Friday, December 12, 2008

Four For Friday - Kindness

Keeping with the earlier theme of Your Turn, all of today's items are kindness items.

#1 - This guy is an A list television star and probably B in films he has done. Probably not any higher than B list on name recognition though. Oh, he stars in one of those crime dramas. Anyway, for the past year he has just had his paychecks sent to directly to various charities in the city where he films his show.

#2 - I guess this actor is considered an A list television actor although honestly, it is just the name of the show everyone remembers. Anyway, our actor spends about 5 hours a week every week at local hospitals reading to kids who are there and playing games with them.

#3 - This actress is B list. Hit network drama which I refuse to watch. Totally in contrast with her earlier more famous television role, this actress has a big soft spot. Over the past few years she has arranged for about 20 disadvantaged kids to go to private schools. She pays for all the books, uniforms and tuition. It costs her about $200,000 a year.

#4 - This actress is also B list probably by definition but has A list name recognition. She is also on a hit network comedy. She and her boyfriend have contributed many tens of thousands of dollars to various food banks and other food programs and spend countless hours volunteering at them as well.


CDAN Mod said...


Liz said...

3 - Marcia Cross?

Nadine said...

What are the hit network dramas at the moment?

CSI Miami
Grey's Anatomy
Law and Order SVU

Nadine said...

What are the hit network dramas at the moment?

CSI Miami
Grey's Anatomy
Law and Order SVU

jw12 said...

1. Gary Sinise

McDooks said...

My guess for #2 is Christopher Meloni. He does little bits for Noggin/Nick Jr.

As for the rest I don't know but it is refreshing and it's awesome that I don't know who they are, because they are obviously doing all of that out of the kindness of their hearts and not for attention.

dollface said...

1. Mark Harmon?

jw12 said...

3.Calista Flockhart

bookjacket said...

I'd bet William Peterson for 1 or 2. And Calista F. for 3.

Anonymous said...

#1 - Christopher Meloni??

jw12 said...

My case for Gary Sinise.

1. Blind says in the city
2. He has been in many films. He has won a Emmy and a GG.
3. Donates a lot to the soldiers/GI

KellyLynn said...

I don't have any guesses, but I do think all of these blinds are excellent. Very touching.

Majik said...

#1 Like the Gary Sinise guess...he has a lot of movie residuals he can live off of.

#2 Friends/Seinfeld reference?

#3 Eva Longoria--played a psychotic character on a soap, now on Desperate Housewives, which I think it on Enty's no watch list...known to contribute to charitable causes, can afford to do send the kids to private schools esp. w/ hubby

#4 Calista Flockheart

Nichole Fisher said...

#1 - Gary Sinise
#2 - Mark Harmon
#3 - Calista Flockhart
#4 - Jane Krakowski? What are current hit network comedies? My Name is Earl, Scrubs, 2 1/2 Men, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, The Office...I can't think of many single women on these shows other than Jane and Jaime Pressly and Jaime just broke up with her fiance so I don't think its her.

Unknown said...

1. Gary Sinise is a good guess.

2. Jason Alexander

3. Calista Flockhart

4. Christina Applegate

bleh said...

1. Michael Chiklis

The Shield has gotten him a Golden Globe nod I think? And it films in LA. Lots of people know him from Fantastic Four.

selenakyle said...

Good for all of them.

Makes me sick seeing kids in my family (I sadly have none of my own) get toy after toy after toy all year long when so many have nothing.

I see houses and yards just littered with toys and games the kids don't even take care of, knowing more is always coming.

You can't buy them anything special cuz they already have it all.

I stopped buying clothes for my nieces, which was a great joy, but my SIL shops 24/7.

And my 7yo step-grandson already knows brand names and is curious about what things cost. His parents are hurting but keep giving the kids everything they want, which inevitably hurts the family more later on.

Makes me so sad for all the good kids, who are just unlucky to have poor (or terrible) parents, who must wonder why Santa thinks they aren't "good" every year cuz they get jack shit at Christmas.

THAT'S why we give more at Christmas in case anyone pees on my wheaties that I should give all year long (re: other thread).

Sorry--Christmas makes me depressed as hell these days for these types of reasons.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm liking the Gary Sinise guess. Really fits.

2) No idea.

