Sunday, May 12, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 2, 2019

Billboard Music Awards

"Look at my weight loss program. And it's vegan too."

A list rapper as she did lines of coke while getting ready.

Cardi B


HushHush said...

Is the gasoline they use in refining cocaine vegan too?

J said...

Rapist. Fuck her.

C’est Vrai said...

If you watch that video of her where she is showing where her vagina is you can clearly see lines on the table and a pile of coke, and some sort of straw...take a look at the video... I feel sorry for her baby. That kid doesn’t even have a chance.

SunshineLuna said...

Also, there’s a story in Page Six about her having liposuction after giving birth.

HeatherBee said...

Fun fact: 90% of the cocaine seized by the DEA in 2017 was cut with the deworming drug Levamisole. One of the many awful side effects of the drug is skin rot.

Sd Auntie said...


Andi said...

Actually this sounds funny.

At least she's more honest than most of them.

Vita said...

It's kind of a funny comment. you just need to disregard the baby and the allegations, etc.😒

HeatherBee-- OMG-- and most are snorting it right up near the brain...lovely...we have no idea what the long range effects of most of the otc drugs are going to be, either.😟

hunter said...

I'm with Andi - Cardi B is a lot of things but she's not dumb and she IS funny.

I bet she's a hell of a good time to hang out with.

I like that she leaves her kid in NYC when she has an overnight gig in another state. Why should she sweat all that? I used to think she was disgusting street trash and I actually really like her (though she can be quite trashy, sniff!).

Krissie said...

Can we stop pretending vegan is healthy god damn

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Vita said...

Oops, meant rx drugs, not otc

orangesoda said...

How is she more honest than most of them? She's literally LYING to all of her fans and the media and god knows who else about everything that she digs her grubby little fingers into. She's filth.


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