Monday, December 08, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

So, at the top spot today are a couple of photos of me from my facebook profile that have been photoshopped to the extreme, but are absolutely hilarious. This one below was done by Mooshki and pretty much resembles how I would love to fall asleep every night. Honestly who wouldn't want to fall asleep under a bacon quilt while eating a hamburger?

This is the holiday pose that is my current profile photo. I'm not sure what happened to my legs, but they are not really needed for this photo anyway. I think this will look great on the cover of my holiday cards. Speaking of holidays, FW had a birthday over the weekend so I wanted to tell her happy birthday on here.

Amy Admas just because I like her and she has a film coming out.
Nothing like a royal wedding. This time it is a crown princess from Austria. I love the older woman trying to help with the train.
Bradley Cooper is probably the best looking guy in the photos today.
Although I will say that Dustin Hoffman will give Bradley a run for his money. Damn he looks good. I think he is over 70 or close to it. Emma Watson looks pretty, but she seems to have about ten versions of the same dress. Matthew Broderick just continues to age right before my eyes.
Dita von Teese was at a comedy awards show. Not sure why. Doesn't seem like the right match for her.
This is as good as Edie Falco has looked in a long time. I think its because Stanley Tucci was also at the same event.
That is the naughty book. It is entirely filled with the exploits of George Clooney.
Glasvegas - Leeds
Hilary Swank looks pretty. I think but am not sure that the kid is the son of her boyfriend.
Jim Carrey doing press for his new film.
The lovely Judi Dench getting a lifetime achievement award.
Jade Goody signing her new book. Glad to see she is in such good spirits.
Again with the taking of a dog to a perfume launch. It would seem to me that is a bad idea, but then again, I'm thankfully not Jessica Simpson.
Mariah Carey, the pregnant one doing press for her new film. Yeah, I know. How could it do any worse than Glitter though?
I think Matt Dallas has been in the photos before.
Mary Lynn Rajskub is one of my all-time favorite people.
Another brat packer from the past. Molly Ringwald.
And her adorable daughter.
Nikki Blonsky looks great here.
And being engaged must agree with Natasha Bedingfield.
I can think of lots of other places besides under her shirt that Pamela Anderson should have a warning sign.
Last week was Marlo Thomas alone, and this time with her husband Phil Donahue.
The original groupie. Pamela des Barres with her husband Michael.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2 & 3. They both read the site.
Why the hell not. Haven't had Ryan Seacrest in for awhile.
Rosario Dawson obviously thinks something is funny.
Perhaps she is laughing at Will Smith for matching with her. They were doing press for Seven Pounds which I have heard makes Schindler's List look like Vegas Vacation.
White Lies - Leeds
The Zooey getting in a little praying time.


Cheryl said...

Is Jessica Simpson the answer to the BI going around about the celeb who's dog yakked on the exec's wife?

I thought Pamela Des Barres and Michael were divorced?

jax said...

wow is Reader #1 Mya? as in the singer.
#2 is the cute twins who love to read the 'bacon' daily

Pamela Des Barres is awesome.

Donahue! looks great.

Molly said...

cute readers! #1, are you the one who has posted about the demise of broadway shows in today's economy? i'm sorry i can't remember the name of the poster who's written about that.

Unknown said...

"Amy Admas"... Been in the sauce there, Enty? Goes well with the Bacon Blanket, eh? ;)

Moosh, you're a genius with that photoshop, keep'em coming! LOL!

Reader #1 is setting the bar pretty high for us 'normal' folks I say... Damn! U purdy gurl!

merrick said...

love pamela debarres .. "I'm with the Band" makes for some awesome reading .. read it years ago and then again last summer .. what a life .. what a story!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ent, your pics are cute and you look like a teddy bear :D.

Dustin H. doesn't looks good for his age. Has he done work on himself?

Emma W. looks older than what she is.

I love how Dita dresses up.

Love Judi D. lovely lady.

Eeeewww Jessica Bimbo.

Ms. Trash herself Pamela A. She has aged so badly.

Reader#1 you look so cute.

Read #2 & 3 you are cute girls.

selenakyle said...