3) I'm liking Eva Longoria. Given the last kindness about her visiting the kids with developmental disorders, it fits.

4) Part of me wanted this to be Heidi Montag, my heart wants to believe she's not as shallow as she appears. But it's a network show. I don't think it's Calista because Bros & Hos is a drama, not a comedy. I'm liking Christina Applegate, but who's she dating?

PotPourri said...

#3 is Eva Longoria. She has an Educational Foundation that does this in San Antonio. She is INCREDIBLE in terms of ensuring kids have an education. It means everything in the world to her. She is pegged very wrong in the media too.

#1 is Gary Sinise. This is him to a T. He does not need the money, but I think he does CSI NY just because he loves it.

PotPourri said...

#2 = Matthew Perry from Friends?

Sean said...

Why leave these ones blind? Seems like it would do us all a world of good to know for sure

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I hope all of these are revealed because I want to know who these cool folks are. Love these items.

FrenchGirl said...

1# vincent d'onofrio from a spin off of "law&order"
2# a "friend" guy? or Superman guy in "smallville"?
3# marcia cross? eva longoria? but she's too famous only to be B-list!
4# calista flockhart with harrison ford because they're not married and he yet is a fire volunteer!


Beth said...

1. Gary Sinise

2. Not sure, but I like Christopher Meloni or Matthew Perry. I'm wondering if they have too much name recognition. Maybe Meloni is the better guess.

3. Marcia Cross. If Eva Longoria's foundation does this, then it's not much of a secret is it? Also, Marcia Cross' earlier television role was very famous. The scene where she reveals that nasty scar on her head is pretty classic -- and I've never even seen an entire episode of Melrose.

4. Calista seems like a good guess, but Brothers & Sisters is a drama. Christina Applegate seems like a possibility, but does her bf have any name recognition or profile? To me, the BI implies that the bf has some sort of profile that we would at least be aware of his existence.

katie said...

1- first thought the guy who is leaving CSI - plays Grissom?

rocky said...

#3 Dana Delany

rocky said...

#2 - What about Paul Reiser?

bionic bunny! said...

william peterson.
i thought about him, too, because i've been a fan of his for years, but his name always eluded me.
but i've always loved gary sinise, and i'm willing to bet he's worth more than peterson.
i don't even watch the other CSIs anymore, and i may stop watching after gris leaves. at least greg is still there.

it's miley! said...

#1 - Gary Sinise was the first to pop into my head

#2 - i like the Cristopher Meloni

#3 - Marcia Cross. I don't think Eva longoria's former gig was a "more famous tv role" but everybody knows Kimberly Shaw

#4 - i first thought of Cristina Applegate but i can't find if she's dating someone

schneefloeckli said...

#3 - This actress is B list. Hit network drama which I refuse to watch. Totally in contrast with her earlier more famous television role, this actress has a big soft spot.
Mary McDonnell is guest-starring on Grey's this season but played / is playing a bit of a stone-hearted president on Battlestar Galactica.

AndrewBW said...

God bless them, whoever they are.

Liza said...

#2 sounds like Ray Romano to me. He has A-list name reco but it's just because his show is called "Everybody Loves Raymond."

i am a princess, yes i am said...

i agree with you liza. I was thinking him immediately.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

i agree with you liza. I was thinking him immediately.

Sis said...

Where everyone knows your name is the Cheers theme, maybe somebody from that show??

blankprincess said...

1. I wish it were Gary Sinise. I love him and think he is soooo sexy. Things like things make a man even sexier, BTW!

2. Pretty vague, no guesses really.

3. I don't see how it can be Calista Flockhart, as "Ally McBeal" wasn't really a cold-hearted, nasty character, was she? By saying the actress has a soft spot when compared to a previous character she played, it seems we are being pointed to someone who played a yucky person. That could include someone like Christina Applegate (who played the uber-stupid and selfish Kelly Bundy). Oddly, the first person who came to mind, however, was Jessica Walter. I don't know if the new 90210 is a "hit" network drama, but Lucille Bluth sure was the bitch of all bitches!

4. While she definitely is a good idea, I'm not sure this one can be Christina Applegate. Remember that her boyfriend died of an overdose a few months ago? It was just before she revealed her cancer, I believe. This item seems like it is talking about someone who has at least a semi-long term boyfriend, if they are sharing volunteer experiences. I just can't think of many not-married-but-boyfriend-having-women on hit comedies!

