Monday, January 18, 2021

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

Many years ago, two of the worst people of all time, call them A and B, worked out an arrangement.  To finalize this arrangement, A sent a representative to meet B.  This is recorded history and is well known.

But A’s representative was not alone. With him  was C.  Unlike A and B, C was an American . He held an official position but his true power came from his wealth.  The dynasty he created is still A list although its two most famous members died relatively young.

C had some sympathy for the beliefs of A but felt A was too flamboyant.  He was essentially working behind the scenes to push support of A in the US.  C was also a degenerate who liked young girls.  B was aware of this and arranged companionship for C.  All of this was recorded by B using the technology of the day.

A couple decades later, a deal was made by a family member of  C’s to secure this info. 

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