Friday, October 01, 2010

Random Photos Part Three - With Some Fashion Week

Having trouble with your defroster in your car, no problem with this new hairstyle. If you call right now we will also send you the extended version for those tough corner spots on your ceiling.
For all of those Alice In Wonderland costume parties you are asked to attend.
For the lacrosse player who wants his mask blinged out.
For a place to put all your ornaments when you go Christmas shopping.
For the car insurance adjuster who has everything. I would have also accepted, Bobby Trendy's dream outfit.
For those spotty cell phone coverage areas.
Pants optional dinner parties.
Gisele Bundchen seems to be missing part of her mask.
Gavin showing his son how to spot the security cameras.
The real Halle looks as good as the airbrushed one.
Because I know you have been missing Hugh.

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane at the premiere of her new movie.
Like you are going to find author Janet Elder on any other site.


BigMama said...

first of all - when the first pic came up all I could think was "awwww, that little girl is dressed as JEM"

second - love me some Hugh :)

thirdly - I adore John M but he is creepy as hell lookin

SkittleKitty said...

I thought the first model had a bar code on her forehead.

Cheryl said...

Love Sade! Love Hugh Jackman!

Susan said...

Halle does look as good as the airbrushed pic, but if we all had a staff of stylists at our beckon call, wouldn't we all look fabulous 24/7?

delilah said...

gisele's chi-chis look like implants

jess said...

Stupid fashion.
--Is Halle losing weight or is she just tired? her face looks weird.
--Hugh looks hot in shorts :)

Robert said...

Those fashions look like they were lifted from Slaves of New York, or maybe The Fifth Element. Wow.

Fish said...

Janet Elder was great on Letterman last night.

RJ said...

I do not like Josh Brolin. Never have. Cannot say why I don't like him, but I have always gotten an off-putting vibe from him. I don't know anything about him, other than his work as an actor (which is good) and that he's with Diane Lane. Only seen him on the screen and in pictures, but he gives me the creeps.

kathrynnova said...

don't touch rick owens!!!!!! that was one of his best EVER shows!!!!!

his makeup+hair is always weird anyway.

Elle said...

God damn it Diane Lane, stop drinking from the fountain of youth and going back in time! Seriously, she looks about 12 here. Met her and she is beautiful in 'real life' too. Crazy as all hell but beautiful. said...

As he gets older, Gavin Rossdale is starting to get a sleazy mobster-type look about him.

Mango said...

Enty, I think Bobby Trendy would find that outfit too tame.

@ Delilah, Gisele has had a boob job. In her early pics she was fairly flat chested.

@john, I wanna know more about Diane Lane being crazy!

bionic bunny! said...

i love pants optional parties.
not that i would wear that outfit, but "pants optional"
still rocks!



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