Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Didn't Taste Like Chicken

Ever eaten a bat? Me either. But I would have bet that anyone who did would have said it tasted like chicken. I would have been wrong. The only person I know of who openly talks about eating a bat is Ozzy Osbourne. In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine he described his famous bat eating incident, and remarkably said it didn't taste like chicken.

Want to know what it tasted like? McDonalds. Oh yeah. I'm sure the people at McDonalds must be loving this. I can just see their new ad campaign. Ozzy and Ronald McDonald getting together with some super size fries and bat burgers. It is bad enough that McDonalds taste like crap anyway, but now we know why. The stuff tastes like bat. No need to risk rabies or anything like that to get your bat fix. Nope. Just head on over to McDonalds. I don't think it is a coincidence they are giving out Batman toys in their Happy Meals. Nope, they must have known.

I also didn't see Ozzy as a purveyor of McDonalds. Can you imagine the conversation that would take place between Ozzy and the cashier at the drive thru window? It must take like 30 minutes.


Maja With a J said...

*LOL @ Bat Burgers*

shelly_bean said...

hee hee I'm cracking up picturing the drive-thru window interaction. 30 minutes at least!

mooshki said...

Finally, an explanation of the "mystery meat!"

Hey, remember that great ep of Buffy when she finds out the big secret of Doublemeat Palace is that their mystery ingredient is vegetables? I miss Buffy so much. If she's desperate enough to head back to tv, why can't we get a freakin' movie?!

Sinjin said...

Do you guys know that tubby, bald guy on the cable show who'll anything and usually like it, Andrew Zimmer (Bizzare Foods); well he recently tasted fruit bat and said it tasted like BACON. I'll take his word for it.

bionic bunny! said...

lisa, i missed the bat episode. he annoys me. he just seems rude to me, and has no proper table manners.
give me tony bourdain, ANY day (please?)!

and i've heard a million times that the ozzie/bat thing never actually happened, even though i was a kid around the time it supposedly did.
which is it???

Jocasta said...

@bionic bunny!:

From Wikipedia and Ozzy's own mouth.
He gained further notoriety on Jan. 20, 1982, when he bit the head off a bat he thought was rubber while performing at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium (Des Moines) in Des Moines, Iowa. Rolling Stone magazine in 2004 ranked this incident number two on its list of "Rock's Wildest Myths."[26] While the Rolling Stone article stated the bat was alive, the person who threw it onto the stage said it was brought to the show dead.[27]


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