Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 12, 2019

They really want to get this right and are willing to go to extremes to show people the relationship is real. It isn't, but I look forward to the time when the north of the border singer tries to show everyone how much he is into the foreign born A- list singer and they try to have sex on Facebook Live.

Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello


Brayson87 said...

What, like her pegging him or him making her wear a football helmet?

Pissoff said...

I'd watch them try to have sex on Facebook live.

Anonymous said...

I think the PR team told them not to break up yet for if they do it in the midst of the internet making fun of their relationship, it’ll be a confirmation that it is all fake. They have to ride with each other now until the buzz dies down lol

sandybrook said...

I dont think they are going to do that Entern unless its a PPV. I would try and pirate a video from Vivid though.

Brayson87 said...

What's funny is that now the whole world knows Camila Cabello is a beard, her stock is sh!t. People are going to question if every new guy she gets with is closeted.

Anonymous said...

If you still have questions about whether he's gay, look at his pictures in 2015 and compare with now. It's not the way, he's totally different, you see it in his eyes.

Village Guru said...

I've never seen a full body shot of Mendes. Does he have a nice ass?

Naomi said...

Bad connection or failure to launch? 🤣😂

Shawn:"Okay this relationship aint working, what else can i do to convince ppl I'm not gay?"

Me:"Boy how about YOU stop bringing it up 🤣 Stop talking about it bc honestly nobody cares abt it.


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