Thursday, December 11, 2008

Please Give Us Money

It is bad enough in my opinion when parents try and sell photos of their baby to try and profit off the photos, but to actually go out and try and sell photos to every tabloid and news magazine in the world makes it so much worse. According to the NY Post, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson (read Joe Simpson) have been calling every possible outlet and no one wants to buy photos of their baby. No one? Wow. You would think some magazine would give them $20,000 or something just for giggles. I'm guessing though that they wouldn't really consider $20,000 an offer. Joe probably thinks the photos are worth $1M or something ridiculous like that.

The reason none of the magazines want the photos is that Ashlee and Pete don't sell well on covers. Sucks to be them huh? Do you really need more money? Do you really need to exploit your kid just so Joe can get a new car for the holidays? I'm not really for selling photos of your kids at all, but I can see the argument made by Brad and Angelina when they give it all to charity. At least they are helping thousands and thousands of other kids with their donation.

What are Pete and Ashlee going to do with the money? Instead of buying regular baby blankets, they will get the baby Chanel blankets? It's ridiculous. I'm sure that either their price will go down or they will just give the photos to People and get an exclusive interview inside or something about how being parents has brought them closer together and strengthened their love.


jax said...

omg why would these two emo twats think anyone cares about them or the damn baby? lol..i'm going to howl when tony and jessica get offered tons for theirs one day. at
least one of them is relevant.
people who buy tabloids dont give a shit about Wentz and his fug bride.

Anonymous said...


Can't stand Ashlee and that idiot of a so-call husband of hers. Sometimes I wonder about him.

twunty mcslore said...

That poor child is doomed, DOOMED, I say! How sucky to have two douchebag parents? And that stupid name. No one takes them seriously and they aren't even remotely entertaining in their vapidity.

canadachick said...

Sorry who are we talking about - BORING

GladysKravitz said...

What magazine wants to put "First Pictures of Bronx Mowgli" on the cover? And to have Papa Joe as Grandpa. Poor kid.

lutefisk said...

C'mon guys--they need to set up a plastic surgery fund for this kid.
What if he has Pete's big head & Ashlee's original nose & chin?? *shudder*

Baited Breath said...

what proof do you have that Brangelina really gives that money to charity, or that it has even been distributed...there is a rumor that they put it in their foundation where it sits acruing interest and tax loop holes and then is pulled back out so they can buy houses, cars, motorbikes, planes, etc etc etc

jax said...

baited when most people choose to give their fee to charity,it goes straight to the charity of choice to avoid transfer taxes from what i've heard.

i highly doubt Brad n Ange need to rip off charities to pay for their lifestyle. i'm sure whatever is lying loose in the private jet cushions would more than cover it.

Wack said...

i hope the baby gets ashlee's old nose and then questions where it came from.

Wack said...

btw i would so make fun of that lame ass name if he went to my hs.

Jerry said...

Bronx Mowgli, I'd like you to meet Pilot Inspektor.

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