Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heathers 2 Huh?

I could go for a Heathers 2. Apparently Christian Slater could as well. Do we even need to ask Winona Ryder? I mean at this point she would be up for pretty much anything. Giving her a role where there was a chance to make some money and where she could relive some of that 80's glory would probably cause her to stop breathing. The idea that she could be in something not direct to video, would be kind of different for her.

Christian was doing some press for his new television show. I bet back in the 80's when everyone said he was going to be the next Jack Nicholson that he didn't see himself doing a cross country tour promoting some network drama for himself after a big drop off in his career either. Fame is fleeting. Especially so when you hit your ex-girlfriend and spend a couple of years drinking your way around the world.

"For a certain period of time I met a girl, got involved with her, and it was pretty much brought into that relationship all the tools that I had at that particular time, which was jealousy, insecurity, neurosis, fear, paranoia - not the best tools to enter into a relationship.

"I found myself at home one night with a bottle of champagne, popped the cork, poured the glass, said 'God keep an eye on me', downed the drink and went on this phenomenal two-year run where I pretty much drank my way around the world."

Now, me I have been on benders of biblical proportions but I most of them do not take me all over the world, and I know for a fact that none of them started with a glass of champagne. I mean that is a great story until you find out he started a two year alcoholic haze with bubbly wine. Come on Christian. Make something up. Tell me you chugged a bottle of gin and that is a great story. The champagne and the God reference is just a bit much. Too dramatic. Tell me that you went through $10,000 worth of coke and the only thing you had to drink was champagne and I'm ok with it. Because right now I see you sitting at home and debating whether to try an 89 Dom or a non vintage Krug. Not exactly two year bender stuff. But, I am glad about the Heathers 2 thing so make it happen.


mooshki said...

As someone who was deeply obsessed with Heathers for years, I really hope this doesn't happen. There's no way they could not fuck it up.

mooshki said...

Oh, and forget CS and WR, can you imagine how fast Shannen Doherty would jump on that train?

Kat said...

I agree with you mooshki, the original Heathers was a classic and classics never need sequels. I think that it was the only film I ever truly liked Ryder in, to be honest. One of my favourites, and I'm hoping it is left alone.

Anonymous said...

Ryder has absolutely no career at this point because she is literally, without a doubt, Hollywood's biggest bitch--SO much more so than even Sharon Stone and some other monster divas we've heard of. The reason why she has to fuck puppets just to get a role is because she's simply pissed off too many actors, actresses, directors, producers and most importantly, casting directors, including, I'm told, Jennifer McNamara, who gets some of THE best projects to cast for.

jax said...

"i love my son, i love my dead gay son!"

best line ever.

so will it be Heathers 2008 with WR and CS as parents to 'new' heathers? or will it be CS is now the principle of the High School trying to put an end to the Heathers? will Doherty directt eh play?

oh wait...thats 90210 sorry.

this potential movie is ASS. said...

How cute were they back back then? Time is cruel.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

GodDAMN. Okay, not to sound all existential or whatever, but is cinematic art fucking DEAD or what?! Is there ANYONE out there who possesses an idea of ANY originality?! I don't understand why every goddamn movie that Hollywood has vomited up lately has to be a lameass sequel or some horrid reimagining of something that was just damned fine to begin with. That's all.

bionic bunny! said...

what ernestine said.

Joanna said...

But.... JD blew himself up. Lol. How can they possibly make a sequel that would make any sense?
It's one of my favorite movies, but I hope this never gets off the ground.

KellyLynn said...

I may be the only one, but I really enjoyed the premiere of Christian Slater's new series. It's looking like a good replacement for Heroes to me.
As for the Heathers redux, I can't see where they could do anything nearly as cool as the original. There's just something about actors around my age acting like they're still in high school that turns me off.

slappywhyte said...

heathers 2 would be cool ... but i dont think i could look at christian slater for 2 hours ... maybe cast ME, winona, shannon, and a couple new girls

you KNOW he started that bender with coke ... he just didnt say it


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