Friday, January 22, 2021

Four For Friday - Bad Decisions

#1 - This former A- list actress who yachts more now than she acts, was on a cursed show. Back during the run of the show, she let herself be photographed naked with the girlfriend of a disgraced photographer. He uses those to coerce her into other sexual situations.

#2 - This foreign born athlete turned actress made a lot of bad decisions in her career, which saw her peak about A- list, but this one crushed her career. In one of her first films that made her a star, she hooked up with this A+ list actor. Later, when she was down on her luck, she threatened to tell the world they were now having an affair. He didn't give into her demands, and she hasn't managed to land anything good since.

#3 - This three named actress did a lot of drugs. She drank a lot of booze. All of those things hurt her career, but the thing that really caused her career to come crashing down was when she was busted for hooking up with this married permanent A+ list mostly movie actor. The actor lost a ton of money in the divorce that followed. He accused our actress of leaking the affair to the tabloids so she could marry the actor.

#4 - This almost HGTV star lost his show before it aired because he was caught in bed with the wife of a higher up at the company.

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