Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 15th - December 11th = 4 Days

That math in the headline is about the limits of my skills. It's why I'm a lawyer. It is also the math that is the driving force behind the sequel to Twilight. I haven't seen Twilight yet. I was supposed to, but decided after buying the ticket, that getting drunk sounded like more fun. Damn you ArcLight for having a bar in a movie theatre. Much more easy to just stay where you are then have to walk a few hundred feet to see a movie.

Anyway, earlier this week I talked about how the sequel was going to suck because Summit, which is producing the film fired the director because she said she wanted to take her time and do it right. I said that Summit wanted to get something out to the public no matter what just so they could keep making bucks. Well according to Entertainment Weekly, Summit doesn't have more than a rough draft for the sequel, wants to change one of the leads, can't find any Native Americans for roles that need to be filled, doesn't have a director, but has already set a release date and wants to start pre-production next Wednesday in Vancouver. Yeah, this is going to turn out really well.

I know lots of you e-mailed me to say that replacing the director was the best thing they could have done because the acting was horrible. And, I guess that means that with a new director, the acting is going to suddenly be better? The reason scenes looked awful in the first one was because there was no budget for the film and so they had to keep moving along. Summit wasn't sure if the film was going to make money and so they did it on the cheap. The budget is higher in the sequel, but I don't think the quality is going to get much better.


MISCH said...


lutefisk said...

bar's in the theater? The best we get is a cappuchino bar. I'm jealous!

Taylor said...

Summit needs to chill out. Hardwicke did great with the small budget they gave her.
I think they should stay with Taylor Lautner as Jacob. He's really been preparing for the role (bulking up) since Twilight finished filming.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Twilight yet, and probably won't see it in theaters. I thought Thirteen was very well directed. (I skipped lords of dogtown, gleaming the cube ruined any desire for me to sit through another skateboarding movie).

My hunch is that the reason the acting sucked is because the script and source material were poorly written. Hardwicke may have an ego, but at least she wants to do a good job.

phaballa said...

Yes, with lines like, "You're my heroin" how could the acting be bad? /sarcasm

New Moon will suck because NOTHING HAPPENS in that book. The lead goes comatose because her boyfriend decides to move away. Then she attempts suicide in a variety of Ethan Frome-level stupid ways. And then she stares at her sparkly vampire boyfriend's perfect marble face for the last 50 pages and marvels that anyone could ever love a beast like her.

Anonymous said...

There are only four words in my mind right now. They won't pass my lips or fingers.

But even I smiled at this.

juicy said...

I really don't get what all the fuss is about over these books/movies. I read most of my 12yo stepdaughters copy of Twilight to see what the big deal was, and it bored me to tears!

jax said...

i never knew a movie could be a one hit wonder.

blonde ambition said...

The head honchos at Summitt are idiots. The twilight franchise has the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars IF they do it right. They need a much larger budget (think Harry Potter) on this second movie. If they don't do this well then they can forget doing 3 and 4. They will kill any future earnings. Somebody hit those idiots up side the head for me.

Wack said...

the book is such shit.
but it is like a sin to be a teenage girl and not read it.
i was peer pressured by my bff to read it (only if she finished reading harry potter, she stopped at book 4.)

the movie was actually kind of okay.
just because of the supporting cast and it was rewritten not to be all fanficish.

whateves, stephenie meyer is no jk rowling.

Beth said...

Thank you enty for saying what I've been thinking all along. The movie was ok--not great, but I'm 47, not 16. My 16 year old liked it, not loved it (although she's seen it 3 times now--go figure). The franchise has potential. The script could have been better. Hardwicke probably did the best she could.

The first two books are ok, not great. Just typical teen romance with a hero who is an atypical vampire. I hope the next director does justice to the story. It would be a shame to lose this audience.

adore said...

It will be interesting to see whether he can do a better job. The first one wasn't that bad. The 1st director did what she could based on what resources she had. The second one will be even more difficult to shoot being that it is being rushed! With that said I will watch the sequel with my friends and my pal Patron :)

Jerry said...

Shooting in Vancouver, huh? I think we need to send Jax a shirt that says, "I always wanted to be a director."

Unknown said...

Ugh. I cannot overstate how much I hate Twilight. God what awful characters and plot. And the prose is just shitty. The movie was just as bad.

We can only hope the sequels will suck too and that maybe people will realize this and stop paying for them.

Unknown said...

The books were shit. The movie was shit, albeit unintentionally hilarious. But I would totally go see the next movie just to see the trainwreck that is sure to take place.

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