Thursday, July 25, 2019

Blind Item #8

The never seen husband of this southern reality star hooked up with one of the female cast members of the show.


Tricia13 said...


Tricia13 said...

Cameron Eubanks/Katherine?

Count Jerkula said...

Hot blond hubby and the one who broke up with the closeted pillow guy.

Natalie said...

Cameran and madison.

Tricia13 said...

Hahah what?
Jason (definitely) and- Noemi? Nah she’s with a hot dude and happy.. but Craig is mos def in the closet. My friend and her family are his neighbors (in his most recent house). Very nice guy by all accounts. Awesome dog

Troy Dyer said...

Kenya Moore’s husband

Glue said...

Cameron's Jason is a good guess for the hubby. Madison is a good guess for the hookup, and so is Eliza (since she and Jason are close) but are either one of them an actual "cast member?" As far as I know, they are just "friends of the cast."

Glue said...

Oh wow if we are going to the Kenya Moore route, then talk about stickin' it to your enemy if it's Moore's hubby and Porscha. O_o

Count Jerkula said...

My guess based on after the closet case she diving for a wallet, before she jumps the shark.

If it said past cast member would surely be Langdon.

texasrose said...

Blind doesn't say if a current hook up. Could be chelsea from Southern Charm and Jason and just never been mentioned because awkward but no hard feelings. Might have happened years ago if both longtime Charleston residents.

Samantha the 1st said...

There's more than one southern reality show but...if it's Southern Charm?

Cameran's doctor hubby, who won't appear on the show (his voice does cameos on Cameran's phone call scenes), and...who?

But I can't quite imagine the mild mannered Elvis the dog loving geek betraying his perfect wife?

So is this a Southern Charm NoLA blind?

Samantha the 1st said...

CJ do you think Landon and Ashley are pros?

Samantha the 1st said...

Naomie is my least favorite. She, imo, did anything she had to do, to get on that show. That doesn't make her unique, but her lack of charisma coupled with the way she pretended that fake relationship with Craig was real, and was willing to humiliate him, does.

Naomie's boyfriend Mehtul did not forbid her to go on that trip. Naomie brooked a deal with the producers so she could have featured camera time by being the ONLY one of the past/existing cast who would agree to film with Ashley. (Eliza doesn't count. Producers brought Eliza in, because she knows and is friend with Thomas and Ashley and is neutral about Ashley, and was willing to play along.)

I do not know that about Naomie (this is a gossip site - disclaimers apply), but I would bet on it being so. She is thirrrrrsty. She also is not a real friend to any of the cast. If the producers wanted Naomie to be the series villain, she would turn on them in an instant.


Samantha the 1st said...

Did anyone notice whose face is on the Amazon image of SC this year? Naomie is the face of SC on Amazon this year.

Since she's not popular with viewers and was a 'friend' not official cast until this season, why was she chosen?

None of the existing cast would agree to film with Ashley. They had to 'surprise' spring her on them. Only Naomie would agree to sit down with her. But Naomie is peddling a nice girl image, and pretends to be Kathryn's friend, so how to explain that sit-down?

"Mehtul made me miss that trip!"

This season is blah as dishwater btw. They need a villain. Naomie needs to sack up and show her true colors and be one. That side of her leaks out anyway.

But Naomie has no charisma or style. (Pink headband? Peach jumpsuit?) So if I were in charge I'd fire her, and find someone as mean as Ashley but half as crazy.


Count Jerkula said...

Wasnt it on here it was rumored that Landon was doing sugardaddy sites? She probably lookin for high dollar, kept woman, cause she gots the batshit goin on, but i would spend $500 for a night of using her as a sausage warmer.

hhstarr said...

Yes, Count. It was. Don't know if it is true, but they def brought her in just for the show, three seasons ago, as they seem to do. It makes me sad that it would be Cameron's husband. That makes me lame, I know. Also, he is supposed to be on screen at some point this year, according to producers. Cameron is also reporting on her Instagram she gained weight lately, but not from a baby.

Samantha the 1st said...

Count - yes that was a blind here.

There have been a lot of rumors online about Landon and Ashley both being polo girls. I think they knew each other before Ashley appeared on SC. I think Landon even got her the part?

I've seen a few 'stories' posted around the 'net about people who claim they "knew" Ashley was polo-ing (kinda like yachting but on land, at polo games, if anyone wonders) but wondered if anyone else here heard. No way to discern if those totally anonymous droppings on the net are BS or not. And yes that's ironic since I am commenting and asking here.

But I thought someone here might have a fresh perspective. It's not a SC comment area so, less likely any regular would have a grudge against the two.

hhstarr said...

There was actually mention of Ashley being a polo yachter on last seasons southern charm. Someone on the show told Thomas, based on people they knew over there telling them (I dont remember who). But now of the producers is also a cast member, Whitney, and he lives in LA. Both Ashley and Landon were from there.

orangesoda said...

Do you guys actually watch this crap? Legit honest question. If yes, then why?

hhstarr said...

I binge watched it this summer while painting my condo because it was on demand and I LOVE Charleston and wanted to see in the houses. It's pretty mindless though. And once Thomas was gone, most of the pretty house views left too. But I live in SC so there is that too. (Northern transplant)

Hedda Chopper said...

Emily from a Rose from Emily by William Faulkner.

Samantha the 1st said...

"Do you guys actually watch this crap? Legit honest question. If yes, then why?"

Because we are peasants with empty lives, per some of the other commenters here. :p

Because sometimes you just want escapism. This particular series, in its early years, was interesting because of the real life drama, mainly Kathryn and Thomas.

Now Thomas is off the series and Kathryn is very subdued. I think he wore her out, with all his shenanigans.

Producers are not good at their job and were lucky enough for lightning to strike, but they don't know how to re-create it or keep it going. This season was BORING. You can see they clumsily tried to create drama by sabotaging Kathryn's sobriety. How many times do they need to take her to a bar, a winery and a place that cooks with weed?

Maybe her alleged positive marijuana test was because someone got something in her food at that last place, even though she said no. She seems a bit self sabotaging and all the fight has left her. She should've walked. Someone should've stood up for her. A drop of weed oil or something and she could lose her kids. But she also seems immature at times and I think she really wanted to be famous. So she does what they tell her to do.

I don't watch anything else on Bravo, and I don't watch a lot of trash TV but it's good to have that nonsense to turn to, when the world seems over-complicated. Until that trash TV becomes over-complicated too, by fouling its own nest.

I also watch educational TV when I'm not watching trash TV. What sort of lofty fare do you prefer?


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