Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Danny Glover gets the top spot today. A great actor someone who really does not get the credit he deserves for his acting talent.

Avril Lavigne just fired her manager. She doesn't look that thrilled to be out either.
Definitely random. Amaury Nolasco and I love how Amaury is trying to hide the drink.
After the Dubai Film Festival it looks as if Ben and Casey Affleck are going to start remaking The Blues Brothers.
It has been a long time since Beth Ditto was in the photos. She looks great and I love the hair color.
I'm actually going to say that Bai Ling looks pretty. She's wearing clothes and she doesn't have those message covered Band-Aids all over her body.
One of my favorite photos of the day. It's tough to be that dressed up and in that good of a mood at 5am, but Rainn Wilson and Brooke Shields seem to be making the best of it.
I don't usually post ads, but Ellen looks nice here, so what the hell.
Ignorant guy question of the day. Does Goldie Hawn wear wigs?
Jessica Alba and Baron Davis. I wonder how that company Baron and Cash is doing?
Jennifer Aniston looks great here, but her face has been airbrushed so much that she looks like she is about 20 instead of 40.
Jason Mraz - Oslo
Last week was Harry Hamlin and this week another LA Law alum. Jimmy Smits along with Wanda De Jesus.
I'm not normally a fan of Kylie Minogue, but honestly what she did here for this fan was really great. That is what its all about. Of course she probably still made the girl pay full price for a bottle of perfume.

So, yes, I know I got Adam Sandler's shirt designer wrong yesterday, so to make up for it I am putting him in here again today. For future reference though I don't think Adam should pose next to someone as attractive as Keri Russell.
The dress is a mess and very see through. And, she can't even blame it on drinking which would have been a good excuse. I know there must be a point to dresses like this, but I really don't know what it is.
Paula was running late for her Revolutionary War reenactment group so she wore her uniform on David Letterman.
Trying to make himself relevant again, Russell Brand.
Does Rihanna not like some of her fingers because some of them have frowns. Specifically the ones in which you would use to gesture an obscenity.
Robyn - Oslo
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2. She would like me to point out that the crocodile is most assuredly alive and not stuffed. Better you than me.
I'm trying to remember if I have ever seen Rob Schneider in a suit.
The one and only Sheila E.
So, Taylor Hanson and his wife had their 43rd kid. I know it's an exaggeration, but I can't keep up with the family and figure the three brothers will get there eventually. Taylor and his wife did a very smart thing. They named their son Viggo. So now if you mess with the name, then Viggo is going to be upset. Nice strategy.
So, I want everyone to notice that Tori Spelling decided not to wear her ring last night. Very, very interesting.
Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron leaving a home decorating store.


captivagrl said...

did i read recently that Avril is expecting?

Wilder said...

Is there a blind regarding Tori?

MontanaMarriott said...

Yayyyyy Reader's Pics, LOVE EM!

Danny Glover rocks! what a genuinely nice guy.

Amaury is soooo cute, love them Latin boys, but I wonder if he is a friend of Ellen's?

Who is Beth Ditto?

My gawd, Goldie Hawn must be a fembot or she has the best doctor in the biz because she has looked that same way since Private Benjamin.

Jimmy & Wanda have been together forever and never married, if it works, it works.

I love when Stars do like Kylie and show their fans some love.

Adam Sandler looks huge in that pic

Sheila E. ROCKS!

Love Tori, even if she looks mannish lol

kimmypie1 said...

I think Rhianna's nail art is pretty clever. Tacky, but clever.

Molly said...

is adam sandler gaining weight and wasn't there a blind item about that?

love the reader pics - #2, you have some cajones, girl!

ECFan said...

This is completely OT - but...

I just read on another site that Kate Walsh is getting a divorced after only 15 months of marriage.

Didn't Enty have a BI a while back about a lesbian tv actress who's hired hubby wanted more money and that she wasn't doing a very good job anymore of keeping her lesbian liaisons on the QT?

maggiemei said...

Bai Ling's message band-aids are always on her shins, so they could still be there!

And I might go to hell for this- but when did Taylor Hanson get hot? I know he was always the cute brother, but isn't he looking more masculine? What is it?

maggiemei said...

oh, and I love Beth Ditto- her band The Gossip is awesome.

sassafrass said...

