Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Although I have no problems putting Amy Adams on top, today was just a matter of luck for her, and her initials.
Instead of Random European Dude as is normally the custom here, today is random Indian dude. In this case, Akshay Kumar.
See, Anna Tsuchiya is the kind of person you want to invite to a party. She brings enough for everyone, and unlike some people doesn't bring Bud Light.
Note to all video game companies. If you throw a party in Hollywood David Arquette will come. Courteney and her Christina lipstick will only come if Foo Fighters are also playing. They did and she did.

Emilie Hirsch was there also. Do you think he puts rollers in hair or you think that is just a natural thing?
Yes, more Courteney, but I thought it would be rude to crop her out and Lynda Carter didn't take any solo photos.
Now, I don't want to draw any conclusions and I am sure there is a very logical reason why Abbie Cornish decided to hang out at some video game party with Breckin Meyer and not take a free trip to London and be with Ryan Phillipe. So, no need to speculate. Unless you want to of course. Oh, and who is the smoker?
In the random photo of the day we have Barry Bonds and Zac Efron.
Any awards show in Latin America is always going to provide good photos. The MTV Latin America Awards are no exception. This almost made the top photo.

But then I would have felt bad about not putting The Dudesters on top.
This is just wrong on so many levels.
Still not funny. But Dane Cook is a good looking guy.
Dave Annable returns to the photos after a lengthy absence.
Jason Schwartzman, where have you been?

And Kirsten Dunst actually looks, dare I say it. Bright eyed. Well, the night was young.
I admit it. I love Johnny Knoxville.
Is that a tattoo on Heidi Klum's right arm? You may have to click the photo to get a good look.
The weekly George Clooney photo.

Ludacris and Rudy Huxtable. She probably hates that, but it is my blog so I don't care. She looks good though.

Lauren Conrad and Frankie Delgado. What can I say? I had space to fill.
Katy Perry - Guadalajara, Mexico
If you let Katie out of Tom's sight for a night she actually looks like the Katie Holmes of old. I mean, that actually looks like a real emotion and an attempt at a red carpet pose. I love it.

Paramore - Guadalajara, Mexico

So, this party was held at a private home. You had Johnny Knoxville, Orlando Bloom and Spike Jonze in the house at the same time. Umm, that is a good night.
Mia Farrow just because.
Metallica - Guadalajara, Mexico
Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel at the funeral of Guillaume Depardieu.
The forementioned Spike Jonze

and his current main squeeze.
Rita Wilson.
Have not had Rachel Nichols in here in a very long time. She became famous and turned her back on me. I don't hold a grudge though.
Patrick Wilson who apparently is the one bright spot in All My Sons.
Winona Ryder turned into Joan Baez with boots.

I love Victoria Principal. Her plastic surgeon? Not so much.
I really like this new look of Victoria Beckham. That is saying a lot because I don't like much about her.
Sarah McLachlan - Toronto
Stacy Keibler is back on the red carpet circuit.


Cheryl said...

I think Victoria Principal is married to a plastic surgeon so either she was pleased with his work or she gets it for free.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Carter looks AMAZING

Kiki looks good

Mia Farrow looks great, too

Anonymous said...

Lynda Carter should've been on our hottest ladies list.

Patrick Wilson, too. (on the hot men side).

Heidi has a tattoo of Seal's name. I only noticed it last week, Ent.

Dave Annable is a cutie. Dane Cook, again, looks good from far away.

ZEfron looks like a wax figure.

mooshki said...

At least Amy gets something good out of having "AA" for her initials - I'm sure it's given her plenty of grief. :) Gorgeous color on her.

Please continue with the Random Indian Dudes. As many as you can get.

What did Abbie do to get all the cutie-pies?

Are you trying to tell us something? This is the second time you've commented on Dane's good looks.

You're actually complimenting Katie when she's wearing that? I guess you've gotta take whatever you can get with her.

Damn, that's disappointing about Rachel Nichols. :(

mooshki said...

DN, Dane's a full-on Monet. "It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess." :)

Emobacca said...

