Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Greg Giraldo - RIP
Amy Adams and I think her first red carpet since having her baby.
Anne Hathaway at the same event and
Eva Mendes and
Jennifer Garner.
Bristol Palin enjoying a McDonald's salad. Hopefully she got some fries to go with all that green because it will kill you.
Brad Pitt still filming Moneyball.
Bar Refaeli going for the Asian look here.
Brooke Shields and Victoria Justice in a still from their television movie.
Catherine Deneuve lighting one up.
Craig David and a very interesting coat. I like it, but it seems like he took it from a doorman.
Demi Lovato and Jenna Dewan performing a duet?
Chris Hemsworth (brother of the guy shacked up with Miley) and Elsa Pataky.


RocketQueen said...

Oh dear lord, Pataky is still skulking around??

Bar Refaeli looks totally different all covered up. Seriously.

I guess Garner's not pregnant after all.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that fameho Pataky hasn't got her claws into Chris Hemsworth

.robert said...

Of all the places to eat in LA Palin goes to McDonald's for a salad...

Pookie said...

amy adams looks adorable.

someone pls wax booke shields' 'stache. seriously, please.

wow...craig david! used to love him. wth happened to him?

elsa p. just gets around, no?

Buffycv said...

WThat Palin comment made me remind of that blind, of the painfully thin teen. Don't know if it fits, have to look up.

Maja With a J said...

Fuck, I am actually really upset about Greg Giraldo. I am a huge comedy fan and he was one of my favourites. Nobody could rant like him - his delivery was perfect every time and he never broke his rhythm. Incredible. Every roast he did was great.
And he was also quite hot.

Cupcakewalker said...

I'm so sorry about Greg Giraldo. He was such a great stand-up, so smart and by reputation a very nice guy. RIP.

Elle said...

Maja and Cupcakewalker - I'm with ya.
I was a fan of his work.

I'm so tired of hearing about people 'accidentally' overdosing on pain meds. When is there going to be more regulation on pain medication? It's obviously as big (if not bigger) an issue than class A or illegal substances.

lmnop123 said...

Bar Rafaeli looks gorgeous from a distance. I love her dress.

Brooke Shields looks like someone from the movie The Others. I'm scared cus I see dead people!

Chris Hemsworth is kind of cute.

Mango said...

Very sad about Greg Giraldo. He was so funny and very smart (graduated from Columbia U and Harvard Law).

Amy Adams looks great. I can't wait for her and Isla Fisher to play sisters in a movie.

Anne Hathaway's dress looks like an optical illusion.

Guess the rumors were wrong; Jennifer Garner looks very unpregnant.

@ Buffy CV - I don't think Bristol Palin is the painfully thin teen. In her DWTS official photo she looked very... robust. (Incidentally the PT teen is thought to be Miranda Cosgrove.)

GORGEOUS dress on Bar Rafaeli.

LOL @ Brooke Shields looking all "serious actor"-ish.

Catherine Deneuve is a timeless beauty, not that you would know it from that unflattering pic.

ellapetal said...

Greg, what a wonderful, smart, sweet, sharp man. What a horrible thing. I feel such grief for his loss and my heart goes out to his family and loved ones. It must be such an awful choice to make, and even harder when he had so much more life ahead of him. He had been such a rare joy to work with. He is already missed very, very much.

Karmen said...

I saw Greg at UMD open for Lewis Black two years ago. All of my friends and I thought he was funnier than Lewis Black. He will be missed.

lanasyogamama said...

RIP Greg. :(

I've always found Brooke kind of skull-y, and that pic is a good example.

Lots of Rachel Zoe clients at that event, whatever it was.

I think ppl that go to McD's like the comfort of knowing exactly what the food will look/taste like. Even if it's not good.

__-__=__ said...

Greg was really funny. RIP

Bar's dress is gorg!!

Is Bristol Palin really, really newsworthy for this site? Holy baconfuck!! Please make it stop!

(I've been waiting to use the term baconfuck since I first heard it. And this seems totally appropriate!)


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