Monday, December 08, 2008

Have To Pay Those Water Bills

Well we finally are starting to learn a little more about why Jodie Sweetin left her charming husband. When I say the word charming, I mean charming as in I thought I was going to be a gold digger, but turns out 80's child stars are not worth as much as I thought charming.

According to divorce papers filed by Jodie, she left her husband because he wouldn't get a job. Apparently they were living off her residuals from Full House and whatever gigs he could talk her into going to and hosting for cash. Forget the baby. Get out there and earn me some cash.

During the brief period they were married, they had their water shut off twice. Do you know how late you have to be to get your water cut off? They only have like one guy in every water department who does that and he has to drive out to your house. It isn't done by hitting a computer switch like with your cell phone or cable. And to get it turned off twice? I mean how big could the bill have been? In addition to the failing to pay their water bill, their house is also in foreclosure. I'm guessing that Jodie's husband didn't contribute much to that down payment. Hell, I am willing to bet that whatever the down payment was, he hadn't earned that much the past few years combined.

Her husband for his part says he still doesn't know why Jodie left and that he didn't get a job because he was the stay at home dad because of Jodie's busy schedule. Hey pal. Here is some news for you. Obviously whatever she was doing was not enough to keep you in the lifestyle in which you got accustomed. Perhaps instead of borrowing money from her parents you should have begged them on hands and knees to pay for some day care while you went out and got a job. It is nice and all to be able to say home and take care of your kid, but at the same time I think that running water in the house takes a higher priority. You had a job before you got married. I don't understand why you quit. Provide for your child. Take care of them. That should be your first priority and you weren't doing it. If it were me, I would have hated putting my kid in day care, but you have to earn money so your child has a place to live and to be safe.

I hate guys like this. He currently is living in the home until the bank sells it. I bet you he is still not working. Not while he has a place to stay for free.


lutefisk said...

If he was smarter he would have tried attaching himself to an Olsen--they have millions & probably constant running water.

bmini said...

lol...who are you, lutefisk????

lutefisk said...

I am only lutefisk for a short period of time--then I will be back as Not a Famous Adrian--blame it on Mischa Barton.

califblondy said...

You may hate guys like him, Ent, but stupid women piss me off. It takes two and you can't lay all the blame on one person.

Emobacca said...

How the fuck is she out of money? Full House did nearly 200 episodes and she must get some nice residuals since the show is syndicated everywhere.

Not even a crystal meth addiction could eat up that much cash.

MontanaMarriott said...

Or better yet, give the kid to the grandparents to watch over while you get a job, you lazy bum!

KellyLynn said...

You would be surprised how that dude in the water department truck can get around to all of the delinquent houses. Out here in podunk, our water gets shut off exactly ten days after the due date of our bill. We can't rack up multiple months, at all. Even when I lived up in the city, they didn't let us get more than a month behind on water before they'd shut it off.

In any case, I think the dude is still a douchebag. She had her problems, but she got over it. If he wants to live the glamorous life, he's gotta put up his end of the bargain too.

Morgon said...

They shut off the water here if you haven't paid the bill in like five days. It's ridiculous, actually.

They both sound kind of stupid to me.


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