Victoria Principal is divorced from said plastic surgeon

Melissa said...

That picture of Lauren Conrad and Frankie Delgado looks like it should be on that Hot Chicks with Douchebags site.

MontanaMarriott said...


I have seen Dane Cook close up and he has terrible skin like Cameron Diaz bab

Rudy Huxtable is stunning, I am so glad she did not turn out like other child stars

Monica, looking gorgeous even when solemn

Victoria Beckham has had several nosejobs, she used to have a nose wider than the grand canyon

Victoria Principle gets free work from her cosmetic surgeon hubby.

Carte Blanche said...

Jason S - is Enty telling us he's the actor who took 6 months off to dry up?

Or am I grasping at straws, um, words...

Maja With a J said...

"Paramore es una banda". Ha! Don't flatter yourself, lady.

Sinjin said...

Wait a damn minute......Spike Jonze
is WHITE? I always assumed he was black. I'm such a 'tard sometimes.

I prefer Randome European Dudes much more. Thank you, I'm done.

lutefisk said...

emobacca--if I was married to a plastic surgeon & he did that to me, I would divorce him also.
naturegirl--I was thinking the same about Jason S.

kimmypie1 said...

Lisa, maybe you are thinking of Spike Lee and not Spike Jonze?

As for Abbie Cornish, as much as I hate the fact that I am sticking up for that homewrecker, Breckin Meyer is Ryan Phillipe's BFF, so nothing shocking there.

Wil said...

Damn .. I know Sarah is a Mom .. but does she have to looks like one? And what is with that hair color?? I hope its just the lighting. She is ruining a perfectly good girl-crush!

Unknown said...

Abbie Cornish looks like the poor man's Kate Bosworth in that photo.

Keisha Knight-Pulliam aka Rudy Huxtable looks gorgeous!

Jason Swaztwhatshislastname is the thinking films cokehead??? Damn!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jungle007 said...

i dunno what it is... but that zac efron just creeps me out...

think it's those 'brows.

Dane Cook is a butterface. or a butt-his-face... imo anyways.

Ahh Kiki. Stay this amount of sober. Just, like, half-baked is a good look for you. Love ya girl. :)

Rudy!! Awesome. i thought she was a used-up has-been... is she in the new max payne movie?

LC's man looks like an uber-douche. gro-ti.

I still gots love 4 K.Holmes.
Lotta sympathy too, but still love her. don't know why. I just decided i loved her years ago, so to me, she can do no wrong.

besides marrying TC.

Jungle007 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jungle007 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cheryl said...

You wouldn't like VP if you really knew her. She went through a nasty divorce form Dr. Harry Glassman the nicest guy. She gives new meaning to batshit crazy!

Unknown said...

I love Orlando. He lays low and his 'doings' aren't reported every five minutes so any pic is a treat.

Isn't Matilda a sweetie? She's seems to be a very happy child and the smiley spittin' image of young Heath.

jax said...

ok El...we need to talk.

First let me say i LOVE Knoxville too.

Dane Cook though? TOTAL DATE RAPIST FACE! dude looks like he's about 30 seconds away from slipping GHB in my beer.
ok thats all.

The Cloon is losing muscle mass and bone density quicker than my Nana Jax. wtf dude?

CoCox NEVER stand next to a women who looks half your age but old enought to birth you.

Unknown said...

I want a daily Clooney photo, please.

deity2 said...

@ jax & jungle sentiments exactly!!!!!!!! like you were reading my mind! sorry....have A REALLY bad case of hiccups ight now.......later

AprilinParis said...

I've always thought that Posh Spice had a pretty face and so I especially like her short haircut because it shows off her face more.

And sad about Guillaume's tortured soul in general. I saw "Versailles" and told everyone that in spite of the drugs, the disability, the pain and suffering that he was still able to pull off the role which I thought was remarkable.

littleoleme said...

Dane Cook good looking???!!!!????

You need help. And fast.

stiffkittens said...

Dave Annable looks enough like the singer of We Are Scientists, that i completely would (enter knee rubbing here).

