Thursday, December 11, 2008

Josh Hartnett Didn't Have Sex In A Hotel Library

A few months ago, the Daily Mirror ran a story suggesting that Josh Hartnett had sex with a woman in the library of his hotel and it was caught on CCTV. I think the next day I said something about Josh being ticked off at the report and was suing. Well, Josh won yesterday. The Mirror admitted the story was false and paid Josh $30,000 which he is giving to charity. What he really should do with it is give it to Pete and Ashlee so they can say that someone bought their baby's photos.

I guess the lesson here is that Josh Hartnett will sue you in a second if you say something wrong. I'm running through all the blind items in my head now but can't think of any with Josh. Even if I could Josh, I would just say they are someone else. I mean if you are going to sue someone because they said you had sex in a hotel library with a woman, that means you will pretty much sue someone if they get your breakfast order wrong. I could understand if they said he had sex with a hooker, or Verne Troyer or something like that, but the story seems fairly harmless. There obviously was no CCTV tape so he doesn't have to worry about that leaking, and he doesn't have a girlfriend except for his meetings with Sienna Miller so no one is going to be upset at him for having sex with a woman in a hotel library which he didn't do and was definitely not caught on CCTV.

Maybe he just needed something to do while he is in London and thought this would be a good way to pass the time. Anyway, at least he did give the money to charity.


Anonymous said...

That's cool that he gave the money to charity.

He is a Minnesota boy deep down, so my guess is that he did it for Mom and Dad back home. If he hadn't sued, we would've been saying "oh... so maybe he did have sex in the library but somehow got rid of the tapes."

Good on ya, Josh. Even if you are a little boring.

canadachick said...

he probably donated it to the Free Katie website.......

Katy said...

I don't really see a problem with him suing. I can see your point that the sex act was relatively tame compared to something else, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still libel. I would be pretty pissed as well if a magazine made up a story about me, one that would probably be brought up repeatedly in every interview I give for the next year or so, all to sell some copies. You can argue that, with his star fading, he needs all the publicity he can get, but I don't see how that automatically allows forged sex stories to be published.

At any rate, the libel protection laws are far more biased against publications, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

lutefisk said...

lol canadachick!

sauvage said...

I'd also sue anybody who printed lies about me. Doesn't matter whether they said "woman" or "hooker", they wrote he had sex in a public place when he had not. I'd be pissed, too! He has every right to be. Just because someone's known to the public, doesn't make it okay to fabricate stories about them.

Plus: He donated the money.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Frankly, I'm kinda wondering if by Ent's wording if a closet door hasn't been unlocked.
Just wishing, I guess.

Jerry said...

I say any opportunity to sue a tabloid for any reason is OK, even if it's a story that ENHANCES your reputation.

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