Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Gale Harold seems like he is going to make a full recovery after a really bad motorcycle accident. Since he is going to be ok, can we make some kind of joke about how he probably did it because he didn't want to be Teri Hatcher's boyfriend even for pretend? Is that too much? I wouldn't do it if he was not going to make it, but everyone says he is going to be fine.
Sir David Frost at the premiere of the film about his interview with Nixon. In the previews I have to say he comes off as a bit of an ass. But, I guess he must like it if he showed up.

The interesting combination of the day goes to Ashley Angel Parker and Jason Statham.
So, who would you rather be married to? I'm going with Courteney Cox just so I don't have to see Bruce Willis everyday. Of course if you married Courteney, it is possible that Alexis could be some kind of stalker and try and get you for breaking up her brother's marriage.

Just because I haven't seen Brittany Snow around for awhile.
I have a tough time reading lips in a still photograph, but I think Brittny Gastineau is asking Kim Kardashian how much she charges for each hour now.
It is like looking at an AT&T commercial with all the bars lined up.
My favorite couple of the day goes to Josh Brolin and Diane Lane. They always win though when they show up just because they seem real. They fight they make up they support each other. Both are good looking. I think this is a win/win for everyone when I post their photo.

Have you ever been to a wax museum? I always think they are going to come to life or blink or something right when I am walking past.
David Cooley, a maybe drunk Lance Bass and look, it is Toni Braxton. Toni is out and about. Glad to see that.
So, since The Hills is apparently going to go off the air after this season, I think this would be the time to give Casey Patridge her own show. What she would do is spend a week with each former cast member of The Hills and beat the crap out of them for 30 minutes while berating them for wasting our lives with their show.
A long time since I have seen Colin Hanks at anything.

This is London today. Toby Jones and Kevin Bacon. Obviously called each other and coordinated their hair.

This is New York last night. Toby Jones. Hair just a touch straighter though.
James Van Der Beek and his wife Heather.
Wow. Just because you are not filming your reality show right now Denise, does not mean you should stop shaving.
Meh. I just like to see you go off on Debra Messing. But, since she has a new show and you probably like it, you will all be nice and complimentary. Is she still pretending to be married or has that thing gone official? I can't ever remember.
Just have always been a big fan of Paul Oakenfold and so thought I would show him some love.

Just because I don't think I had seen a photo of Oliver Stone and his family.
One of the funniest guys around is Mo Rocca.
Seriously. LSD and Lindsay's shirt. Not a good idea.
Well this is Kirsten Dunst last night. Aside from the horrible tanning job she looks like she has recovered from Monday night.

"So, Joshie, I said to him. I don't think so. I mean, I was like, I don't know about your house, but in my house we just don't do that. And you know Joshie, I'll tell you he was like, oh no she didn't, and I was like, oh yes she did. I mean, have you ever heard anything more messed up. I mean, I was like..."

Richard Dreyfus even poses like a jerk.
Another truly funny guy. Rob Corddry.
I wanted to put Richard Carpenter on the top, but I decided against it. He announced his musical comeback in Japan today. Man, I need to get out the 8-tracks tonight.
Weren't Rob Buckley and Lindsay Price a blind item? Did I reveal it already? I can't remember.
Apparently this is going to be the #1 most requested toy for Christmas. Now, how can they judge that?

So, I've decided that high waisted jeans remind me of a guy who is about 70. At about that age you basically just pull the pants right over the gut and you basically have about two inches between your chest and pants.
The Lowes are just a marketing dream huh? If you didn't want to do it, then don't go.
I believe that Billy Ray Cyrus is indicating that Tish Cyrus is going to help Justin with his zipper.
Yeah. I will let all of you handle this one.


califblondy said...

Ashley Angel Parker....what a beautiful name.

WTH is going on with Kevin Bacon? Did anybody see his pic on TMZ? He looks down right scarey, like an old anorexic.

Is that Bruce and Demi's youngest? Isn't she a little young for do-me heels? The shoe box should have had a label "For ages 18 and up,"

That is a very UNflattering picture of Debra Messing, Ent. I bet you're loving it.

I think if Star's dress was an inch and a half longer, she wouldn't look half bad.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

isnt it ashley parker angel lol?

reveal about debra messing...and possible richard dreyfus as a jackass???

lutefisk said...

I didn't know that about Debra Messing & her marriage.
Courtney Cox looks embalmed. I never in a billion years thought I would say Demi looks better than anyone, but she does there.
Lindsey's shirt reminds me of the tops old ladies wear to church bingo
or casinos.

