Friday, March 05, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Pauly D and The Situation show off their fresh tans. I still don't get why MTV is moving the show to Miami. Are they going to be like the traveling Real World?
Pete Wentz looks thrilled to be joining Mark Hoppus at an Alice & Wonderland screening last night. Better than spending the night with Ashlee.
Real Housewives Of New York at the season 3 premiere.
It is kind of like if Batman and The Riddler mated.
Rumer Willis and her kiss on 90210. I think that might be one of her dad's hats.
Sade - Berlin
This is Tanya Douglas. She is the ex-girlfriend of Jake Pavelka. I'm guessing this picture was taken when she went on a tour of Southwest Airlines with Jake.
This is my favorite though. Notice the design she has given Jake's face.
It's a Sabrina reunion. Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster.
Topher Grace, Amy Smart and Scott Caan who is going to be in the remake of Hawaii 5-0.
It's the Reitmans. Jason and Ivan.
Taylor Swift in Elle.
Wild Beasts - London


RocketQueen said...
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RocketQueen said...

Soleil's hair looks so long and healthy. Sigh. I wish I could have hair like that.

Not loving Rihanna's hair at the moment but she is a fascinating fashionista. I swear she can pull anything off.

Pete W. is looking ROUGH. Do you mean to say he's sick of Ashlee now, like the rest of us?

Get a Life said...

Rihanna is a her music but this getup sucks like a lot of her clothes. I don't get why a lot of people say she looks fierce...her makeup looks awful here with the white lips and blue eyeshadow. I agree with Enty's synopsis on her clothes.

Taylor Swift needs to wear her hair straight more and ditch the eyeliner and red lips. I saw her in another picture recently with straight hair sans makeup and she is so gorgeous...I think at her age if she doesn't need much makeup then don't use it.

Pete Wentz is looking pretty haggard lately.

FrenchGirl said...

i even don't reconize Taylor Swift!

Ice Angel said...

I dunno...I really don't care for the drugged out vacant stare look that Taylor is rocking here. Just not her at all.

altar boy said...

Woah Taylor Swift is giving off a major Heidi Klum vibe -- an improvement -- you can't see half her face in this pic too.

nunaurbiz said...

did anyone else watch the Real Housewives of NY last night? WOW! Catfight after catfight! Luann is SUCH a beeyotch!!!! No wonder she's hanging with Kelly these days!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't care for what Rihanna is wearing. Waste of money in that piece of trash.

Love Sade Music!!!

Melissa J. lost a lot of weight.

Taylor almost looked like Lindsey.

amazonblue said...

Taylor has lost her innocence, she was left alone with John Mayer too long.

What is that bottle of laundry detergent doing in the background with Melissa and Soleil? Too funny.

Cancan said...

School is in session in Weston, CT, and MJH is out in California. Just saying.

jess said...

Both Melissa and Soleil look good
-why doesn't Amy smart get more acting jobs?
-Taylor Swift looks like a young version of Heidi Klum!

kimmypie1 said...

I don't care how short he is, Scott Caan is yummy. nom nom nom

cageykiwi said...
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cageykiwi said...

@ amazonblue - I know - what's the Gain doing in the candy store???
- Topher Grace looks like a stoned Mr Bean; Scott Caan looks like he's spotted someone he wants to give a headbutt to - LOLOL!!!

Island Girl said...

Soleil's hair is healthy and shiny, but she still needs to chop like a foot off it.

Love Sade, don't care for Rihanna, love the Wild Beasts

Selock said...

I think Taylor looks ridiculous.

B626 said...

I know Rhianna like to dress 'out there' but this is too much.

Sinjin said...

FFS! I don't like the Alice in Wonderland corruption into Rocky Horror. And what's with the "Alice" SLUT dress???

Meg said...

Yeah, I don't get the whole Jersey Shore in Miami thing.


Rumer Willis acts like that role is so ground breaking...

That does NOT look like Taylor at all! WOW! What a difference a straightener makes.

warmislandsun said...

I hate Scott Caan. Now I can't watch the new Hawaii 5-0. :0(

Elle Kaye said...

I don't think it's nice to call people ugly but I have to say those Jersey shore boys are fug!

Tara said...

Why don't Amy Smart and Topher Grace both get more acting jobs? I think both of them are awesome. TG has great comedic timing and AS just seems so....sweet.


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