Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Photos Part Three - LACMA Opening

The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art had an opening this weekend and lots of celebrities came out.

Nicole Richie
Roma Downey and her riding crop.
Teri Hatcher
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
A Valentino Orange dipped Christina Aguilera.
A very thin looking Don Cheadle.
Jaclyn Smith and the mysterious hand.
Joe Walsh.
Julie Chen who looks like she got out of the car, said "eff this," and messed all her hair up.
Kelly Lynch.
Monet Mazur.
Olivia Wilde


Pookie said...

nicole, i appreciate the effort, but you just could not pull that off.

christina, i love you...but w.t.H. omg.

jaclyn smith STILL looks fabulous. wow, go her!

lanasyogamama said...

Lots of plastic in today's pics!

RocketQueen said...

I love Kelly's outfit! Hot!

WTF happened to Teri Hatcher's face?? Maybe she's just stoned?

A rare miss by Nicole.

feraltart said...

Is Joe Walsh with Britt Eckland?

califblondy said...

Those are some ugly ass dresses.

Poor Christina just can't ever get it right, can she? She's a petite, nice-looking woman, but she just has to slut it up. I saw the previews of Burlesque last Saturday and that looks like my kind of trash.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, Hmmm dress not good on u.

Teri, Hmmm you look weird. What happen sweetheart, did Dr. Plastic stretched too much??

Christina's is way too wide...

Kelly Lynch, haven't seen her in a long time.

Monet Mazur, who is she?? Kind of weird looking.

lmnop123 said...

I happen to love Nicole's dress, think she looks elegant and am trying to find out the designer.

surfer said...

I agree, nomd - I love Nicole's dress (except for the thingy on her shoulder).

nunaurbiz said...

I'm wondering is this is the weekend that all the high-paid stylists went on a remote retreat somewhere, cos I'm not liking ANY of these looks (some are OK, but the rest, UGH!)

And I think I saw Olivia Wilde's dress somewhere before.

PotPourri said...

Joe Walsh? Albatross. Anyway, love Nicole's Dress, love all the dresses, but Teri Hatcher's is too safe, and boring.

PotPourri said...

Joe Walsh? Albatross. Anyway, love Nicole's Dress, love all the dresses, but Teri Hatcher's is too safe, and boring.

PotPourri said...

Joe Walsh? Albatross. Anyway, love Nicole's Dress, love all the dresses, but Teri Hatcher's is too safe, and boring.

TinselSass said...

@Lana's Blog - Lots of plastic in today's pics!

Great way with words!

If Terri H and Monet M look that freaky bad with a less than one inch face, imagine how horrific up close and personal?!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Sylvia: Monet Mazur is an actress who seems to mainly do second-string roles, and about whom I've only heard one tale...but it's a doozy. IIRC, back in the early '00s she & Adrien Brody were an item, until she landed a role in a Josh Hartnett vehicle, 40 Days and 40 Nights, at which point she dumped Adrien on his ass, allegedly sneering on her way out the door that this movie was going to make her a star, while he would never be anything but starving indie-movie boy. Fast-forward a bit: her movie tanked, and within a year or so he was off in Europe shooting The Pianist...and the rest is Academy Award-winning history.

So, Monet, how's that crow tasting? *evil grin*

Mango said...

The men look alright for the most part but it's pretty amazing that Jaclyn Smith is the best looking and best dressed woman at the LACMA thingie.

Nicole looks like a little girl playing dress up.

Roma Downey looks like she's wearing a nightie.

Teri Hatcher: Nice dress, scary face.

Rita Wilson: Not the disaster that spangly Prada monstrosity was, but she looks matronly in a dress that's an uninspiring color and should have done more with her hair.

Xtina: Orange skin, hair too long for that style, and from the neck down looks like Anna Nicole Smith before she lost all that weight.

Julie Chen has bed head.

Kelly Lynch: Body and hair look too thin.

Monet Mazur: Dress is the color of 1950's Florida motels.

Olivia Wilde has been photographed in that before (gasp!) and needs to pull up the bodice.


Mango said...

FTA: Read that Xtina's house is for sale. I recall how she was the popular guess to more than one cheating/separation blind.

Monty said...

Olivia Wilde is scary looking. Her alien head is even more frightening in real life.

Monica said...

Holy Hips, Xtina! Can't say I'm complaining, (I favor curves) but either she's pregnant again or she's put on some weight.

Firecat said...

Monet Mazur is obviously anorexic. I wonder how she still stands. She's dying.


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