Miss X said...

I like Debra Messing's dress.

Cancan said...

I think it's because Dreyfuss plays Cheney in the movie.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

whoa a lot of BI revels today! thanks enty :)

btw enty are you stalking me and going through my music collection? maybe one day i'll stop by your basement and we'll swap favorite albums...don't worry sweets will be included ;)

mooshki said...

Yes, Gale's going to be okay, but he broke one of those beautiful shoulders!!!

Good for Statham - he managed to find a guy as pretty as he is!

Ugh, I hate Debra Messing so much. Andie MacDowell-level hate.

Yay Rob Corddry!

Hey, when you pull out the 8-tracks, make sure to watch "Life On Mars" to keep the mood going. (I haven't seen the original, so I can't compare them, but I loved the US pilot.)

They can tell it'll be #1 because sales of Star Wars Lego sets to adults are always in the billions. (Really, I think one in 3 people worldwide will buy that.)

Is that why Billy Ray married her, to wrangle his boy-toys?

Ice Angel said...

Not to get political but...

Think there's enough pics of the W premiere? I think it's pretty low to premier a hatchet job on our current president (let it go-he's almost done) just to sway this year's election against McCain. Well, we all remember how well the last time someone tried to pull a stunt like that!

And by the way-in case anyone is keeping track-McCain is NOT Bush!!! No matter how many different ways Obama tries to say it just doesn't make it so. One simply needs to look at the record of just how many times McCain was a thorn in the side of the Bush administration.

That said, I'd still rather have "more of the same" than have the looney left (including Barbara Streisand's step-son and Oliver Stone) turn our country into a socialist Islamic fundamentalist loving country. Oh-and as long as I'm on a rant-Oliver Stone is also the guy who brought you indisputable evidence that Kennedy's assasination was an inside job-what's next...9-11??? Can't wait!

Winston Ono said...

can somebody help with matching the reveals to the blinds?

mooshki said...

Not political at all! :)

MontanaMarriott said...

Jason Statham has a sexy thing about him.

WOW, CC and Demi can past for sisters or at least cousins.

Damn I always forget how short Kim K is.

Did Josh Brolin always have them big ole lips?!!? Wow I never noticed before, MMMMMMMMM

That is a great likeness of Dame Judi Dench

I have always said it, Toni Braxton should have turned to acting. The camera absolutely loves her, wow.

Love Paul Oakenfeld's remixes never knew he looked like that?!?!?!

Oliver Stone and his mail order bride, as Joan Rivers says " you do know the last wife is always Asian"

Kirsten is still lit lol

LOL @ Rosie Perez, her hand gesture alone solidifies what you have captioned in the pic.

Lindsey Price and Rob Buckley are always out and about in the West Village, I have seen them several times.

Billy Ray has that alcoholics bloat, lol Doesn't he look crocked?

Star always looks likes she is about to pounce on someone

littlemanwhatnow said...

i second that eileen!!! help us out here please!

blog hopper said...

Am I the only one who thinks that's not Ashley Parker Angel? Unless he lost a TON of weight and chopped his hair? Granted I'm not a huge follower of his, it just seems wrong

Rebecca Bridge said...

socialist islamic nation. buy into fear-mongering much?

farmgirl said...

Julia - I agree.
The first thing I thought was "Awesome - I think APA is so hot! Then I see the picture, "Whaaaa?"
Who is that?
Where is the cute guy?

Debra Messing is like the devil. Every time I see her Starter Wife commercial I feel a little closer to hell.

I had to LOL at the BI reveal above where I did not know who either of the people are.
Can anyone enlighten an old hag?

farmgirl said...

Oh - yes
Leave your political blithering for a news blog.
We are trying to have fun here.

ItsJustMe said...

Lindsay Price will always be An Li from All My Children (back in the Sarah Michelle Gellar days) to me. The BI was 2 costars having a secret affair so not to upset their exes or currents.

I had no idea about Debra and her husband. I saw them in Whole Foods in Westwood Village a while ago and they were holding hands and being a normal couple. Surprise to me.

Adrienne said...

I'm counting four reveals. Debra, Jason, Richard, and Lindsey. And I'm getting "hinty" vibes from Van Der Beek and Toni.

Ice Angel said...

Farmgirl-thanks so much for agreeing with my point that Entertainment and Politics don't mix!

mooshki said...

I dunno, Icy, what you posted first was like saying "there shouldn't be so fucking much goddamned swearing!" ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope Statham filmed their late night romp last night and happened to lose the tape. Yes please.

