Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bobby Brown Is Scarface

Thankfully they are not remaking Scarface. I'm also especially thankful they are not remaking it with Bobby Brown. It probably would be funny, but lose much of its edge. I would keep waiting for Whitney Houston to come in and ask Bobby to help her wipe after she goes to the bathroom. If you didn't see their show you won't get that reference. That's ok. Just close your eyes and imagine her saying it. I'm actually saving you the pain of hearing her say it because she and Bobby went into much, much more detail about what that process actually involves.

Bobby gave an interview to They actually do seem to care about musicians even though they don't play music anymore. It's nice because Bobby really doesn't have anyplace else to give an interview to. Bobby says that at the height of his fame he thought he was Scarface. He had a big desk just like in the film and kept a huge pile of coke on it at all times. Now I'm getting the picture where all that child support money went.

Anyway, Bobby said, "Every time I walked past my desk, I'd make a line of coke from one end to the other. I'd take a straw and snort a line the same way Scarface did it in the movie. You couldn't tell me nothing. I felt like I was Tony Montana! The world was mine! I never had to look for coke; I kept it plentiful. There was times when I went on my binges and would lock myself up in a room for days at a time just getting high."

That sounds like fun doesn't it? Being locked in a room with Bobby Brown for a few days while he snorts up an entire desk worth of coke. You don't find that kind of fun at Disneyland do you? Ahhh. Good times.


*girl said...

But come on, they already have a name for that ride at Disneyland: Snow White's Scary Adventures.

MontanaMarriott said...

That's BLACK LOVE Y'ALL lololol
I got your reference Enty, lol

Wow, it always boggles my mind when I hear about the amount of coke these celebrities consume and don't die of heart attacks, they must really get good shit then lol

califblondy said...

I miss their show. Although the doody conversation put the T in TMI.

The Real Housewives of whatthehellevertown can't compare with the Brown-Houston trainwreck. Sure, he's had his problems, but he came across as the better person, IMO.

It's my perogative...

Anonymous said...

I can't stand this loser.

Unknown said...

And to think that Whitney Houston fell in love with him a the height of his fame.

I guess this is the kind of man that women think is attractive and make for good fathers and husbands.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Whitney probably fell for him "at the height of his fame" when she saw the mountain of coke on his desk and decided to go skiing.
Just my opinion.
Once upon a time, I thought Whitney was one of the greatest voices of my generation. I certainly don't think so now.

bionic bunny! said...

he is one ugly mofo. never understood what whitney or anybody) saw in him.

Himmmm said...

I just LOVE how all these losers/wannabes WORSHIP that crappy movie. As if a glowing endorsement from Bobby wasn't enough to prove my point?
If you're a 14 y.o. ghetto kid (or suburban spoiled white kid), who thinks idiots like Lil Wayne are your hero? I can see how you'd like it.
I dare any adult over age 25 (who may have an IQ above 100) to watch that movie today and not laugh at how pathetic and cheesy it is. Bad acting, bad writing, and bad direction.
And yet all these same kids who worship rap music, bling, cribs, etc...all think Tony Montana is sooo cool! (Of course they think JR Rotem and Max Martin are equal to Brian Wilson & John Lennon).

Well, guess what kiddies? It's a movie. And a horrible one at that. The only halfway decent flick DePalma ever made was BODY DOUBLE. He's a no-talent hack who makes Brett Ratner look like C.B. DeMille! I hope these same kids worship Bobby Brown and turn out exactly like him (a drain on society of whom their most worthy parts were left crusted on their parents' sheets!). Okay, sermon over. Just had to vent. We now return you to:
"AFI Lifetime Achievement Special Honoring the Wilson Brothers: A Decade of Banality", hosted by McG and Steve Guttenberg only on Oxygen.

abigail7881 said...

I'm 27, and I think my IQ is around 130, but who in the hell is JR Rotem and Max Martin? Never heard of them, but at the same time, don't listen to Lil Wayne (is there a Big Wayne?), and have NEVER used the words bling, cribs in a non-sarcastic sentence (unless I'm talking about an actual crib for babies).

bionic bunny! said...

what abigail said. and my oldest kid is her age!

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