Monday, January 18, 2021

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind

This sitcom which ran for a number of years several decades ago is still popular.  If one was to look at the books one would notice something a bit odd - A large monthly payout to a member of the crew.

The show starred an actor whose most famous role was in a popular film that had a question regarding who actually directed it. He is now more of a character actor. Also on the show was the brother of a permanent A list actor.

However, the payout is due to an incident that occurred between another actor on the show and a crew member.

This actor is generally a placid guy but physically huge - big and muscular. These days he is associated with an iconic cartoon character.  The crew member used to goad the actor, attempt to bully him, until he one day he said the wrong thing and the actor hit him. The blow caught the crew member in the head and caused permanent brain damage which is what the monthly payments are to settle.     

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