Sunday, May 12, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 3, 2019

Although the kitchen staple name of this former A list group from back in the day makes it sound as if there are just two members, there were actually three. In that big reunion tour headlined by the band with the New Edition connection, though there will only be two members. The third was fired so the other two don't have to share the money from the tour.



HushHush said...

As big as their hits were, Push it, and Gotta man, they signed contracts that bled them dry. In fact many of the early rappers did, like story line in Straight Outta Compton. That's why the old school is touring today. That, and that they're awesome.

Nichole Lafayette said...

You called this one @ enty.

Andi said...

Spin was the DJ was S & P rapped, she is interchangable, sortof like Jazzy Jeff.

Vita said...

They didn't even tell her privately before the announcement. She was always in the group at the beginning, so that's a shit move. So many of their songs were catchy AF, I dont know what role Spin had in that, but this bums me out.

hunter said...


Moose said...

Spinderella can’t cut it up one time,...😟

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Vita said...

Spin got cut out of the whole mix!😡


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