Saturday, July 27, 2019

Blind Item #2

Some of the victims of the former A+ list singer are shopping a reality show deal. They think they are that famous now that people are interested in seeing their lives. It isn't a getting your life back on track thing, it is a hey, we're famous so follow us around because everyone wants to know about us. 


Tricia13 said...

R Kelley?

detown359 said...

Those "girlfriends" of R. Kelly

Aquagirl said...


Pissoff said...

Some people deserve to be "victimized".

Trapped said...

R Kelly crazy girlfriends they need deprogramming
No one needs to see how scared you are

James Howlett said...

And it'll end up on TV because if there's a chance to milk a tragedy there is money to be made.

J said...

#metoo going according to plan.

Collateral Justice said...

While pretending that more than one victim was not statutory rape while grooming children into whores is a given.
This is not about adult victims but underaged
DRUGGING and sexual exploitation of chemically enslaved
Why the hell would anyone need to capitalize children?
IS in
The same denial that hero worship the perverts and pedophiles who run the shit show.

Victimhood shamming is all you perverts have and may you choke on it.

Florence Harding said...

What does this have to do with metoo? From what I understand, the women who are pursuing tv gigs are the ones who are claiming NOT to be victims

Collateral Justice said...

"What does this have to do with metoo?"
Pound Me Too was a deflection for Pedo-Blackmail that controls both Pedowood and the DC Swamp Rats.
All because Hollywood sucked on the festering sores of Hillary's c*nt and now have rot mouth.

May the Pedo-Blackmail empire wipe the blood off clueless lemmings and enjoy the PAIN.
Eat the PAIN.
Die with dignity.

Samantha the 1st said...

R Kelly's victims?

If it will help someone, why not.

Please don't let it be a dating show because, that would be a horribly mixed message.

CJ please don't call it 'pound me too.' It wasn't me too's fault that their valid movement was co opted by social media.

A lot of people (men included btw, so I'm not sure why misoygnists hate it) talked about their victimization and found it cathartic.

It is not the victims' faults if people chose to mock it all, or refused to listen.

It is not the public's fault if authorities shrug.

Samantha the 1st said...

"From what I understand, the women who are pursuing tv gigs are the ones who are claiming NOT to be victims"

Then I hope those 2 fembots do not get a TV series. The world, especially impressionable youths, do not need to hear that what he did was fine.

Collateral Justice said...

"... It is not the public's fault if authorities shrug." partial edit @Samantha the 1st
Is that like f*ck da kids? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This is why the Pedowood gets away with an open secret and pedophilia in general.

Well trained lap dogs of Pedo-Blackmail industry grovelling for crumbs left on the table.
I guess a whore has to eat but pimping out children is a reality clouded in denial and apathy.

Samantha the 1st said...

CJ no - how did you get that from what I said??

I'm the very OPPOSITE of to heck with the victims. OPPOSITE

People are making fun of #metoo by calling it 'pound me too' and saying it's worthless and so on.

What I said was it helped people even if the authorities did not do as much to the perps as some hoped they would.

Why are you mocking #metoo though?

MountainMama said...

I see they continue to be exploited. I hope they can take the money and get therapy. Their parents basically sold them so they will continue on this path of thinking they are a commodity unless they get help.

Bloggybutt said...

Sad. These girls were so brainwashed and controlled by him, and seem to have lost themselves.

Marisa said...

Way to encourage whore behavior


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