Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Three - With Some Fashion Week

I have to say that the shows held today in Paris were much better than the ones yesterday. Much harder to find strange clothes today. That being said, there were a few.

When you can't afford the entire bathing suit or when you want to impress your friends with the strangest tan lines ever.
For the black tie exercise classes we all attend.
If you have a mannequin fetish.
Because you can never have too many pockets.
It's not horrible it just reminds me of a female version of the tuxedo t-shirt look.
Not actually from Fashion Week, this was in London and it is entirely made from lettuce. It does not look bad either.
The Goldilocks planet has been discovered. The first planet ever found which is perfect for sustaining life.
Hayden P and her boxer.
I'm pretty sure you prefer the boxer so I threw one of him topless for you. It will make up for
my thoughts about Heidi Klum and a praline. I need a moment.
Jack Black being Jack Black.
Apparently they still do the whole champagne thing, even on buses.
The problem is you are left holding a deadly weapon. Oh, and she also cut herself.
Janet Jackson and her billionaire boyfriend.


PotPourri said...

I'm always gonna love Jack Black. He makes me laugh.

Pookie said...

i hope there were bunnies awaiting that lettuce dress.

the panatierre big ass bf creeps me the hell out.

lmnop123 said...

I agree with Pookie about the lettuce dress otherwise what a waste.

Heidi looks beautiful but she has no butt.

I want Janet's diet pills because the definitely are working miracles.

lmnop123 said...

I meant to write "they" are definitely working miracles.

mygeorgie said...

Am loving the new do Janet's rockin! Damn she's so beautiful!

Momster said...

The dress that reminds Enty of a tuxedo looks like a cheap star wars costume to me.

I saw Heidi's dress from the front on another site and it was gorgeous.

Mango said...

The model in the first pic needs to either hitch her boobs up or yank her top down. Those designs are not my cup of tea but at least they aren't the serious House of Fug from yesterday.

I'm always surprised at how much more vegetarian friendly the UK is than the US. We could learn from them, especially our restaurants, although at least some are realizing that a vegetarian option doesn't always mean a salad.

Re: the Goldilocks planet: let's colonize it and destroy that planet, too. :(

Heidi looks gorge. And Project Runway is on tonight. YAY!

I love the way Jack Black throws himself wholeheartedly into whatever he's doing.

nunaurbiz said...

Can't wait to see the scandalous cheating episode of Project Runway tonight!!!!!!! Hope it's GRETCHEN! :-/

MadLyb said...

I really want to live on the Goldilocks planet. It has to be better than this, eh?

I don't get the Heidi Klum adoration. Nothing against her - I'm just baffled. Her face looks like that of an adorable little boy. Again, absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I'm still baffled at the adoration.

Who is the lady breaking the bottle? I don't recognize her from the photos posted.

MadLyb said...

I must say though, that adorable little boy or not, Klum does have a most interesting face. I like her cheeks. Again, if she were a little boy, I'd probably pinch them while talking baby talk, but it would be very inappropriate if I were to do that to her.

lanasyogamama said...

How the heck do they effectively clean up all that glass? I'd have put a plastic bad down.

__-__=__ said...

Go Janet! I just have to wish her the best.


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