Saturday, August 24, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #6

August 16, 2019

If one more person comes forward, this A list singer is going to lose that super high paying/don't have to do anything really for the money television gig. That would be brutal considering the host of the show was allowed to stay and has had several raises after his misconduct was exposed.

Katy Perry/Ryan Seacrest


sandybrook said...

Big difference ... Bitch kissed a girl and liked it, Seacrest didn't. They both grabbed guys though.

Run4funs said...


YummyBoogers said...

Does the Velvet Mafia protect closet-cases? If so, this would explain how Seacrest was able to come out unscathed...

Flashy Vic said...

Can Katy molest me please?

Flashy Vic said...

How do you get possible 'your turn' questions to Enty?

I've a few I'd like to run past him but he'd probably be wise to ignore:

Who was the one that got away and what the fuck did I...sorry... you, do wrong?

Have you ever fucked someone of your gender?

What old kids show theme from your childhood makes you almost cry tears of nostalgia and why is it the theme tune from Camberwick Green?

What sport do you think is just complete and utter arse?

Belfast, would you visit it and if so then what the fuck is wrong with you?!

Cable, network or streaming? Big fight!

Unknown said...

how to find solution/answer to old blind items? i'm reading an old 4/2/18 blind item that many think solution is melanie griffith / tatum o'neal. however, there is also an actor and/or director involved. do I have to read all of the items tagged 'Blind Item Revealed' until I find the reveal? I'm a new patreon member of Enty's Podcast and this site is fascinating. Thanks.

Weekittylass said...


None that I can think of
Strictly dickly
Again, none that I can think of
Why not Belfast? But I prefer Dublin or Cork
Cable and some streaming

Anonymous said...

Supposedly the old school velvet mafia founded by Merv Griffin is still very powerful in Hollywood and can protect their members, of which Ryan is the #1 member mentored by Mr. Griffin himself.

Pizza said...

if the celebs name has been posted in a reveal it should show up when you search it on the site. search bar is on the right.

Substance D said...

I wish Katy would do a cover version-
Fun fact: Sam Shepard was in this group.

Samantha the 1st said...

Unknown at 4:29 PM -

"how to find solution/answer to old blind items?"

Wish I knew! I would suggest probably just reading a month or so forward.

Vic -

1. I dunno
2. None, breakups are for a reason
3. No
4. None
5. All
6. Sure, but not top of list
7. Streaming

Samantha the 1st said...

Bingo, MissDavie

Anyone remember when AI had 2 hosts? I thought the other guy was more fun to watch. Suddenly he's gone. From that time on it seemed obvious someone had friends in high places.

He will always get what he wants.


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