Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Rachel Bilson and her leopard in Paris.
Rick Fox looks great. Eliza Dushku looks different though. Hair maybe?
Speaking of different, Vanessa Hudgens also looks different. I almost did not recognize her.
It must have taken 20 minutes for Selena Gomez to struggle into those pants.
Salma Hayek and her very lucky guy.
Sean Hayes meeting his fans outside his show.
I never thought I would say this about any Justin Timberlake movie but I can't wait to see The Social Network.
I love Taylor Dayne and I must have gone through 20 pictures looking for one with her eyes open, but this is the best I could do. I think she
may have had some recent work done.
Even when I cannot hear her Tyra Banks seems to irritate me.
Tom Cruise filming Mission Impossible 4.
Taylor Swift in the coat and
without. I really love this picture.
Tiger Woods and the other guys check out the butt of Katherine Jenkins.


Pookie said...

eeep...racehl b. looks so, jerseyish (sorry nj...but you know what i mean).

eeep. taylor dane. =O stop the madness, fo' reals.

awww...sweet swifty.

Anonymous said...

Rachel B. is dragging that dress.

Eliza might have done work on her face.

Vanessa H. for sure looks like she had work done on her face. Her eyes are bigger.

Taylor Dayne has duck lips.

RocketQueen said...

Wow @ Taylor Dane. She actually looks like a teenager there, yet I know she's a good decade plus ahead of me!

Vanessa H absolutely had something done. At her age, that's ridiculous.

I don't get the Rick Fox thing - wasn't he supposedly abusive to an ex?

Marna Palmer said...

I totally thought Taylor Dane was Kendra from the Girls Next Door. WHOOPS.

I think the reason Vanessa H looks different is that this is the first picture I've seen her where she's acutally looking at the camera head on as opposed to doing that dippy thing she usually does with her hair flopping over one eye.

That was a very long sentence.

MISCH said...

Oh Taylor Swift...I want those shoes

Yes Taylor Dayne looks swollen..eyes & lips.

PotPourri said...

Taylor Dane looks HORRIBLE. She should have stayed home until the horrible swelling was gone. She doesn't look human.

I LOVE that picture of Taylor Swift and her smooth walking legs, from behind.

Tommy Girl? meh. Vanessa should NOT HAVE HAD WORK DONE!

PotPourri said...

Oh, and Sean Hayes looks really, really good with that Dark Hair.

Elle said...

I will admit that I am warming back to Tommy Girl. Yes he's had his insanity (publicly) and he still has the crazy eyes but he is such a damn work horse, I have to give him respect for that. I read that he was in Tokyo for a premiere the night before he started shooting MI4, which is filming in Prague. Dayum! He's the star of the movie! - he could have asked for a long lie (I know my lazy ass I would have) - but he just bulldozed on. That's some stamina. I understand a little now why he's still in the game. I mean it's not like I had posters of him on my wall as a teenager and wished to marry him.... I just think that's cool. Okay that's all.

warmislandsun said...

Julianne Moore is so beautiful that she makes Padma look plain.

Tiger is a lifetime of gross.

lmnop123 said...

I got nothing against Tiger looking at this woman if she's single because now he is too and by the way she sorta looks like Elin.

Lissette said...

girl does look like Elin...freaky.
Okay, Eliza has had botox. But, when she thins out she looks very sculptured in her face. Go back and look at past pics, I have always been on the fence.
I think Vanessa looks different because she does not have the tan going on, the eye makeup is definitely different, the hair is slicked and she looks like she is using a different foundation (not that bronzed, natural glow she usually sports).
As for Tom, I have to tell you that I met him and Katie years ago (War of the Worlds premiere). He came to say hello to every single person against the barricade and, believe me, it was very, long and deep
line. He was gracious and very sweet with every single person. Made me a fan.

Lady J said...

Love the pic of Taylor Swift with her back to the camera. And I WANT those shoes.

Mango said...

Why does Rachel Bilson get to go to Paris week?? *whines*

I have to disagree with you, Enty, and I might be wrong (it's happened one other time before :P) but I think The Social Network looks like the stupidest most boring movie EVER. But then again I just don't get the obsession with Facebook, My Space, Twitter, et. al.

Without the captions, I would not have recognized Taylor Dane.

Taylor Swift really is so cute. I wonder if I can get her to marry one of my nephews (who must each be a good foot and a half shorter than she).

Hordaz1_01 said...

Vanessa looks different because she does not have her usual smirk

MadLyb said...

Rachel looks fabulous. So does 'Swifty' in that 2nd pic. She's doing the '20's flapper thing right there, and girl, it's working.

MadLyb said...

Tom - I'm sort of starting to love you for the first time this year. I dunno why.

Tyra is such an over-the-top narcissist that, I'm ashamed to say, when I catch her on the tube, I can't help myself. Gory car accident.

Mari said...

Years ago a friend of mine was waiting tables, they served Tom and Nic. Well Tom left his wallet, so my pal ran after them. Next day, he got a delivery of a leather crew jacket and a lovely note. I guess plenty of people would have sold the wallet to the Enquirer, this was in the days when Isabella was little and I guess a picture would have been worth a ton. I have to admit that no matter how nuts he gets, I always remember that.

Mari said...

Gack, I forgot to say Lissette's comment reminded me of that! Oops!

awesome balla. said...

dear lord, will taylor retire that freaking red lipstick and winged-out black liquid eyeliner already! it doesn't matter what she wears, she looks EXACTLY the same all the damn time. she's what, 20?, enjoy your youth and play with your look.

cece said...

Why, why, why do people get work done on their faces, etc? You can see every dent, every implant shoved under their skin, and it just looks sad. :(

ykkstuck said...

I've seen a pattern from $cientologists posting. They typically seem to use a single first name, like "John", or "Lissette" or "Mari".

I also see more of these posts when something damaging happens (typically around the church or Tom specifically - don't see it so much w/ JT)

Guess the company line is "yea, he can be ecentric, but he's a really good guy"

Fabulous! said...

since when did respecting someone for their work ethic = being a scientologist? i'm not sure i understand your logic here.

it is refreshing to see someone earn their fame by working their ass off, as opposed to getting famous off a reality show because of their felony drug arrests. if that makes me a scientologist, well.. i've been called worse.

Char said...

Tyra is SO annoying. The international versions of Top Model are SO SO much better than the US version, and I put that all on her.

LOVE Taylor Swift, she's so beautiful.


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