Sunday, June 27, 2021

Blind Item #1

This foreign born wrestler is permanent A list in the particular region of the country he comes from, but B list elsewhere. He comes from a wrestling family and briefly held a top prize in the promotion everybody knows. I say briefly because a particular north of the border organization got wind of his gimmick and threatened legal action, so he dropped the belt and went off the grid. He returned to the promotion several years later wearing the same outfit but using his real name as part of a tag team.

His tag team partner had one eye due to a childhood accident. The subject of this blind is also missing a body part which usually comes in twos. While wrestling the permanent A+ lister from a different region of the same country that he was feuding with, he got crotched hard on the ropes and ruptured a testicle.

Surprisingly this wasn't not the first genital related incident in his career. As part of a rib against the hall of fame wrestler mentioned in a recent blind, he had his entire penis tattooed to resemble a snake. One night he pulled out his newly inked member to the hall of famer at which point the hall of famer ran off screaming.

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