Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Yeah, yeah, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got the top spot. But, it isn't really for the reasons you think. I put them on top because I really like how when Brad or Angelina has a premiere to attend they actually get dressed up and expect everyone else who attends to dress up as well. As you scour the internet today looking for photos of the premiere, look at how everyone dressed up. Yes, there are exceptions, but Kung Fu Panda is a cartoon so I'm not sure that counts.
But, to make sure you know that I'm not playing favorites, here is Jennifer Aniston. I'm not even going to make a dog joke. I am worried though that in every city that she or Owen does press in though, that some puppy is going to be brought out to symbolize Marley.
This is an all new girl group from Australia. They don't even have a name yet from what I understand, yet there was a huge party in Sydney for them last night. Umm. Why? Does this world really need another boy/girl group of people thrown together? Whatever happened to a bunch of people getting together because they liked music. Then they struggle for a few years, change band members, almost kill themselves on drugs, do a Behind The Music and then do Celebrity Rehab. That is the way a band needs to be. I'm not even sure any of these four know the name of the others in the group.
You know I love Cate Blanchett, but could someone please explain the tights or leggings under the dress. Why is this necessary?
Did Tilda Swinton do it also?
I have to say that Chris Noth has looked better.
The picture that made me smile the most today. Ellen and Britney Spears went Christmas caroling here in LA.
I don't think Eddie Kaye Thomas has aged a day in like ten years.
I promised that today I would not say anything bad about Eva Longoria. But there is always tomorrow.
I didn't even recognize Emma Roberts at first. Did anyone see the Entourage episode with Eric Roberts and the gang doing mushrooms at Joshua Tree? Priceless.
It wasn't that many years ago that Fisher Stevens was in every magazine. He has a chance again by being on Lost.
Is it just me or does Heather Graham look like she gets work done every week? This week looks like a breast augmentation.
Lets see. Jim Carrey is wearing the US and UK flags, and the top flag is either a Somali pirate flag or the logo from Jackass, I can;t remember.
For some reason I just really like Jennifer Connelly as an actress. Sure, I know she isn't the friendliest of people. Actually, I'm not even sure if she has ever been called friendly, but I like her as an actress.
Judah Friedlander is one of the reasons you should watch 30 Rock if you have never done so. When he was "gay for the coffee boy", that was amazing.
Jennifer Lopez alone in LA. Interesting.
This extra photo was just in case you were wondering where her usual red carpet, I can barely see pose was.
Jeremy Piven looks really good. I'm thinking new hair plugs.
Jerry Seinfeld - New York
Lindsay Lohan just keeps losing weight. Would anyone like to take a guess why?
Great. Miley Cyrus is going to be driving now.
Michael Phelps at the signing of his new book. No Limits. How to Succeed or something like that. He probably didn't even read it.
I honestly thought when I first saw it that Tila Tequila's new book was called Hooking With Tila Tequila. I thought that is something I would want to read. Then I realized it was Hooking Up With Tila Tequila and realized I wanted no part of that. The guy up above might though. I heard he is looking for someone classy to bring home for Christmas after that whole Thanksgiving episode. Tila would probably fit the bill nicely.
When nude photos of you get splashed all over the internet earlier in the day, I think the natural reaction is to do what Marisa Tomei did here and what is to show no skin at all.
I would be smiling as well if some Russian nightclub would pay me six figures to come say hi.
So, this guy is Odiseo Bichir. I've never heard of him either. The only reason I posted his photo is that he kind of looks like Jason Bateman with ten pounds and a fake mustache.
Yeah, I don't even want to know what they are doing in their free time.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
Tom Cruise was in Toronto yesterday. He apparently didn't like the way these guys danced, so he did an Elaine.

The Music - Manchester
The Subways - Manchester
Wilmer was doing some good work at the USO in New York this morning. The character's name is Handy Manny. Well in my haste I thought it said Handy Mandy and I thought referencing Wilmer's ex was in kind of poor taste. Glad I caught it.
I'm a huge fan of The Zooey. I mean I gave her the nickname The Zooey, but I don't think she looks that great here. Opinions? Maybe it is just the hair.


Linnea said...

i actually like the zooey too, ever since almost famous... but then i saw the hitch hikers guide to the universe and she was just terrible! it was... oh wow. maybe it was just me, maybe i loved the book too much, i dont know.

Linnea said...
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Anonymous said...

Oohh.. the gifanimator will be doing a workout on the Tom Cruise photos... stay tuned. :) And he's looking much more like John Barrowman (Torchwood) in these photos than he has in recent memory.

