Friday, October 01, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

John Malkovich with Peta Wilson.
I don't think there has ever been a Jonathan Pryce performance I did not like. And yes that includes the car commercials he did and Jumpin' Jack Flash.
Katherine Heigl and Josh Lucas. Then Josh goes and
gets together with all the other guys named Josh. Duhamel and Kelley.
Katie Holmes borrowed the fabric off my mom's old couch for this one. Here she is with Kerry Washington and Bailee Madison.
Later Katie hugged Adam Shankman with more passion than I have ever seen a Tom Cruise hug.
Kelly Lynch and Gina Gershon. They would be fun drinking companions.
An actual smile from Kate Moss.
This is what happens when you kiss Miley Cyrus.
Apparently Elin Nordegren shows you can also catch it from kissing Tiger Woods.
Lisa Rinna wins first place in the posed, but lets pretend it is random photo of the day.
Second place goes to Kristin Chenoweth, who has her hair done and is wearing full makeup for her "jog."
Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana.


Lissette said...

I love Kristen Chenowith, but she is becoming toooo skinny.

BigMama said...

Madonna - please, for goodness sakes, pass the freakin torch before it goes out in a cloud of mummy dust

NYer said...

I can't help it--I love me some madge.

RocketQueen said...

I actually thought that Kate Moss picture was Madge at first.

Majik said...

Am I the only one who really dislikes Kristen Chenoweth? I can't put my finger on why, but the full makeup and hair definitely fits with my perception of her.

jess said...

@RocketQueen I thought the same thing about Kate Moss, years of drugs are finally catching up.
--I also dislike Kristin Chenoweth, and I don't know why, it's not her voice or anything just...I don't know.

RJ said...

I can't decide if I like Kristin Chenoweth or I don't. I've heard really good things about her and some things that aren't so good. I always get the feeling that she's like one of those really popular girls in high school who are superduper, fake-friendly to so many people that it takes you until senior year to realize that she's really a bitch.

RenoBlondee said...

Something about Kristen bugs me as well. I really want to like her. I liked her alot on Glee, but I'm with you all....there is something about her that makes me think she's a bitch.

Pookie said...

omg, little bailey madison is adorable!

ok katie, what's up w/ the 1988 jessica mcclintock used-to-be-curtains dress?

i thought kate was madonna too...eep.

rinna has been taken lessons from speidi, apparantly.

Chrissy Buns said...

i love Kristin Chenowith. watching her on Pushing Daisies was pure delight. i also love Johnathan Pryce. he was in A Midsummer Nights Dream, the movie version, which i loved so so so much! and every time i see something with him in it, i know it will be a good movie.

mooshki said...

I loved Pryce's Infinity commercials.

I like Adam Shankman a lot, but the casting couch rumors about him are disturbing. :(

lanasyogamama said...

Being that thin is making Chenowith look OOOOOLLLLLLDDDD.

Henriette said...

What is it with Madge and those crosses? Isn't she Jewish now? I am waiting for her to convert to Islam. said...

Big Mama...LOLs at "mummy dust"

Monica said...

Kerry Washington is sooooooooo pretty. Prettiest one in today's photos, hands down.

Mango said...

No way is that Katherine Heigl!

I thought that Kate was Madonna also. And her boobs are all wonky in that pic. One headlight is pointing up and one down.

The other pics of Madonna in the D&G ads feature her scrubbing floors and washing dishes. As if.

shakey said...

Perhaps Katie was only too happy to be hugged by a man taller than herself.

bionic bunny! said...

you know, i've always loved kristen. but something has seemed off with her lately. can't put my finger on it, but i hope she comes back with a bang, o dear, that doesn't sound right.

madonna, i've never liked, ever. honest. and as time goes by, i like her less. wish she'd grow up and get over herself. i think she and i are close to the same age, and while i'm not old, i've got enough sense not to go strutting around in a bustier and embarrassing my kids in public. and i adopt BUNNIES, not collect kids for my ego.
ahem. rant over.
for now.

bionic bunny! said...

okay, i lied. she also looks ridiculous there. and if i WERE to don her type of undergarments, bet i could take well directed photos, too.
without the stupid glasses.

she tries way, way too hard, and always has.

Meg said...

I know it's probably crap, but I thought the trailer for Life As We Know It was cute. Maybe I caught it at a hormonal time. :)

I have seen bitches at my gym in full make up and once even with pearls on. I'm fairly certain a good friend of mine also runs in makeup. I'm not going to begrudge KC, although I do agree it is silly.

Danielle said...

I have never understand how Madonna got the nickname "Madge".. anyone know? My mom's name is Madonna and everyone calls her "Donna". I think "Madge" is totally bizarre.

__-__=__ said...

Madonna will continue this longer than Cher, mark my words. Which reminds me, I need to get to Brazil and find me a baby Jesus!

Electric Warrior said...

Guy Ritchie gave her the nickname Madge. And Michael K perfected it by calling her Vadge.

And i totally agree with everything RJ says about Kristin Chenowith, though I don't watch Glee at all, nor did I watch Pushing Daisies.

Kerry Washington is crazy beautiful and Katie Holmes looks...odd.

Fabulous! said...

madonna looks hot for her age and all, but can these advertisers selling clothes actually SHOW the clothes in their ads? all i'm seeing here is pantyhose. ooh, i'm just DYING to drop a bill on those. /eyeroll


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