Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Sally Menke - RIP
At least Ashley Greene knows that Joe Jonas won't try to have sex with her.
Beyonce dancing with random neighbors in front of Jay Z's mom's house.
45 years of Days Of Our Lives being celebrated by Bill & Susan Seaforth Hayes.
Billie Joe Armstrong on his first day in American Idiot.
This is DJ Big Kap. I was going to ask where DJ Small Kap was, but judging from his size, I think DJ Big Kap ate him.
The original Alcoholics Anonymous working manuscript is going to be published. It is supposed to be fascinating how many changes were made and what it originally looked like.
Christie Brinkley won an award for being beautiful. Seriously. Who comes up with this stuff?
Lindsay Lohan in 5 years. No, actually it is a member of Cirque Berzerk which is coming to LA.
Catherine Zeta Jones doing her bit for Wales.
Ioan Gruffudd too.


strawberrygirl said...

That's pretty cool that Billie Joe joined the cast for 8 shows. All I keep seeing is Lea Michele's douche ass boyfriend in the background.

chopchop said...

I thought Al Roker was looking a bit gangsta.

amazonblue said...

RIP Sally Menke. What a tragic death. Her black Lab stayed by her side for hours and hours in the heat until she was found. She will be missed, I wonder how the future Tarantino films will look without her talents.

shakey said...

I wonder what Quentin's movies are going to look like now.

shakey said...

Jinx amazonblue. What happened to her, exactly? All I've read is that it was due to heat.

Susan said...

Beyonce usually annoys the crap out of me, but I am loving her dancing with the random peeps outside her mil's house.

CZJ looks fab.

The success of Green Day baffles me. I think they blow.

The pic of the red-headed fugadelic lady is nast.

amazonblue said...

According to the LA Times, Sally Menke went hiking with a friend and her dog around 9am on Monday in Griffith Park near the base of the Hollywood sign. Her friend turned back after a while and Sally continued. She was reported missing later that day, a search was started and they found her body at 2am the following morning. The coroner hasn't made a report yet, but it's probably heat related. Monday was the hottest day on record for downtown LA, 113 degrees. She was 56.

FrenchGirl said...

CZJ needs to change her stylist

califblondy said...

Doug and Julie...sigh. One of the best soap opera couples of all time.

Heat stroke is tough and can really sneak up on a person. I love my Lab even more now.

That AA draft looks like some of the marked-up briefs I used to type. My old attorney would change the changes and then change 'em again. Ugh.

Laura said...

SSH still looks amazing. If she's had plastic surgery, THATS the way to have it done.

PotPourri said...

Iaon Griffuds is scorching HOT!

Sherry R. said...

Doug & Julie ♥ ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ ♥ !

MadLyb said...

Doug and Julie! It's been decades since I've watched DOOL, but they are looking good.

That is very sad about Sally Menke. It's one of those things that just shouldn't have happened. I mean, you go hiking and the next thing you know, you're dead.

lmnop123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lmnop123 said...

I think Enty needs to leave DJ Big Kap alone. He looks like he'd put a cap in someone's ass.

Jillian S. said...

Really, Enty, a lame "looks like he ate him" fat joke? *eyeroll*

Sally Menke's friend is probably going thru all kinds of guilt right now. Sad. Stupid sun.

__-__=__ said...

Hypothermia is no joke. Can happen in heat or cold. And you won't know it until you're in trouble either. Be careful out there, everyone! Very sad.

Mari said...

Bye, Sally.
What a talent, and unlike some other editors, who toil in the back, QT put her out there, up front. Perfect partnership of creativity.
Heat and cold, well, 'exposure' are no joke, right on, @_-_=_ .


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