OOO-kaaaay. Today's pix pretty much seal up me never sending in a reader photo...

merrick said...

BTW .. why couldnt I find enty of facebook? Can someone post the link??

mygeorgie said...

Ho Ho Ent! That peculiar woody out front of the sleigh: strange looking, but shawiiiiing, nontheless!

B626 said...

Mary Lynn Rajskub(sp?)
is the only reason I ever watch 24. She always steals scenes in any movie she has a small part in.
I watched David Letterman
interview her a few years back and could just spot the light bulb go off over his head telling him not to mercilessly pick on this actress/celebrity cuz she's not a big phony!

Unknown said...

I saw pics of Pamela Anderson in Florida at the Basel Art Convention or whatever.

She is one-half step away from signing on with Celebrity Rehab.

She is definitely on something.

Anonymous said...

donna: enty's facebook is in the righthand sidebar of the main page... or here. ;)

Something about Bradley Cooper is not aging well to me. I was drooling all over him on "Alias", but in the last year or two, he's a little meh.

Matt Dallas on the other hand could ... well, keep my hand busy.

Stanley Tucci though would trump them both. How dare you tease us with that comment, Ent.

I always thought Michael Des Barres was gay. Even on MacGyver.

lutefisk said...

Happy Birthday FW!
I also thought the Des Barres had split. I bought an autographed copy of her 1st book years ago on ebay--it makes for fun reading.
A few years ago Marlo Thomas was in Borders promoting her children's book. She was extremely sweet, & took a few pictures with me. Besides autographing her book for me, she also autographed a "Friends" dvd she was on. She was very gracious to everyone, but has had a lot of work done to her face. I have to admire her dedication to charitable causes.

califblondy said...

Loved "I'm With The Band", I read it years ago. She really lived the groupie life. The part about practicing how to give oral pleasure was funny. I thought she was divorced too.

Happy b'day, FW. Ent you've got your hands full with a Sagitarius woman.

califblondy said...

Ooop, forgot to add... gorgeous reader pictures! Lovely.

Maja With a J said...

Ooohh I love Zooey! I'm going to watch 'Elf''s become a Christmas tradition in the Hellfire household.

MizCaramel said...

I agree what gorgeous readers!

Bradley Cooper reminds me of a better looking Patrick Dempsey.

Pam Anderson reminds me of someone who has spent too much time in the sun and using loads of substances poor thing needs help.

At first site I thought Molly Ringwald was the other BratPacker Ally Sheedy.

And now for the embarrassing question of the day? Is that really Ent?

maggiemei said...

I love Bradley Cooper, but I am so curious about why his marriage to Jennifer Esposito imploded so quickly a few years back.

Does anyone have the dirt on what happened?

blog hopper said...

Maybe I'm just uninformed, but why is Dita famous? For dressing the way she does and being Manson's ex? I don't get it.

Lothar said...

All Hillary Swank is missing from her photo is a carrot or feed bag around her neck.

jax said...

Julia, she is a burlesque performer amd makes more than we ever will in our lifetime from doing so for the uber rich and famous.
she also did a lot with Mac for Viva Glam.

kimmypie1 said...

Molly Ringwald and her daughter sat behind me on a flight a few months back. They were very unassuming and sweet. Molly helped her daughter practice French on the flight and talked about how she was excited to get home to her daddy.

I wish I had the gaul to talk to her, but I just eavesdropped instead.

Molly said...

julia, you might find some of her stuff on youtube, if you're interested.

Marisa said...


That is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Bravo. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

OMG when did Solange start reading CDAN? Love that pic! heh

califblondy said...

Didn't Ent have a blind regarding an abusive marriage and the guesses were Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Espisito?

bionic bunny! said...

okay, i will never, EVER send in a pic of myself again!
i think all three of these lovely readers would fit in one of my nightshirts!
zooey looks amazing as usual.

mooshki, those are the best pix EVER! _I_ want a bacon blanket!

and methinks DN is looking for a little christmas goose! :)

*girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Molly Ringwald's daughter is darling!

Ms. said...