Kiki looks pretty. Must not have been an open bar.

Is Heidi Clum going through a mid-life crisis, or does she always dress like a french teenager?

Dear god George, WHY??? He looks like the tall one from 3 Men and a little Lady (also played Monica Gellars boyfriend).

Katey Perry needs to shut up with the fake lesbian thing already. It does not make you more desirable to men. Thats what your big tits are for.

Hate, hate, hate that 'outfit' Katebot made. So badly stitched, and completes the middle-aged housewife thing shes working with the hair and clashing makeup.

Nice to see Michelle Williams and daughter smile like that, but it would be better if they had some privacy. That girl looks like a complete 50/50 of her parents!

Posh is looking surprisingly good there - not so try hard. Looks happier too (upping the drugs?)

califblondy said...

I think there was a 911 call or charges of domestic abuse a few years back and after that it was splitsville for Victoria and her hunky plastic surgeon husband.

What in the hell is up with Rita Wilson? She used to always look so nice.

Katie's disco jumpsuit is really bad. The shoes were nice though. In the pix with Tom she's even taller than usual.

Lady J said...

the guy you are thinking about (the tall one from 3 men and a little lady and monica gellars boyfriend) is Tom Selleck from Magnum PI

Mother Campfire said...

Um, I love Emile and I'm not afraid to say it. I know he's, like, 12. I can watch Imnaginary Heroes over and over again and not get bored. Though I do want to slit my wrists after...

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

@michaela: I'll second the daily Clooney photo! In fact, Enty, just sprinkle them about the site randomly every day. But until he rids himself of the 'stache, go with classics from your archives, okay?

@aprilinparis: Posh thought it was a pretty face, too, when she picked it out of the dr.'s Look Book!

Yes, Zac's eyebrows are certainly odd, but you just know those little girls (Barry's?) are about to burst from the excitement of standing right next to him! I love it!

Them's some classy women Gene Simmons is hookin' up with there. Looks like the one on his right has had a peek at his teeny weeny, as she demonstrates the exact length and girth with her one finger. Poor Shannon...

Dane Cook is NOT a good looking guy. Not funny and a crappy actor. Why is he still around?

I think Katie looks darling in that outfit. Can't remember the last time I saw her dressed up without the Little Man attached to her side. And she's standing up tall, shoulders back! That must feel good for a change.

I'm glad to see that Michelle is the kind of mom who lets her kid run around in public in a princess costume if she wants to! Can you picture Suri ever doing that?

Rita Wilson looks like someone put her head on the wrong body.

watcher said...

Akshay Kumar is a huge Bollywood star. Big stars like him can have as many fans in India and around the world as there are people in the USA.

KellyLynn said...

I think once Katie Holmes can unentangle herself from Tom Cruise, she should have a fling with Guy Ritchie. They both seem ready to let their hair down, and I'm sure they'd have great conversations about controlling spouses who practice hokey religions.

And on another random note, George Clooney looks more and more like Cary Grant every day.

K said...

My darling Akshay in the photos! I love that guy, but who told him to do those horrible Levi ads? yuck.

Orlando is sooo pretty. I like him, he comes across as normal.

mooshki said...

"Katey Perry needs to shut up with the fake lesbian thing already. It does not make you more desirable to men. Thats what your big tits are for."

LOL, Kitty!

Watcher - probably more fans than there are Americans. :)

shakey said...

Ent, I like how you add some international flavours to our eye candy.

Bad dress for Rita, but like how she looks more her age and more beautiful than Courtney Cox. She looks more and more like a crack whore.

slappywhyte said...

1. not a good look for courtney cox
2. zac efron looks like a freak
3. stacy keibler is so hot, even from back in the WWF/WWE days

4. Sarah McLachlan's sad dog/cat commercial makes just about every woman I know cry ... i was just thinking about writing aboot that

slappy whyte

Mama Jugs said...

Wasn't there one f-ing Latin artist at the MTV LATIN Video Awards... jeez. How disappointing.


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