Diane and James are a beautiful couple.

That creature actually does look a little like Denise Richards, wide-set vacant stare, ridiculously out of proportion face, creature from the depths of hell. Check on all 3 counts.

Star's face actually looks like her original face from when she was heavier; not quite so horrifying.

farmgirl said...

mooshki = love

amh.producer said...

ice angel, I can see your point about how many pics there are from the W. premiere but your commentary of it is off.. there has been much documented about how Oliver Stone had trouble getting it greenlit because it actually makes W. human and doesn't bash him. The movie has passed every fact check done on it.

Ice Angel said...


I'm just having a little fun. Ent posted the pictures so it opened the door. My only point, really, is that many people get sick of Hollywood shoving their political beliefs down our throats. I'm sure those who agree with them love it, though.


Ice Angel said...

Amh-perhaps you're right...I've not actually seen the movie, but did see the one on Kennedy and thought it was a farce. I'll see the movie, but I'll wait till after the election when it comes out on cable.

Ice Angel said...

From what I have seen, it does actually look pretty well done and Brolin does actually make a pretty good "W."

Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake...who cares about politics? The IMPORTANT thing here are the possible BI reveals...and quite frankly, I need some help.

Stupid politics...they're ruining everything.

jax said...

no love for Dreyfuss becasue he sued his elderly father member?

Star looks like a tranny.

Ice Angel said...


Oh man! An Li!!! I never realized that until you said that!!! Amazing!!! That little tramp! LOL!

Marna Palmer said...

Reason #1 why Diane Lane and Josh Brolin should be the last "favorite couple" on anyone's list: he beats her, she takes it. I HATE him though I will go see W, and I think she is beautiful even if I don't love her choice in movies.

Oh yes would someone please enlighten us to the specific blinds?! I hate not knowing!!! :)

Kelita said...

Please I beg of someone, PLEASE help some of us that are fairly newish to this site with the BLIND ITEMS!! I need to know but I need help!

Green Wave Gal said...

OK...Am I the only one thinking that there's something creepy about the Billy Ray pic?

I didn't think that was Ashley Parker Angel either.

Could Toni be the HIV+ singer from back a little while?

I LOVE me some Gale Harrold. I thought he was so HOT (and an ass) on Queer as Folk! He's got presence!

Betsy said...

The dreyfus comment is because he sued his father over a loan - there was a (not blind) whole post about it a few weeks ago.

kimmypie1 said...

I don't think that is Ashley Parker Angel either. Doesn't look a thing like him.

I think there were many hints in this group of pics. he said he hasn't seen Britney Snow around in a while, that has to mean something.

Also the thing about Alexis blaming you for breaking up her brother's marriage?

Debra Messing for sure a reveal. And Lindsay Price is the one about the affair on set (not sure which one, but one of those BIs).

Green Wave Gal said...

I think the Lindsay Price one was the one about the 2 co-starts who were dating but trying to keep it quiet from all of their other co-starts but everyone knew anyway.

What about the Colin Hanks pic? That's reveal-y too maybe?

Priscila said...

I am not north american, but i saw the " register to vote...but only for Obama" and i was ashamed. What the hell, the dudes from GOSSIP GIRL trying to teach americans how to vote?

Once again, what about the small scandal of the guy that registered 70 times to vote under a Pro Obama ong?

It is really sad. It is like that lame thing that happenned in Florida when Bush was elected.

Obama can ( and will) win without this shit. But the whole midia support is just absurd. That advertise in many countries would be illegal ( i know for sure in Germany and Brazil it would be) kind of spoils the party, everyone seems so taken by the chance of changing WORLD´s ( why not?) future in a very ethic way and just in the end of the path....Gossip Girl episode happens.

It is really nothing, but outrageous for me in a way...

Curios about the blind item revealed :)

Kirsten Dunst looks OLDER than Demi and Cox!! see, drugs are bad...for your appearence!

Emobacca said...

Toni Braxton is so the HIV+ singer

Ms Cool said...

OMG - must. find. wax. museum.

Ms Cool said...

Daniel Craig is hot in wax.

farmgirl said...

wow - HIV singer blind - can it be??

Cancan said...

I don't think Toni is the HIV blind. I think the comment was because she was battling breast cancer.

audrey said...

Colin Hanks--actor forced to take a six month hiatus for drug use blind from last week?
What the holy hell happened to Kevin Bacon? Is he into the meth? And no matter what people may think LL is using again.

Kataya said...

I think the person with Jason Stratham is that club promotor, Dean May...not Ashley Angel Parker?