So is Goldie the answer to the BI about the bald actress?

Love Sheila E

Anonymous said...

I was trying to figure out why Beth Ditto kinda freaked me out... where are her eyebrows?!

Ever since Ent posted the link to Bai's blog, I've kind of found her to be a little endearing. Nutty and with poor English, but sweet.

Aniston's pose looks so awkward and uncomfortable.

Reader 2 is far braver than I. And is your tattoo a hiking stickman?

I hope Tori's husband cheated on her with his first wife.

Unknown said...

I just have to say that Jennifer Anniston's boobs are fake; she obviously did have a boob job after denying it some time ago, blaming it on weight gain.

If you remember in pictures past, her boobs are actually small and pointy and not full as if she's ready to breastfeed twins.

Natural breasts have a slope; they don't ride high, especially if you're 40. Even if you haven't had kids.

Unknown said...

I know I'm belaboring the point on Aniston, but go to and you can see how tiny they used to be 10 years ago.

I guess I find it ridiculous when these stars deny that anything has been done when it's so obvious. I know it's their business, but they put that business right out there in front of all to see -- on the cover of GQ!

kris said...

Nice Gator Girl!!!! :)

Unknown said...


more evidence.

palealebrew10 said...

ecfan-I just spotted that, too. She's probably the answer to that BI.

I love Danny Glover.

Keri Russell is shrinking. Brooke Shields looks like she's put on a few holiday lbs. Jennifer Aniston looks SLAMMIN. What a rack! I swear I'm straight. I wonder what Brad thinks when he sees these kinds of photos of Jen-just wondering.

Linnea said...

honestly, i wouldnt think about those photos at all if i were brad. it is very obvious she has had some work done (thanks for providing us with the photo evidence, grace) and honestly she looks uncomfortable, and completely fake. As if the parts of her that are actually real have been retouched so heavily that they cant claim to be authentic either.

blog hopper said...

I usually like Jen Aniston, but her face looks funny in that picture. Something's off...

Abaddon said...

He he. No. The tattoo is an Egyptian hieroglyph of Ra. But I like the hiking stickman idea.

Anonymous said...

Danny Glover is a good actor and funny.

Avril - can't stand the brat.

Ben Affleck - Yuck

Bai Ling for once she looks cute and decent.

Brook Shields - Seems like a phony every since she had that so call fight with Gay Cruise regarding taking medication for Depression. All it took to make up is get an invite for the wedding and all is forgotten.

Alba - I am not Latina hahaha

Aniston - Can't stand her she is such a bad actress. How many flops has she had so far. Her face looks weird doesn't even look like her and that body has to have been airbrushed. Regarding her boobs, I thought they weren't real either, I was pretty sure she was flat.

Jimmy Smit played such a good character in Dexter.

Russell Brand - No words for him.

Reader #1 you look like a very sweet person.

Reader #2 - You are a brave woman.

Tori Spelling - White for sure is not her color. And if not wearing a ring means what I think it means (pay back is a bitch, Bitch) lol.

Zac - Can't stand that little gay guy.

jax said...

ok am i the only one who sees that as so fucking desperate to be naked all up in GQ?
it's not fricken Maxim or playboy!
miss holier than thou, quite a surprise.

oh and grace, you are so right,first thing i thought "that lying bitch had her tits done or and incredible photoshop job"

Wack said...

plaula is wearing the alexander mcqueen leggings.
i was obsessed with those all summer.
now they are ruineddd.

Brenda22 said...

I don't know anything about her music, but I don't understand how anyone can possibly say Beth Ditto looks great. I'm all for curves but being that big cannot possibly be healthy.

d said...

Keri Russell doesn't look great, she looks like she needs a sandwich. Ugh.

jw12 said...

Grace- If she was BF twins her boobs would be sagging and full.

Amaury Nolasco is HOT!!

Jimmmy Smits was awesome on Dexter. I don't think Dexter can get any better.

sassafrass said...

Dang Ditto looks like Little Orphan Annie with a bad haircut and swallered Daddy Warbucks.

stiffkittens said...