Reader #2 (left) looks like a college friend of mine. You wouldn't happen to be in Chicago would you?

twilight must get its name from the pot haze that surrounded that set. :)

Fisher Stevens is kind of a self-absorbed ass apparently (was it gawker or Salon that went on a date with him?)

Why is Jeremy Piven attractive? I can't explain why I'd rip my pants off for him.

d said...

Did anyone catch the shot of Michael Phelps in stadium suite on Monday night football? Drunk off his ass, could hardly keep his eyes focused.

Didn't have his girlfriend with him, that I could see.

mooshki said...

Ellen should adopt Britney.

...the top flag is either a Somali pirate flag or the logo from Jackass...

You know how I love me some hair plugs, Enty.

Please tell me you just put Seinfeld's pic in because he's the answer to that blind.

Cute reader pics!!!

Watching Tom Cruise dance is as good as hearing Britney Spears's real voice.

I think Zooey stumbled into some bad lighting.

Paisley said...

I saw Fisher Stevens at LAX in July. Tiny man. I wouldn't have recognized him without the "Fisher Stevens Project" binder in his hand (outward facing of course). That's one way to get noticed. :-)

Cheryl said...

I like the Zooey. I think she's cute but I don't know if she will be able to pull off cute 15 years from now. She might do a Diane Keaton-like evolution into middle age which would be cool.

lutefisk said...

What happy looking readers--you must have just read some reveals.
I don't see a ring on JLo's hand--not sure what that means.

B626 said...

Jennifer Connelly is just as scary skinny as La Lohan
PLUS she's gone way too far with the nose removal.
Check out 'Career Opportunities' for the more au natural J.C.

Zooy deserves better than a sidekick role in a Jim Carrey flick. Previews look like she's some kind of love interest in it. Ya gotta be kidding me.Even her and Mr. Farrell were way more believable a couple in Elf, and that was a stretch!

Majik8bong said...

Egad!! Look at the size of Tom's shoes!!

Just how short is he that he needs shoes of ginormous size to hide the lifts?

They're almost....clown big.

MontanaMarriott said...

Love AJ and BP when they dress up, they epitomize old Hollywood Glamour, which is sooo lacking these days

Cate/Tilda cousins??

Did Britney bring a track with her when she caroled?? I know she had to have lipsynched

Jim Carrey has sooo much bronzer on he looks Latino or Mediterannean

And here we have JLo and her signature mouth slightly open with a aquint look, Awwww somethings never change

I remember when Jeremy Piven was the cute fat boy on Ellen, the good ole days

With all the drugs in LL's body, why isn't she dead yet???

Odiseo looks like Kevin Kline for a second lol

Tom Cruise has nooo rhythm, he proved it to me at the Tina Turner concert in NYC, boy was he stiff.

Wilmer is a cutie but after all the infected chicks he dated, I'll pass

Anonymous said...

Here we go.... Tom Cruise, in motion.


Majik8bong said...

Upon further examination (it's like a car wreck, I can't stop looking...they are SOUSes....shoes of unusual size) it seems as if wee Tommy is actually wearing heels, cleverly disguised as "larger than average so you know what that means nudge nudge wink wink" shoes.

jax said...

if it doesn't have maniacal laughing its just not Tom.

hmm Jlo without the ring huh?
and her classic 'who farted?' face.

Molly said...

of all the celebs out there i think i love ellen the most. so real and down to earth and nutty.

some nice reveals today.

Jennifer Lopez alone in LA. Interesting.


and yes, we know why lohan is losing weight....

i think zooey looks fabulous.

mooshki said...

Thanks for the nightmares, DN.

Unknown said...

Britney seriously needs to go away.

Lindsay = smoking crystal meth, right?

Ice Angel said...

The Zooey always looks great...she is my official girl crush!

Linnea said...

DN, i like how it looks almost as if he is of trying to do the "single guy smacking somebody's booty on the dancefloor move..."

CDAN Mod said...

i want brit brit to go away too.

noel said...

Ent- I could be wrong but that photo of the group from oz is the Young Divas I believe. It is a bad photo but I am pretty sure...

Look on youtube- they were all on Aussie Idol (I don't even watch the show) and they joined forces to do cover songs mainly plus one or two originals (I think?).

Anyway; look it up...

Maja With a J said...

