Saturday, September 28, 2019

Blind Item #1

This A- list dual threat actor who saw his latest television project crash and burn confused a whole lot of people when he married a woman. The alliterate actor did the same thing. It doesn't mean they still aren't hanging out at the disgraced director's parties and leaving the wives home.


MDAnderson said...

Sean William Scott and Matthew Morrison hanging with Bryan singer

JL said...

Always on the money MD.

Anonymous said...

It is finally time to say it. It's almost 2020. A lot of men are bi-sexual and even more men are heteroflexible. The wives may not even care any more. Straight couples are cruising Grindr. The entire dynamic of sexuality as we used to view it is over.
IMO it's just a matter of what the arrangement is. Make your arrangement with your partner and stick to it...and if you can't then revise it...and if that doesn't work then dissolve the partnership.
In this case the wives could very well know that what hubby is doing is the equivalent of them spending an evening or weekend with a producer or other big wig for a role or even just to be "out there" and in consideration for roles. They may think it's no big deal. Who knows?
I would imagine the guys being mentioned are a little old for the Singer crowd though but I'm sure there are other power players who like men with a little maturity on them.

Troy Dyer said...

Sean William Scott/ Matthew Morrison

Sd Auntie said...

singer is still having parties??? what a guy!

Jacqualine said...

I was thinking Darren Criss and Matthew M.

Pathetic Drive By Troll said...


No. Just: F_ckin' NO.

Your understanding of statistics is beyond horrible.

Consider the two following true statements about United States socio-economic statistics:

(1) The vast majority of Black Americans are Middle Class or better;
(2) A clear majority of the poor people in the USA are Blacks.

They look like contradictions, but both are true. Go check the f_ckin' census.

Knowing what fraction of group A belongs also to group B, tells you nothing at all about what fraction of group B belongs to group A, unless a lot more statistical info is available.

So let's look at the relevant statistical information more or less easily available/verifiable, about your beyond stupid, hopelessly ridiculous logic:

The fraction of Americans on Grindr is a vanishingly small fraction of the total population of the USA.

According to Google, ~4,250,000 out of ~330 million Americans. That's just a little over 1%.

(And that's *all* Grindr subscribers; the hard number for regular users is probably way lower, as with all social media ... maybe half or even a quarter of that.)

Also, only about 3% of all Americans are LGTBQ (says the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, year after year -- go f_ckin' look it up yourself).

That means 97% of Americans are heterosexual. So, there are about 10 Million LGTBQ Americans, and about 320 Million straight Americans.

Now, let's hallucinate that Grindr is so "flooded" with straights and "flexistraights", that 4,000,000 out of the ~4,250,000 subscribers are all straight, and only ~250,000 are LGTBQ.

That would have the straights outnumbering the gays 16:1 (and we all know that IRL the actual ratio maybe more like [straight:LGTBQ = 1:2], if not far fewer straights).

That would be 4 million straights out of 320 million (or just a little over 1%), but 250,000 out of 10 million LGTBQ people, which is 2.5%. Even in this completely exagerated case.

Which means we can know that even in some Bizarro World where the straights on Grindr outnumber the LGTBQ people 16:1, Grindr is still way more culturally significan to Queer folk than straights.

Similarly, we can also calculate, that IRL [the 1:2 scenario ], participants would be at most about 0.4% of straight people, but at least 28% of LGTBQ people. (Sounds about right, right?)

So, yes, factually, Grindr is "getting flooded" with "heterosexuals"; but that's like one in every 250 straight people on Grindr, or less, versus about one in every three LGTBQ people on Grindr, or more.

Conclusion: most heterosexuals by orders of magnitude, aren't on Grindr, at all. It has zero impact on straight culture, except on the extreme margins, who are probably all just closeted gays anyway.

In fact, at least 15% of Americans still aren't even f_ckin' on-line, while probably every gay person in America knows about Grindr, even if they don't use it ...

... so, very likely something more than one quarter of straight Americans probably haven't the least f_ckin' clue what Grindr even is. Beatrice in Peoria hasn't a f_ckin' idea what you're talkin' about.

So, although your one observation is sound ('Grindr is being flooded ...'), in fact the number of straights and "flexistraights" on Grindr tells you exactly jack-squat about the sexuality of straight Americans.

Your sociological observation is completely, totally, hopelessly full of cr@p.

Stop making sh!t up, and go learn some f_ckin' statistics.

TheBPlot said...

Pathetic, if you had something to contribute i missed it bcause your post was tooooo loooong and rambled. Thats time you will never get back and could have been volunteering away from a computer. Out of your house. Around people. Making friends in real life. Away from the computer. Engaged in reality.

Unknown said...

Come again? I didnt catch your point.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Thanks for the numbers

I'm divorced. I have zero interest in any type of internet app dating or swinging. That's not how I make friends.

DCThrowback said...

well done Drive by Troll

Yaccub said...

Love this - nailed it

Yaccub said...

Statistics are clearly not your strong suit

Pink Blood said...

You didn't take into consideration that statistics include only out LGBT folks and not those in the closet for various reasons. It's way more than 3%. Surely not half or more of American citizen are LGBT, that would be impossible, but if you count also the closeted ones the percentage grows quote a bit.

Unknown said...

Pathetic Drive By Troll
Finally, a well informed post.

Good on you.

Stupidpervs said...

Go write a book and publish it so I can not read it as well

DWelsh said...

Pathetic, THANK YOU. I'm so sick of idiots trying to push this Kinsey scale shit on us. Most people are straight - get over it.


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