You can actually see the outline of the titty bags Maniston had put in. I think she's had 2 boob ops - first one made them bigger, second was either an augmentation or to go up a size or two (remember all the hooha about her having a huge bust at some award show - she blamed weight gain...)

She's also one of the celebs that has their nipples injected so they're always erect. Google pap (photo-op) shots of her.
Jolie looks like she's had quite a bit of work done too (both early in her career, and recently - dear god what has she done to her face?) It's a shame because she was really beautiful in Hackers.

I wish people would grow old gracefully (compare Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and Meryl Streep to pretty much any of these plastic celebs. No contest!)

califblondy said...

Amaury stole my pose.

I think the picture of Jen is so strange. I didn't even check out the boobs because I couldn't get past the weird face.

That is a flattering picture of Goldie. She looks like she's wear a wig in that picture.

lutefisk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lutefisk said...

Jennifer Aniston should put on some clothes--no one wants to see her naked anymore.

Diana said...

Agree on Aniston - her face is just strange - all jaw, among other things. Obsessed with herself IMHO. Cannot keep a bf/ husband because it is ALL about her. Her only claims to fame at this point is that her bff is CC and her ex is BP.

Idontwantaf*ckingblog said...

What's with the Russell Brand digs lately? I don't get it. He's just getting started over here and has lined up quite a bit of work. So the VMA's weren't a huge hit - when have they ever been?

Green Wave Gal said...

The day my photo gets in, I have to compete with a croc?!? :)

I'm Reader #1. I thought it was appropriate to send in a pic of me in a dress (In Buenos Aires) since I NEVER wear dresses!

One of my friends e-mailed me to say she saw me on CDAN! I was away from my office today so I didn't see it until now.

SmokeYourselfThin said...

Awesome, Jimmy Smits! He is the NICEST guy ever, and so is his partner. I met them here in VA when they came down to his daughter (who is a friend of mine and a sweet girl...not spoiled or snotty at ALL), and they were both just so down-to-Earth and cool. We had a beer with them, it was totally normal. So now that I know what a cool guy he is, I'm one of his biggest fans! Anything he does, I watch, and if he's in movies, I actually PAY to see them (which I never do). And the funny thing is, I hate like 99.9% of celebs, but Jimmy Smits is a total exception. LOL, just had to share that!

SmokeYourselfThin said...

Um, that should be "came down to SEE his daughter". Damn typos!

lutefisk said...

Green Wave Gal--now we can spot you on TV!!
I love the reader photos.

laesmralda said...

love love love Jason Mraz!

ItsJustMe said...

I wanna know the dirt on Tori!!!!!!!!! Spill it, Ent!!!!

Deepa said...

i feel so awful for jennifer aniston. anyone who is willing to pose naked as often as she does and welcome with so much gaussian blur on her boobs for a little attention is truly a sad, sad case.

Molly said...

greenwave, so cute! now we know who we're looking for on the telly.

who is #2 with the croc?

Green Wave Gal said...

Thanks everyone! Now you'll be able to recognize me on TV (my name is Ellen by they way-not sure if I mentioned that).

I think I was having a good hair day that day! I was in Argentina-how bad could it be!?! :)

Thanks Enty for posting my pic!

jw12 said...

We have the hottest readers!!!

Thanks for sharing GWG.

Molly said...

ellen, you did mention your name in another thread but i couldn't remember it. i will now!

Abaddon said...

I am with the croc. Everyday reader. Post very rarely.

Molly said...

abaddon, you're cute AND ballsy - post more, please!!!!

Abaddon said...

Ha ha. Thanks. I'll try. You think holding a croc is bad. The same day I got a snake put on my head and another snake tied around my neck. Fun times.

Molly said...

geeze, i'm feeling faint just reading about that. yeah, you definitely need to post more. you're brave!

Abaddon said...

Ha ha Molly. I didn't put them there myself. So, not so brave. But at least I got some cool pictures of me making funny faces while having snakes crawling on me to show my future kids.

hunter said...

no, I believe that is Goldie's real hair. If it was a wig it would look in better condition. When you are middle-aged++ sometimes your hair gets a little funny like that.

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