Thursday, January 21, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Water Diet

It all started when she (former A+ list singer in a group) was a sophomore in high school. She had a boyfriend she really liked and would do anything for him. The couple had sex several times. Then, all of a sudden the guy dumped her. She had no clue as to why. She became convinced it was because she was too fat (she wasn't) and did a water diet where she lost well over twenty pounds in a couple of weeks. The guy still didn't take her back. She didn't understand. Well, behind the scenes, a sibling had threatened to kill the boyfriend if he didn't stop seeing the singer. So, the boyfriend stopped. It turns out the sibling needed the singer to focus on music. He also needed her to be available to be passed around to record executives and other men who could do them favors. The singer just assumed it was because of her weight and never let herself gain weight again.

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