Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Take On The Golden Globes

This post isn't really about who got what nomination. It is more of a I don't really think the Golden Globes are all that great. Last year I spent a lot of time kissing Golden Globe board member ass so I could get some press credentials and send some readers to cover the red carpet. I thought it would be fun for everyone. So, during that process I really looked into the organization. The media who also sucks up always says the Golden Globes are a predictor of the Academy Awards. They might be, but I think that is only because these nominations come out first and so the people who cast Academy ballots ask who got nominated for a Golden Globe.

What I think this organization really cares about is making money. That's all they want. They want more money for their club and their parties and the way to do that is to have a television contract. The way you do that is by having stars that people want to see. The way you do that is by nominating stars for the award or having their daughter be Miss Golden Globe for two years running so the stars show up.

Ever wonder why they have two separate categories for movies? That way you can throw a bunch more people into the nomination mix, and get a bunch more attendees. It is kind of the MTV way to get people to show up. I have much more respect for the nomination process for almost every other award show with the exception of the People's Choice which I think actually finds out who would like an award and then asks them to show up to collect it.

This is a group of foreign journalists, yet they still only have one lousy category for foreign films. Why? Because no one in the audience watching at home cares about some guy from Timbuktu showing up at the awards.

So, when watching the awards or wondering how in the hell someone got nominated, think about if the people at home watching television would like to see that person on the red carpet or if one of the journalists would like to sit next to them at the dinner they have.


captivagrl said...

They drink during event too, I think.

kregger said...

Right on--they nominated Angelina Jolie for "Changeling" just like they nominate her every year for every movie no matter how sucky--they just want her to show up.

amazonblue said...

Isn't the pool of foreign journalists very limited? Something like 25 people/papers? The Oscar nominations come from a much larger group of peers.

This is how Cruise got his nomination.

Anonymous said...

amazon- I belive it is 64. At least that's what it was a few years ago.

Also, their criteria for staying in good graces. 3 published pieces in non-U.S. publications. Someone did an expose a few years ago and there was one guy who was from England, but his published articles were in Estonia, Yugoslavia, and Latvia.

The AVN awards would've been more fun anyway, Enty. Shame I had my grad school interview that weekend.

ECFan said...

This is completely OT - but...

I just read on another site that Kate Walsh is getting a divorced after only 15 months of marriage.

Didn't Enty have a BI a while back about a lesbian tv actress who's hired hubby wanted more money and that she wasn't doing a very good job anymore of keeping her lesbian liaisons on the QT?

bionic bunny! said...

yeah, but BOLT got nominated for best animated....
have SOME heart!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Enty.

I think if they really want the money, they would nominate Jennypoo for the dog movie.

Can you imagine those 3 together? And how much money it would make...

shakey said...

I've often heard these Hollywood "foreign journalists" live in L.A. and have regular jobs by day, interview people/go to screenings by night.

bionic bunny! said...

wouldn't you?

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