Jessica said...

Could Britney Snow be the actress from awhile back that Ent loved but got mixed up with a bad guy and pregnant? Maybe she hasnt been around because she was deciding what to do....

Local Tourist said...

Here is the post about Robert Buckley and Lindsay Price. Am I the only one who think her cutesy lisp is annoying on Lipstick Jungle? He is so hot though...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Today's Blind Items

#1 - This one really shouldn't be a blind, but I told them I would keep it kind of secret. Didn't say how hard the secret would be though. These two actors are on an NBC dramedy and think they are keeping their relationship hush hush. Nothing juicy. I mean she is divorced and he is single. It's just funny that the only people on the set who think it is a secret are the couple themselves.

Also, when did Toni Braxton become the HIV singer? I thought we were all on the Amy Winehouse wagon.

Local Tourist said...

oh yeah and I didn't think that was Ashley Angel Parker either...

Casual Observer said...

I never thought I'd live to see the day that Gale Harold would be in the Random Photos, let alone the number one spot. It's too bad it had to be because he was almost killed.

Get better soon, Gale.

Kat said...

Toni Braxton is not the HIV singer. She's had a fairly serious heart condition for years, one which has been well-publicized.

The W. film needs to be shown immediately, so that the rest of the world, and by that I mean myself and other non-Americans, can get a glimpse as to why and how he was ever voted to office in the first place. Just an FYI, but we've been sitting around for eight years wondering what that was all about.

Kat said...

In unrelated news, it looks like it might be official that Tea Leoni has left David Duchovny for Billy Bob Thornton. What is it about the Billy Bob that has beautiful women go insane over him? Maybe he knows voodoo?

Tania said...

Every time I see Gale Harold's name in print, I think he's wearing it the wrong way around!

I hope he recovers soon, and rides more carefully in future. There aren't so many hot men in the world that we can spare one.

Why does Star have no neck?

I agree - whoever that is with Statham, I want to see the sex tape... ;-)

Tania said...

maybe his dick dances.... ;-)

katie said...

One of the major tabloid disappointments of my life is that Statham is obviously a switch hitter. You lucky men. I'm obsessed.

At least I've gotten the consolation that darling Mr. Ritchie has been released from that steroidal sarlacc known as "That One Who Is Bumping It With A-Rod".


Liebez said...

what are the others blind revealed??

Alice D Millionaire said...

Kat I am sure if Tea is with BB it is because her marriage to DD has been over for a while. I can totally understand why she would leave DD because of his constant cheating but I don't get why BB? He is not attractive to me.

KellyLynn said...

I have to say, I hate Debra Messing's new show. The writing seems like it's trying to grab all the Sex and the City rejects, err, fans.
I also have to say that Paul Oakenfold totally rocks, and he the most down-to-earth person for having so much fame. Of course, fame in Europe is a lot different than fame here.

Unknown said...

CC and DM look like doublemint twins there. Do they share a stylist?

I have to agree with califblondy on the Willis kid. You can clearly see the child is NOT comfortable dressed as a prostitot, and can barely stand upright on those stilts. For heaven's sake, why do they try to make their kids look older than they are?

Wax museums creep me out, for the same reason Ent just mentioned. You half expect some to jump out at you, lol!

Lance Bass = LOADED! no maybe there mister! ;)

I love how Audrina's 'real' boobs always have that delineation where the silicone bag is resting against the bottom of her ribcage. And let's not forget those sexy bag ripples at the top... *rolls eyes*

What in freezing hell happened to Kevin Bacon? Didn't he used to be hot? That's just friggin' scary right there!

James VdB and his wife make a gorgeous couple.

Speaking of not looking like themselves, are you sure that's Paul Oakenfold? Damz! Regardless, that boy rocks my socks! His CDs make me dance like nobody's watching :D

Hee! Hee! Loves the Rosie Perez caption. Could've used a few more "nuh-uh's!" and "uh-huh's!" though.

It looks like Star is finally settling into this new size. She also looks like maybe she invested in a mini face lift or something, her face isn't looking nearly as saggy and hollow as before. But the dress? So not age appropriate. After a certain age, the mini just has to go, regardless of the shape you're in...

Jasmine said...

i agree with mooshki, and thats all i am going to say about the stupidity of ice angels comment.
that being said diane lane and josh brolin are definitly not not not a good couple he for sure has a temper and has been known to take it out on her.
and c.cox and demi tripped me out, its obvious that botox makes you look a certain way and there is proof in that pic of the doublemint twins there.


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