Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 20, 2019

Despite indications to the contrary, this former A list mostly movie actor does not feel the least bit sorry about his behavior.

Kevin Spacey


Jimbonius said...

Who would expect him to? None of them regret, just regret getting caught/called out.

Do Tell said...

Is that what you call a sociopath?

:| raven |: said...

Do Tell


affanattic said...

I mean… obviously. I only made it about 30seconds in to his in-character YouTube address from a couple months ago and it was very obvious he's an appalling and unconscionable sociopath.

Amartel said...

Um, what indications to the contrary?

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Brayson87 said...

No sh!t, he's not that good of an actor. Throw him in a bus with a high school boys soccer team, guaranteed at least a few won't escape with their virginity intact. He's so f*cking stupid about everything that he could have made a convincing case for having a sexual addiction or being a nympho if he didn't overwhelmingly seem to prefer underage children. Pedo is as pedo does.

rowboatsyndicate said...

Roscoe Arbuckle

Fifi LaRue said...

The attitude of a psychopath. Sociopaths kill. Neither have a conscience.

timebob said...

Predators don't feel remorse what they have done. They only regret getting caught.

BRAD PITT said...

i sincerely doubt his odd video was in any way a threat to the royal family

if he did that , he'd be dead by now


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