Monday, January 18, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Murder In New England - Part Five

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Hell has no fury like a pervert scorned.

He (15) dreamed of something bigger than the dusty plains of Texas. Then he found a girl in a well. He thought that it would be his ticket out of Hicksville. It was not, but it did get him closer to the big markets. All he needed was one big story. Then this murder happened. He thought if he got an exclusive interview with the widow, it would be his ticket to the big show. He persuaded and pressured the widow for an interview while outside her home. It was noisy outside. Being the polite person she was she asked him to come inside where it was quiet. Younger readers would be shocked by this, but there was a time where journalists were respected.. Now, they are on the same level as child molesters.

The Journalist must not have dated in high school. His inner geek kicked in. He was getting a shot at a widow. Among perverts, widows are easy marks. They are so desperate for a man, they will bonk any male. There are porn sites about this subject. The kindly widow then realized what his intentions were and firmly told him to leave. He cursed her and swore vengeance.

This he did. He wrote articles claiming that she had her husband killed because she wanted to flee Hicksville. On the night before jury selection he had a documentary about the case in which he poisoned the jury pool. The Journalist got what he wanted; the widow was convicted. It did take a large bribe to a jury member by a major news organization to achieve this, but he was able to claim some credit. He got a small role in a made for television movie about this crime. The journalist was fired, but not for the many crimes against journalism and society he committed. The journalist projected his hatred of the community on to the widow and her late husband. The locals knew that this was untrue. The couple were acting like they were planning to stay. The Journalist worked as a waiter for a few months and then worked for a newspaper in a city known for its fiery Halloweens.  It is not what he wanted, but it is better than the prison sentence he deserved.

By custom the reporter that writes about a crime will own that crime. Others will consult with him when they write about the crime. For thirty years, he has owned this crime. Whenever they have a documentary on this crime, he always appears repeating his many lies.

It is time for the news media to take away ownership of this story from the Journalist and start writing the true facts about this case. Remember what the City News Bureau said: always double check.

Lastly, those in the game understand what he did wrong. This was not the time to bone the widow. This was the time to bond with the widow. She would be your obedient love slave. You would have to write a few articles about why she is innocent. You are not used to telling the truth but you could learn. At that point, she would come to you whenever you called. You would probably throw her out when you moved up into the big time or she ran out of money, whichever came first. You blew it, loser.

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