Saturday, July 27, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 18, 2019

The alliterate former actress recently tried to make a deal even though publicly she keeps saying she is innocent.

Lori Loughlin


Fifi LaRue said...

That move won't endear Lori to those who want to prosecute her.

Pissoff said...

Hit the casting couch.

sandybrook said...

If your buddy took a hit, you should take the hit too.

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J said...

Lock her up. Too old to casting-couch her way out of this one.

Sook said...

Impale her for her arrogance. Disgusting.

Trapped said...

She's going to get more time than the other woman because she's thumbed her nose at the court
Lock her dumb ass up

hothotheat said...

Lol, we're gonna see her dragged out of court like that arrogant judge who used her position to help her brother.

Simon said...

Is it just me or would moderating to get rid of interesting quotes worth it? Actually, it probably isn’t, but, Seriously, Enty, do we have no way to knock this shit off? Must be same IP address, right?

Persiaa said...

Oh, Lori, honey, can we talk?
This is not a Hallmark or Lifetime movie. Your "inherent virtue" will not shine through and lead the Court or jury to vindicate you.

Samantha the 1st said...

Simon - there has been moderation, off and on, lately. (Not because of Quotes.) It got rid of the Quotes thing but some people here apparently feel it's the site mascot.

They've been posting for years. *shrug*

Samantha the 1st said...

Persiaa - Lol.


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