Bionic Bunny, don't talk that way. Your photo was awesome. Glad to put a face to the name. That said, I'm too much of a chickenshit to ever send my photo in. So, you're brave to boot in addition to awesome!

MnGddess said...

Thanks for solidifying that I will NEVER send in a photo..unless I have major surgery.

trashtalker said...

Kudos, Mooshki!

I think Matthew looks younger today. Maybe it's the t-shirt under the dress shirt, though. And his little-boy haircut.

annie cat said...

Awww thanks for the shout out, Enty! Is reader 1 Mya? That bacon quilt gets 1000 internet points and hi Jax!

hotchacha said...

Love the colour of Amy Adams' dress.

Bradley Cooper has a Patrick Dempsey thing going on in that photo.

Ferris Bueller's looking great for 60! Good for him!

I too wonder why Dita was at the Comedy Awards. Shouldn't she just go to award shows for diamond or sapphire cutters? Or the opening of a platinum mine?

I love Edie Falco. Love love love.

Molly Ringwald! Yay! Cute daughter indeed!

It's nice that Marlo and Phil are still together. The footage of them meeting on his show and flirting up a storm is adorable.

And thank you for the compliments on my Reader Photo!


La Pachuquita said...

Wow, I love reader #1's picture. the make up and costume are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

I am still giddy over Enty including my picture last week....the one in front of the Royal Palace in Madrid. Thanks again!

sauvage said...

No way this as a crown princess of Austria. Monarchy and aristocracy in general were abolished in Austria in 1918.

sauvage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sauvage said...

P. S.: My research shows she's actually from Belgium, just has the titel 'archduchess' (not 'crown princess') 'of Austria' for whatever reason. In Austria itself the title would be illegal.

canadachick said...

ok seriously the readers photos are crazy beautiful average chick like me aint ever sending in my pic LOL

Jerry said...

To the readers in the photos...

Hi. My name is Jerry. Come here often?

Molly said...

so hotchacha, are you #1?

who are the others?

i've noticed some of the readers want their photo's posted but then don't identify themselves. i don't get the point of doing that.

hotchacha said...

Molly: Yes, I am reader #1 but I wasn't the one who made the comment about Broadway.

Jax: No, I'm not Mya (or Solange), but I do perform for a living.

I don't mind at all if some of the readers don't identify themselves when their photos are posted. To me, it's all in keeping with the mystery and intrigue of the site. I enjoy the sense of not knowing for sure.

That said, if that's really Ent, I hope that he can hook me up with a bacon blanket. That's exactly what I could use today. Mmm.... bacon. Delicious.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments.

And Jerry, yes I come here far, FAR too often. Hooked on it! And then I bang my head on the screen wondering WHY OH WHY this site takes so long to load and half-freezes my other windows while I'm waiting. Drives me krayzeeeee!

Unknown said...

Reader Photo #1...ZOWIE!!!

Mmmmmm, bacon quilt.

Molly said...

hotchacha, you better watch out...enty will be after you now.

mooshki said...

ARGH, I can't believe I was out sick on the day of my big internet Photoshop debut! Thanks for the nice words, guys. What can I say, Enty inspired me. :)

Hot Cha Cha, DAMN! Not that all the other CDANers aren't freaking gorgeous, but you're above and beyond!

Today is also Awesome Gal day!!! Amy, Judi, Mary Lynn, Rosario, Zooey. What a combo! They're all amongst my faves.

I bet Mariah's "birth" is going to involve some serious medical finagling. I wouldn't be surprised a bit if she went for a c-section at like 8 months so she wouldn't get too fat.

mooshki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mooshki said...

Oops, forgot to say Happy Birthday FW!!!

Two Sagittarii? That does sound volatile! :)

hotchacha said...

Thanks, Mooshki.

Does this mean you'll make me a bacon quilt.

Who doesn't love a little bacon quilt on a cold night?

mooshki said...

Definitely. In fact, I think I may open a new business. You can be my spokesmodel. :)

Anonymous said...

Molly Sims diamond bikini pic and video!
watch here
she is really hot! must see!


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