Sunday, February 03, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 26, 2019

I think this team thinks if they wish hard enough they can make the not true, true because there is no way this former tweener turned A- list singer has the amount of sobriety her team says she has.

Demi Lovato


Caity said...


Astra Worthington said...

I don’t want her to die or anything but I really dislike her and wish she’d go the fuck away, out of the public eye, forever. She’s like Meghan Markle, just utterly unlikable and it oozes out of them. Smarminess and arrogance and just plain bad vibes.


Bluestar said...

MM is here to stay unfortunately. Her new PR guru is making sure she's going to intimidate and dominate the waves aggressively going after negative sounding social media participants. Even DM cowering,m - banning, removing content. Reminiscent of Goebbels. Ah well stay tuned as it's a bad day for free speech and humor filled entertainment. Lives will be shattered by this pretentious pregnant lady. Merely having a blog or opining about hair, nails, feet, makeup, the usual sop will land you in a place worse than quicksand.

Astra Worthington said...

I read that DM article about them doxxing her “haters”. I miss the old internet, when you could talk shit about anyone and everything and everyone just kind of dealt with it. Because the internet is fun and all but it isn’t real life. And it was better before, when only a certain type of person really spent time on it. They may have been basement dwelling nerds but they were a lot thicker skinned than the normie crybabies begging for censorship and throwing tantrums because they are exposed to dissenting opinions.

Andi said...

Everyone used to hate Kate, it's just now moved onto Meg. Neither was going to marry you, so just get over it & move on. Most of the hate against use the pathetic excuse that Meg does the big smile & wave thing taht all celebs do at events, but british royals aren't supposed to do. Free speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. If these people have got some much time & energy on their hands, they should do something useful & execise, I saw the pics in the DM, they could all stand to lose at least lose 20 lbs if not more.

Bluestar said...

The bigger issue than writing about the likes of Kate or Meghan or Diana or whomever (and marry them? Oh please and corn are you 12). The larger issue centers around free press/free speech. One person's opinion will never be the same as another's so if one tries to persecute or threaten where does it lead? Many truths have been exposed by a free press - so forget not past censorships at your own peril. I'll stop being so terribly heavy but remember one might not agree with your opinions but one acknowledges your right to voice them.

Astra Worthington said...

Exactly, Bluestar. I talk shit about tons of people, I like having that freedom. If people like Andi F get the censorship they’re wanting, then they will eventually be guilty of being on the wrong side and get the public shaming and “consequences” that they’re so eager to see others get. And they’ll deserve it.

These are the people that wanted the Patriot Act, they’re the types that say shit like “if you aren’t doing something wrong, then why do you care if the government is monitoring you?” The types that will give up every freedom they have, just to spite someone else, or “feel safe”. It’s pathetic.

Too bad someone won’t doxx her for fat shaming those women. Isn’t that a big no-no nowadays? Somehow I doubt Andi F is an oil painting herself.


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