Friday, December 12, 2008

Looks Like Paula Was Telling The Truth

When I first saw that the Nigel Lythgoe, the former American Idol producer had done some press on Thursday for his new show, I thought for sure Paula Abdul was going to get buried in a bunch of "we never did such a thing," in response to her statement earlier this week about AI knowingly letting in a stalker to an audition.

But, now I have to say that everything Paula said was probably true. It wasn't some kind of Paula haze. You know what I'm talking about. That glassy eyed stare she has everytime they show her face during American Idol. OK, not every time, but most of the time. Anyway, at first Nigel took the expected stance.

"You do not take somebody in that room that you believe is a danger to herself or a danger to Paula. That would not enter our heads."

So when you read that, you start thinking to yourself hat Paula tripped over her dog one too many times and was imagining it all.

But then, I read this. "This is three years ago. I honestly say I can't remember the conversation. If Paula said, that's what she said, I believe her. We've seen over 700,000 contestants. And one has made a terrible, terrible mistake. If you're an odds man, they are great odds."

Well first of all, that is pretty callous discussing the woman who killed herself as a statistic and that if there are only one suicidal stalker out there after 700,000 contestants that we should all be jumping up and down. In fact, it is a really insensitive thing to say. But the fact that he can't remember what Paula said is crap. How many times do you think one of the judges has said to the producers I have a restraining order out against that person. I'm scared of that person. Yeah, I bet Paula was the only time so, forgive me Nigel if I don't believe you.


Anonymous said...

Let the suing begin lol

jax said...

not surprised Lythgoe has always been a scumbag.

Cheryl said...

Paula's story seemed plausible to me, which is unusual because most of what she says makes no sense.

Unknown said...

They have seen 700,000 people, half of whom I can assume are crazy and not right in their heads.

audrey said...

Several of those crazies have been given make overs and encouragement from shows like Access Hollywood all because Simon might have said something mean to them. Never mind that the man was telling them the truth--something their friends and families should have been doing long before the Idol auditions.

bionic bunny! said...

yeah, paula's a bit nuts, but i don't doubt her story one bit.
besides, all anybody's got to do is check police records.
we give her a lot of crap, but idol was wrong, wrong, wrong.
team paula.

Fabulous! said...

thank you enty for saying exactly what i've been thinking all along. i read that whole "i don't remember that conversation" quote and am like WHAT? how do you forget when someone is telling you they are afraid of someone?

sure paula's a crazy pill-tard, but i highly doubt she's paranoid enough to "beg" producers to not let someone audition over nothing and even still... how could you forget that?!

JM, As A Sim said...

Like the other commenters, I'm not a Paula fan by any means but I don't like the idea that in Nigel's story, he says that he can't believe that we're still talking about this a month later.
Well wtf do you expect? Someone who stalked you shoots themself outside of your house? Yeah, take a week and get over it. Nigel and the other Idol people are probably used to her taking so many drugs she can't feel feelings but since this is perhaps the one time she's not doing that, they don't understand or believe her.
If it happened to Simon, they'd be all understanding. But then again, if some woman stalked Simon, he'd probably be flattered.

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