DNfromMN - thanks for that Dancing Tom...*L* awesome! Oh and re: Jeremy Piven, I believe you and I agreed one day that the reason why we find him strangely attractive is because he seems like he might be really dirty. As in "a perv". The things he'd ask you to do in bed...you'd just never know!
Friendly or not, Jennifer Connelly is going to have to eat something soon.

Pistacho IceCream said...

lohan's losing cause sam's naturally thinner than her and she cant stand being a lil thicker?

Pistacho IceCream said...


lachickforever said...

Ugh Michael Phelps is soooooo hard on the eyes!!! Poor thing.

Why is Britney wearing those stupid sunglasses with her caroling outfit?

maggiemei said...

Ent- Cate Blanchett isn't wearing leggings. I saw a pic from another angle, and it is actually an underskirt thingy that runs under the entire garment. You can see it at the bustline too. Which doesn't make it any less ghastly and unfortunate, cause i like the spirit of the rest of the dress.

DN- There is only one reason the Piv is so hot- intensity.

califblondy said...

I loved Jeremy on the old Ellen show. I just saw him (bald) on a Seinfeld rerun when he tried out for the part of George on the series George and Jerry pitched to NBC.

The girl band - check out the blonde looking at the other girls like she doesn't know what's going on.

J.Lo's expression has got to go. I know that's her I'm too sexy look, but I've got news for her. What's with the comments about her not wearing her ring? Are she and Ben getting back together? Wouldn't that be funny? Jen Garner could take Jennifer Aniston's place as the poster child for the I've been dumped club. It must be the name.

I love the old Hollywood glamour of Brad and Angelina too.

MISCH said...

WOW...J.Lo has had a bit of work done..........yikes.....

Anonymous said...

LOVE Zooey.

selenakyle said...

JUST got home from seeing Quantum of Solace in a --yes -- theater!

A little late, but got some Fandango bucks as a gift LAST Christmas and wanted to use 'em up, so dragged hubby out to see a flick.

We were the only people there...and the heat was broken! So it was chilly and loud and it'll be another 3-4 years before I get him out to another theater...

But it was GREAT! God, I love Daniel Craig as Bond. Although I'm a chick, I still want to BE Bond. Always have.

And, Lainey called Lilo "Miss Crank" today.

adore said...

yes, I am going there...thanks for the twilight pictures. I have come to terms and am going to embrace my guilty pleasure :0)

Char said...

Does that comment confirm Lindsay Lohan = Morgan Mayhem from the Ted Casablancas blind on Friday? (not that any more confirmation was needed after all his MM blinds... clearly LL).

Another note about blind items.. I see a lot of comments from gossip bloggers about "what is Kristen Stewart smoking/effed up on.. etc", and now this one with Robert Pattinson in the pic... has that cast ever been in any drug use blind items or is everyone just guessing from how out of it they look all the time?

Stacy said...

I'm going to hate myself for saying this, but Tom looks really good in those jeans.

Geebz said...

I actually agree with you Stacy. He does look good in those jeans. The outfit is fetching.

hotchacha said...

Tom Cruise does nothing to give me anything close to the screaming thigh sweats, but after meeting him on Monday I completely understand how so many people succumb to the mind control. I get why it works.

And yes, he looked really good in the jeans. His hair was better than in these shots.

As for Miley, what's your wager on how long it will take for her to have her first Hollywood mugshot?

Daniel Skinner said...

If anyone knows who made Jim Carrey's scarf please email me at daniel.skinner@gmail.com...


Bad Ass Momma said...

I loved that Entourage, you are absolutely right, it was priceless.
The Elaine rocks

Molly said...

danimaul, barney's used to sell it but it looks like they're out. i'm giving you the link to the cached page so you can get more information and maybe find it elsewhere.

and at $215.00, i'm not sure you'll still want it.


dreadpiratecuervo said...

I know Tom Cruise is a crazy alien worshipper, but his dancing in Tropic Thunder was HYSTERICAL. I didn't want to like it, but he was truly funny.

mooshki said...

"Although I'm a chick, I still want to BE Bond. Always have."

Me too! I remember when I was about 12, my dad asked me why I liked Bond films so much when the women in them were so awful. I'm like "I don't want to be a woman in a Bond film, I want to be Bond!!! :)

Char, TMZ had video of her smoking a bong on her front doorstep. It's not speculation anymore. :)

Unknown said...

And to think that Fisher Stevens used to be Michelle Pfiefer's boyfriend.

Jennifer Connelly had a lush, full body in The Rocketeer that men went crazy for. Then she lost all that weight and is now scrawny.

What happened to her -- drugs or anorexia or both???


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