Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Gloria Stuart - RIP

BAG and Megan Fox in Milan. BAG looks pretty good here.
Brad Pitt after buying Zahara an American Girl doll.
Camille Winbush is a terrific actress and the fact she owns an ice cream store has nothing to do with me kissing up.
Dwayne Wade and a licensed to carry a concealed weapon, Marc Anthony.
This is Erica Anderson. She robbed a bank last week. When robbing the bank she told the teller to not call the police for 15 minutes so she would have time to pick up her kids from school. The police arrested her when she got home from picking her kids up.
Ethan Hawke multi-tasking.
Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova still going strong.
I can't imagine all these people actually waited in line for Eva Longoria's perfume. It is Toronto so maybe they are on the way to a Buble concert or something and Eva happened to be there.
Ed Westwick learning his lines for a movie shot entirely with a cell phone.
Fergie and some very tight pants. If I wore something like that I would get a rash.
Elisabetta and George in Milan.
Apparently Haven is really popular in Madrid and Eric Balfour, Emily Rose, and Lucas Bryant were there to promote it even more.


lanasyogamama said...

Enty - I swear sometimes I think you are a girl - with the rash comment? Right?! I love you either way!

Jessi said...

God George's girl just loves the spot light a Little too much. She annoys me.

RocketQueen said...

Elisabetta always looks so smug. I suppose I would, too.

Marc Anthony just doesn't look WELL. He hasn't for years. I wonder if he eats vegetables and sleeps?

Anonymous said...

i guess camille wants to diversify for assests. she was on the bernie mac show.

see lilo, this woman came to hwood AFTER you, but she more than likely has more money. ha!

so facinated by george and the italian queen. thanks, lainey!

Anonymous said...

Megan & BAG look very nice..

Tired of Brad & Jolie..

LOL @ Bank Robber..

Doesn't Enrigue look weird from the face??

I've always felt that George is gay. Never liked him as an actor.

I love Haven, good show on SyFy.

Pookie said...

*sniff* rip gloria stuart. :(

wow, marc's gained 2 lbs! go him.

omg, i know i shouldn't laugh...but at least bank robber momma was conscientious about picking up her children.

marry me, enrique. really. he looked so hot on sunday.

it's so nice that our neighbors to the north like least someone does.

shooting an entire film on cell ph? that sounds like such a huge fail in the making tho...seriously?

looove elisabetta's suit! *must have*

Marna Palmer said...

Eric Balfour is so hot in a good dirty rat faced kinda way. Yum.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

The Clothing Show is on in Toronto, so those ladies were already there to find bargoons. 100bucks says that they just wanted to say they met that chick on Desperate Housewives.

lmnop123 said...

I love seeing Elisabetta and George together. He's immature in the romantic department and she has the perfect attitude to make him at least look reasonably romantically mature. When he was with Sarah they both looked and behaved like two paparazzi courting immature famewhores.

surfer said...

I saw Eva's perfume for sale (with a gift) at Shopper's DRUG STORE(!!!) in Toronto. Not a good sign when you can get that AND toilet paper in the same place.

I think we now know why Marc Anthony usually wears sunglasses at night. I have one tip for him. Concealer.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


That's where Jessica Simpsons purfume line went too, and we all know how that worked out.

jen said...

Sue Ellen - that was my guess, too, The Clothing Show. I don't care about Eva Longoria one way or the other but had I seen her there I would have at least checked her out hehe(no perfume though, thanks...blech.)

surfer said...

@Sue Ellen

When your perfume ends up being sold at the drug store, that to me is the kiss of death. Kind of like movies that go straight to DVD!

BTW Sue Ellen, I sometimes read your blog. You crack me up.

PotPourri said...

Tired of the Pitt Jolie kids being paraded around. Poor Pax. That kid is under a rock with Solange Knowles, and the twins.

Elisabetta is just a golden tramp, isn't she? So smug.

Marc Anthony! You are so talented, but now you are 'weirded out' and look like Skeletor.

califblondy said...

Marc did a good job singing last night, but Fergie kept watching him and mimicked his movements like she was scared or something? Weird.

George and his friend look very nice in this picture.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


I saw that you commented, but then deleted it. Too bad, I had thought at the time. I'm glad that you laugh at it cause that's what it's for. Sometimes the situations I find myself in make me wonder what this world is coming to...especially in my neighbourhood.

surfer said...

Sue Ellen - I left you a note. Go look.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Saw it and replied. The funny thing is that I've had 3 vistors since we discussed my blog. I love seeing where people come from. Thanks.

lanasyogamama said...

@Sue Ellen - Guilty!!!

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

@Lana's Blog et al

Read it up, comment away. Do what you will. I love freedom of speech.

p.s. whomever is from Rye, NY. I love that name and I've never heard of it before.

Tenley said...

Ethan Hawke looks like he's morphing into Kevin Dillion, and that's definitely a change for the worse.

Chrissy Buns said...

i LOVE Haven and Eric Balfour. that show is really good

uuuummm...i don't think i have anything to say about anything else. i am a boring person today

Mango said...

Wow, BAG looks great in that pic.

Zahara got an American Girl doll and tomorrow the tabloids will be speculating if Shiloh got a train set or a football.

@Klondyke - See Camille Winbush sells ice cream and LiLo & fam mooch all the free ice cream they can.

Re Fergie: I saw "Date Night" last night and in it, slightly dorky married couple Tina Fey and Steve Carrell are in a restaurant where they spot Tina Fey's character whispers to her husband, "It's! from Fergie! lol

mooshki said...

Haven is da bomb!!!

MommaSaid said...

I just cannot get on the hatin' train for Elisabetta! The girl is gorgeous and she looks great in this picture. That Fergie on the other hand.......


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