never said they would adopt immediately after that, just that they would again.

Besides, adoption takes months, sometimes years. Even if they did start when the twins were six months old, they could very well be 18 months or older before the new sibling came home.

They know what they are doing with their own family. Let them deal with it. We can all sit back and wait for Zahara's tell all book.

lutefisk said...

I think it's a wonderful thing that they are doing, but eventually those kids are going to need some stability in their lives & be able to make freinds. Moving around & breaking their ties is not the best thing.

lol @ Mooshki!

mooshki said...

"Besides, adoption takes months, sometimes years."

Ha, for everyone else, but I bet every time Angelina visits a new country they throw their orphans at her.

Adrian, that's the plus side of having so many kids - at least they can be friends to each other. From what I've seen, Pax and Maddox are usually playing together, and often Zahara joins in. It's what military brats have to endure. I know it's not ideal for them, but they could be a lot worse off. :)

Little Baby Jade said...

They still have a long long way to go before they are seriously competing with the Duggars.

Lana M. said...

I've read on countless boards (after ever Brangelina story) about how they need to keep those kids in one place, and I just feel the need to through this in: I lived in the same house from birth - 17, I went to 1 elementary school, 1 junior high and 1 high school, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!!!! My parents have been married for 50+ years. I STILL had "issues" as well as my parents. No matter what your childhood is or the circumstances surrounding it, there will ALWAYS be things you wish were different! (the whole "grass is greener...)

Unknown said...

did anyone else think of Home Alone when Ent wrote aout leaving a child behind?

mooshki said...

Me - come to think of it, there were plenty of times when I would've given my left arm to move to a different school and a new set of people!

Unknown said...

Many people birth that many kids and more and no one asks whether it's a good idea. It's the fact that they're adopting that makes everyone so concerned.

With their money and resources, seven kids are nothing. Mia Farrow had -- what -- ten kids at least -- most adopted.

And Mel Gibson had six of his own biological children. No one shouting out concerns about neglect or forgetfulness there. With Mia either.

wood1107 said...

Love her, love them. That is all.

Abaddon said...

Don't want to start a fight or nothin'. I've lived on an island and two separate continents (before the age of 11). That does not include the vast amounts I have had to move to different provinces or cities. The most I have been in a school is 3 years. I can tell you: I have no childhood friends. My longest friend if from boarding school at 13 (I rarely communicate. But still love her). I have found that I rarely communicate with anybody and those in the same situations do the same. A few times a year, at that. We have connections: emotional but not so much as to call or email often. I have no country that I associate with. Am I latino, American or European? Where do I belong? I don't know. I am a citizen of the world. Yes. Yet I don't belong anywhere. I don't feel truly comfortable anywhere ( I am living in what most would consider a second world country right now:Romania). Also, my education got screwed. Each county has it's own curriculum Therefore, in twelfth grade math I was in the ninth grade, with my sister ( along with a lot of other travel kids). We even had to have a special science class made for us (between 9th grade and 12th all together). So not only do you have no childhood friends, a loss of identity but your schoolwork can be a challenge (you have no idea. I had to translate text from catalan to spanish to understand for a whole year.) Yeah, the grass is always greener on the other side. Having an identity is nice. Sorry if I sounded harsh. I didn't mean to. And sorry for the long post.

Lana M. said...


EXACTLY the point I was trying to make. Me having the COMPLETE opposite upbringing, I still feel JUST LIKE YOU!

I have NO FRIENDS from childhood.

I RARELY communicate with anybody, (outside of my own family)

I have no one that I socialize with or talk on the phone with.

AND yes, schoolwork was a challange.

I REALLY hope I'm not coming across as insensitive or snarky, Because that's not how I'm feeling. Its just that there is more to what "makes us up" then geographic location. Like in my case I had ALL THE THINGS that YOU didn't, yet ended up the same. For me, it has alot to do with anxiety & ADD, etc. So its the sum of all parts in the end I guess.

I dont know, maybe I'm just odd.

I just kind of thought of another example: I have 5 kids. No two of them are the same. If we do something together, each one of them will have a different experience, even though we all did the EXACT SAME THING.

dragonfly said...

Eh. There are no guarantees in life. Brad and Angie seem like great parents and what that means is the kids have just as much chance of being screwed up or well balanced.

blankprincess said...

"toys and knives and stuff..."


Something tells me AJ knows EXACTLY where all her knives are.

Ayesha said...

I could argue either way about Brangelina moving the kids all over the place or having so damn many. The kids seem fine, and I can't really judge too harshly.

But something about the constant adoptions rubs me the wrong way. For the record, I feel the same way about Mia Farrow. And this woman who adopts severely disabled children. What they're doing is great, and it's good that someone is, but there's some sort of "look at me doing good deeds!" thing that just bugs me.

Oh never mind.


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