Unknown said...

The best thing about being blind items is that these good people do it from the heart, not for the publicity.

So keep them blind and their doing good works that don't show up in the photos inside In Style Magazine or Vanity Fair.

Unknown said...

1.Chris Noth.

2. no idea

3. i thought Terri Hatcher is the highest paid of the DWs. am going with Terri.

4. drawing a blank here.

MT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RubySaysMontana said...

I like the "Cheers" theme guess. That was the first thing to come to my mind as well. I say #2 is Ted Danson.

Unknown said...

2-Michael C. Hall aka DEXTER!
How many people know his name versus just know him as Dexter?

1)Vincent D'Onfrio or Michael Chiklis
3)Marcia sounds good
4)Jane Krawkoski is a good guess. I'd say Jenna Fischer but I dont think she has A list name recognition though she should.

littlejenny said...

what about mila kunis for #4? the hit network comedy being family guy, the bf being macaulay culkin.

littlejenny said...

and since I am new at this....can anyone define "A list"? I mean, I know the obvious ones, but that's only a hand full of celebs. is there a checklist or anything that will define someone as A list???

Unknown said...

i think #2 is brian austin green. i've heard of him going to hospitals to do this before.

mooshki said...

Aww, thank you for so many kindnesses! I love them so much!

parissucksliterally said...

I thought Hugh Laurie for #2. All anyone knows is "House".

my first thought was Meloni for #1, but I am not sure.

sauvage said...

Marcia Cross for #3, and I like the Gary Sinise guess for # 1.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I think some of these guesses are getting WAY off track. They are all A or B list celebs. While I am not huge on this kind of thing, I would suspect that A and B list at least mean that I would know who they were. Who the hell is Mary McDonald and Michael C?
Go back to the clues.
A list TV star.
B list Movie star
B list name recognition.
Crime Drama.

To me, all of those add up to Chris Noth. He was Mr. Big, that's gotta be A list TV, B list Movie. He would also have B list name recognition.
Currently in a Crime Drama - Law and Order.

A list TV.
Name of show more recognisable.

I like the Ray Romano guess. As much as I always thought he was a bit of a douche, the clue fits well. It can't be someone from Friends, because they became stars along with their characters. People know the name of the show, the name of the characters AND the actors' names.
Other than RR, I thought of Christopher Meloni, or Jerry Seinfeld to tie in with that theme of the name. My only issue with that guess is that he is no longer on TV, and his most recent work was Bee Movie.

B List.
Hit Network Drama.
Had a previous TV role.
Previous role more famous than current.
Past character did not have a soft spot.

The only actresses that I could think of that had past, popular TV roles were Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Fran Drescher, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Calista Flockhart. Obviously its not Fran Drescher, because she isn't currently on TV. Jennifer Love-Hewitt was in Party of Five, but I would say that was a fairly soft role, and that she would be more famous for the teen movies she was in, rather than TV work? And Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn't in a drama. (I am not from the States, so I don't really understand the Network/Cable thing, but Google is my friend & helping)
Ally McBeal would be Flockharts more famous role. Also, I wouldn't describe McBeal as having a soft spot. She was cracked. So that would sort of fit. I'm not 100% sold, but I think it' the best guess so far.

B list.
A list name recognition.
Hit Network Comedy.
Boyfriend is most likely famous.

I was sold on Christina Applegate until I read the boyfriend bit. So Hit Network Comedies (at least in my part of the world) include:
Ugly Betty,
How I Met Your Mother,
My Name is Earl,
2.5 Men.
If I had to take a stabd at it (because I can't be bothered researching who has boyfriends out of this choice of casts) I would pick Alyson Hannigan from HIMYM.

Unknown said...

Look at the definition of A list ENT gave. A list is technically anyone who is the lead role of a show. The blind says:

"I guess this actor is considered an A list television actor although honestly, it is just the name of the show everyone remembers."

Michael C Hall is lead in Dexter,a hit show for 3 seasons. So he says he guesses this guy is considered A list(as the lead role) even tho everyone really only knows the name of the show(Dexter), not the actor's name.

Thanks for proving my point, star_grades.

Unknown said...

#1 the guy who plays the chief on The Closer. He was in Juno. He is a wonderful actor.

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