Friday, October 01, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Marcia Cross looks about as good as I have ever seen her look.
Mark Wahlberg and Noa Tishby at the Variety Power Women lunch. Nice of Mark to dress up.
Nazanin Boniadi and Kate Beckinsale at an Amnesty International event. Nazanin is one of very very very few celebrities who actually works for charitable causes without wanting any attention for herself.
An actor who is really underrated, Nestor Serrano.
One of the very few times Penn Jillette has ever been in the photos.
I think Russell Brand borrowed this from Katy Perry. See where the cleavage would be.
Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson.
I never think about Tatyana Ali and then she randomly shows up somewhere and I'm like, Oh yeah what has she been doing?"
Later Tyra Banks plans to go fishing and did not want to stop home first.
Tim Robbins - London
Tom Selleck stripping in the streets of New York.
Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and a fairly normal looking Whitney Houston. But for those of you who like crazy Whitney
here you go.


FrenchGirl said...

why did we never see Mark Walhberg with his wife ?

mikey said...

Weren't we just talking about Tom Selleck?

Lissette said...

I love Gina Gershon.
I love Aaron Johnson and I love Tom Selleck

BigMama said...

Marky Mark can show up nekkid and I'd be happy....seriously

I think I would actually like to hear what Tim Robbins sounds like....

Love me some crazy Whitney I just wish we had a companion pic of Bobby Brown drunk somewhere

RocketQueen said...

Just because he's in the photos....I watched "Get Him To The Greek" last night with Brand and Jonah Hill and holy hell - it was REALLY well done. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. See it!

jess said...

Tyra's face has been looking awful/sick, with the net over her face she actually looks not so bad.

--Tom Selleck is wearing a lot of make up..

angelina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
angelina said...

Alicia, enough with those dumb ass head pieces, you are not a princess or in any tribe

tigerjen77 said...

Actually Angelina, ALicia is in a tribe. The homewrecking whore club.

angelina said...'re right, her hair piece distracted me from the TRUTH, lol

Pookie said...

oh helllllo mark w.

flame me, but i love beckinsale. she's the gorge.

wth trya?

non-crazy whitney looks good!

Bubbles said...

Agreed Pookie, non crazy Whitney looks very good. Wonder if they slipped her into rehab?

Is it really possible to wreck a home that's already destroyed or are men leaving situations where they're perfectly content and happy these days? Just wondering why women are always the whores and not the men who probably cheated with many women throughout the marriage.

Chrissy Buns said...

@tigerjen77...HAHAHAHAHA! that is the FUNNIEST thing i have seen all freaking day! nice one!

and i cannot STAND Tyra. she was so amazing and gorgeous in her time, and it really went to her head(notice the 5 head). now she thinks she is still so relevant and she still does that dumb 'smiling with her eyes' thing that is sssooo dumb! when she is trying to look smoky and seductive, she just looks like she has indigestion. wow, i just totally went off on Tyty, yikes!

lanasyogamama said...

Marcia is a few years late on the really big bag thing. said...

There's this woman at work that looks just like Mark Wahlberg in the face. I find it quite amusing.

tigerjen77 said...

Trust me that if there had been a picture of Swizz Beats I would have happily inducted him into the Immoral Scumbag dirty S.O.B club.

[ ♥ тαммι ¢нєяιѕє ] said...

Sigh. Why, Aaron, WHY!?! </3

Henriette said...

This pic of Whitney made me think of the Waiting to Exhale sequel, Getting to Happy. Terry McMillan was interviewed in my local paper about how she is working on the script for the sequel and all the original cast is lined up, except Whitney. McMillan said: "if Whitney is healthy enough." Makes me think there are problems with Whitney and her old habits.


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