Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Pierce Brosnan looks great here and he is just standing around. Yes, I know it is on a movie set, but he still looks good. Definitely top spot worthy.
I don't think I have ever seen a pap picture of Andrea Bocelli. Now I have. Here he is with Veronica Berti.
Brooke Shields and family. It is like they stole Nicole Kidman's kid or something.
Random British guys of the day. Danny Dyer is on the left. He got caught on CCTV snorting coke the other day, so I'm sure the producers of Kurt & Sid are loving the attention. Next to Danny is Shaun Evans.
A new look for Daniel Radcliffe.
Grace Jones - Montreux
Proving once again that Holly Madison will do anything for money, she married the Travelocity gnome.
The great thing about their honeymoon night was he didn't need Viagra. He was always ready to go. Awkward place, but always ready to go.
Marc Anthony shoving Jennifer through the crowd in his mind.
How long do you think the makeup people spend putting those bags under Katie's eyes? I sure hope they are not real.
It's important to have that full racing gear and helmet on even when the top speed of your lawnmower is about 1, maybe 2 mph.
Rachel McAdams looks poised. She looks ready. On your mark. Get set. Go!
Yes, she is off to a good start. Showing the form that made her an Olympic champion. Or at least someone who could run very fast on film.
Yes, fully hitting her stride now. Holding the crowd back from this truly remarkable performance.
She is nearly there. Look at the determination on her face. This is a champion folks.
She's done it. She is the first in line at Kenneth Cole's summer sale.
Mary Kate looks normal. Absolutely normal. I'm floored.
Mena. You know I love you, but you need to eat something.
I want to think there must be some kind of "You might be a redneck joke," in here somewhere.
Ahhh, her parents haven't been this proud since she brought home their personalized copies of her Girls Gone Wild DVD.
Snoop Dogg - Costa Mesa, CA
It has been awhile since Scarlett J was in the photos. She is the new face of Mango. I have to tell you though that I thought Chris Kattan was just fine as Mango.
Sofia Milos looks gorgeous as always, but this isn't about her really. She walked a red carpet in Italy.
Right in the middle of the carpet was a chair where everyone was supposed to stop and get in it and pose. One chair. Everyone did it. I have no idea why.
Sharleen Spiteri - Liverpool
The Fray - New York


Elle said...

Thanks for posting Sharleen Spiteri - love her!

MontanaMarriott said...

I thought Daniel Radcliffe was Courtney Love for a second, lol

Did Holly have more work done on her face?

califblondy said...

Holly's expression seems like... "Hef? Chriss? Somebody puhleez get me out of here."

lutefisk said...


RocketQueen said...

I doubt that's a new look for Radicliffe - snicker.

Holy - Brooke Shields' husband has some white-ass lets!

I just think Scarlett Johanssen is exquisite. Wish she hadn't married that douche Ryan.

I think if you look "debonair" up in the dictionary, Brosnan's picture is front and centre.

RocketQueen said...

*that was meant to say "white ass LEGS"

Cindy said...

Looks to me like the chair on the red carpet was so anyone sitting on the ground could get a nice shot lol

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Snoop in the OC? WTF?

captivagrl said...

nicole looks beautiful, healthy and happy. it's nice to see.

Marna Palmer said...

Am I the only one who thinks Jennifer Lopez looks like she's had some work done recently?

.robert said...

I thought j-lo looked a bit different too.

shakey said...

Pierce does look handsome as ever.

Brooke's husband looks like he could be another Madden brother.

Holly always has that look of desperation in her eyes.

Love the play by play!

That chair looks awkward.

lanasyogamama said...

J Lo and Mr. J Lo look pretty good, damn them.

Love the preggo belly on Nicole. I find her really likable, even though she's a celebutard.

ItsJustMe said...

Mary Kate looks good -- like she's actually eaten food lately!

Sinjin said...

Loved the play by play :-)

Anonymous said...

The comments on the Rachel McAdams photos are why I love you, Ent.

califblondy said...

Wasn't Pierce supposed to do a Thomas Crown sequel?

After all these years and he could pick-up right there they left off. He's so yummy.

lilbitsolo said...

Is it really superficial of me that all I want to know is where I can get a corset-y lingerie thingy like Holly is wearing? That is GORGEOUS!

Aimée said...

I love Danny Dyer...his background with drugs is well documented, he was in Human Traffic which is basically a film about drugs, and i seem to remember him saying that most of the actors and actresses that were chosen for the film had all had some experience with drugs. I guess he's open about it because i dont think he's an addict.

I think i'm more disappointed that he did a DJ set in that club, which is 20 miles away from me, and i didn't know about it. Gutted.

cricket said...

If Brooke Shields did swipe Kidman's kid it would probably be weeks before Kidman noticed she was missing. I think she picks her up for a photo op every couple of months and that's the extent of her involvment with her. Just like the first two that she handed off to Tom cruise. JMO

Pookie said...

teehee @ chris kattan/scarlett j mango joke!

CarolMR said...

I love Brooke Shields. I think her tribute at Michael Jackson's memorial was one of the best ones.

bionic bunny! said...

i LOVE the roaming gnome!!
and i think he could do better....

Jungle007 said...

Mango!!! I had forgotten about Mango! hahaha!!

Racheal McAdams is so gorgeous!!! It's hard to look that good whilst running down a street. Not like I'd know, just guessing.

Jlo looks different because her eyes are open.

I agree Lilbitsolo, i want a corset like Holly's too.... Too bad my stomach is about 42 inches around right now... maybe after i have the baby tho.... :)

lilbitsolo said...

Hey Jungle007, I hear ya.....screw my diet, I'm gonna corset my way to thinness ;)

ardleighstreet said...

Mr.Brosnan always looks good. His wife is damn lucky.

Grace jones still remember her version of Demolition Man

NOOOO not the poor roaming gnome. He deserves so much better.

JLO looks to have no upper lip.

Ms. Spiteri should be given an award for telling Parisite that she would kick her ass. Everyone a round of applause. (Look it up on YouTube)I'd have kicked the Parasite's boney ass too.

Lissette said...

love the play by play
Love the picture of botox-friendly JLo and Skeletor's face!
Totally enjoyed the gnome comment.
You're great, Enty!

Lissette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Viki said...

Sharleen is a fierce bitch!

figgy said...

Brooke's girls look exactly like their father, don't have her coloring at all. But adorable!

Amazing how fantastic Nicole Richie looks with a few pounds on her. I mean, not counting the pregnant belly, haha. I mean her legs look nice and not stringy. Who'd have guess how well she'd do just a few years ago when she was a hot mess?

Babs said...

Pierce Brosnan at top billing - thanks, Enty! Love him!

Can't believe Grace Jones is still sporting the fright wig. How very '80s.

OK - am I the only person in the world that thinks ScarJo is downright homely? Just can't see the attraction there.

Anybody else get the tranny vibe from Sofia Milos? Used to watch her on CSI: Miami, and always thought she looked a little 'manly'.

Linnea said...

great photos, great comments.

wasnt jlo the answer to the blind about the alist "singer" who would reappear looking just a little bit different...?

mooshki said...

Everything I've heard about Pierce suggests he's a real ass, but I have to give him props for singing in "Mamma Mia" even though he knew how awful he was. :)

LOL at the Rachel McAdams play-by-play.

Are you sure that isn't Ashley?! I can't believe Mary Kate could look that normal!


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