Saturday, March 02, 2019

Blind Item #1

That real estate deal by that A list rapper, which I told you was a sham just before year end, unraveled during a period of time when I am forbidden from discussing such matters.    The tabloids are lying when they say the A list rapper lost a big deposit, because he never submitted a bid.  He actually made a relatively small amount of money.  He was paid by the owner who is trying to sell - the whole thing was a plan to get a lot of press & drum up interest.


Tink said...


Tink said...

Miami apartment

Thot Crimes said...

Kim's Christmas gift from Kanye.

Troy Dyer said...

“unraveled during a period of time when I am forbidden from discussing such matters”

Hahahahahahaha I think the last time we had a true KFF was in 2009.

+1 Kanye and the Miami condo

JL said...

Who falls for this kindof thing. Their shilling is so transparent.

Trapped said...

Anything for a $$$$$$

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Speaking of Real Estate:
I have listed Four Las Vegas Motels (non-gaming & netting +/-$1.1 Million annually) and Twelve Rented SFR's For Sale!

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Unfortunately, there are no celebrity spokespersons involved!


Thanks, Enty!

Guesser said...

@David Howes, call up a Kardashian, it seems to help make more $. This is written as if it's a bad thing,nobody lost money. Except maybe the new buyer?

Randaleese said...



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